Evangelist compares US secularists to ISIS

Evangelist compares US secularists to ISIS

American ‘anti-God’ organisations that campaign to remove religious symbols are the equivalent of Islamic terror groups.

That’s the view of US evangelist Franklin Graham, who reacted with outrage to the removal of a Ten Commandments monument from the Oklahoma Capitol building on Monday night.

According to this report, Graham wrote on Facebook:

We have been appalled at news reports of ISIS and the Islamic State tearing down all symbols of Christianity in the Middle East; but think about it — we’re doing it to ourselves here in the US.

Atheists, activists, and anti-God groups like the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Military Freedom of Religion Foundation are on a quest to erase or tear down anything associated with the Name of Jesus Christ.

He added:

What are these people thinking? We need God’s laws – these are the laws that have helped society flourish.

Several officials, including Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, spoke out in support of the monument, arguing that the Ten Commandments were more of a representation of the United States’ historical values, rather than religious values.

The commandments were removed from the Capitol grounds in the middle of the night to avoid protests. The two-ton monument was moved to the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, a local conservative think tank.


Meanwhile, it’s reported from Kentucky that the city of Wilmore has been asked by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to remove the cross mounted on top of a water tower at Asbury University.

Mayor Harold Rainwater is defiant:

There’s a groundswell of support to keep [the cross] and I’m certainly going to fight to keep it with everything I’ve got. I think it’s symbolic of our town. I 100-percent support keeping it there. We won’t take it down unless we’re forced to take it down.

14 responses to “Evangelist compares US secularists to ISIS”

  1. CharlyO says:

    Now just tell me; what American, regardless of his/her religion, obeys the ‘ten commandments’.
    I dare say “not a one”. Nobody at all!!
    [the churches can’t even agree on which ten they honor] LOL

  2. Head Teacher says:

    We need God’s laws – these are the laws that have helped society flourish.

    Wrong 0/10 … see me after school you idiot.

  3. AgentCormac says:

    People like Franklin Graham seriously don’t get it, do they? The mind-boggling depravity of IS’s intentionally provocative actions in destroying irreplaceable archaeological sites and cultural objects is a stark reminder to the anyone with a brain that when religion – any religion – goes unchecked, humanity and human advancement get stomped on like the face in George Orwell’s ‘1984’.

    Religion = Fascism. Simple as.

  4. Lea Lane says:

    A couple of things here. Our Governor, Mary Fallin, can’t even abide by the commandments she so staunchly stands by, she had an adulterous affair with an Oklahoma State Trooper. Also, this monument is a replacement, as the first one was run over by a car, and the monument company who.made this replacement (2years ago) has yet to be paid for it. So the monument is in danger of being repossessed and Mary Fallin is very clearly a hypocrite and not a true follower.

  5. barriejohn says:

    Lea Lane: Thanks for that. I see that the trooper was “allowed to resign” in December 1998, but the Fallin Woman appears to have continued on her merry way without a hitch! I wonder whether said trooper has prospered in the same way as her since then? And as regards another teensie weensie little commandment along the lines of “Twouldst be preferential if thou couldst attempt to refrain from killing others unnecessarily”(I forget the exact words):

    Under Fallin, Oklahoma has pushed for increased use of lethal injection as a means of ending life in capital punishment, while refusing to release details of the new chemical concoctions used in these executions following chemical company Hospira’s decision to stop producing sodium thiopental, which had previously been widely used. Fallin pushed strongly for the execution of convicted murderer Clayton Lockett to proceed in spite of the lack of tested drugs to use for lethal injection. When the Oklahoma State Supreme Court granted a stay of execution, Fallin immediately overruled it, leading some political commentators to raise the possibility of a constitutional crisis surrounding the separation of powers. At the same time, a member of the Oklahoma legislature moved to impeach the seven justices on the Supreme Court who had granted the stay. Lockett’s execution was attempted on April 29, 2014, and was abandoned when he could not be sedated and was left writhing in pain. After Lockett died 43 minutes later of a heart attack, Governor Mary Fallin appointed a member of her own staff to lead the investigation into the botched execution.

    Well, ain’t that so thoughtful of that good Christian woman?

  6. L.Long says:

    Sorry Lea but “and Mary Fallin is very clearly a hypocrite and not a true follower.”is dead wrong. See how all religious people are hypocrites, she is a true follower. Only two are used by ALL gov’mints and the other 8 are violated regularly.

  7. Stephen Mynett says:

    Of course the bible is as clear on the killing/murder commandment as it is on nearly everything else, ie not at all.
    Instead of . . . not kill, which a great many quote, just replace it with the old Hebrew version or take a different translation with . . . do not murder.
    I first notice this on a tour of the old Fremantle gaol and it seems a quite common get out for State-sanctioned murder.

  8. Laura Roberts says:

    Of course ,they can’t even get the 10 “commandments” right (see

    Wee little Frankie needs to be reminded that we secularists are not the ones working to destroy the U.S. Constitution to impose sharia (religious) law.

  9. asquith says:

    Franklin Graham is gay, imagine a world in which he didn’t feel the need to live a lie and could shag Bryan Fischer without worrying about the community” casting him out.

    He forfeits my sympathy when he tries to impose his own misery on others.

  10. barriejohn says:

    In a way you have to feel sorry for the Graham children, growing up in the shadow of a legend whom they must have hardly known. Franklin Graham has to do something to justify his existence, as neither he nor Ned have any evangelistic gift whatsoever, and their “rallies” are not much more than Christian music festivals – with the obligatory “epilogue” as we used to call it!

    Incidentally, I see from TBN UK that Bobby Schuller is following in his father’s footsteps as well, with a much downsized congregation. They seem to be gathering in a broom cupboard of the Crystal Cathedral. He’s a nice enough guy, but, again, has no gift for what he is doing, so why don’t they just get a proper job? (Don’t bother to answer that one!)

  11. Stephen Mynett says:

    OT but that country rated as a human rights expert by the UN has decided to tell the Czechs what they can read:

  12. zombiehunter says:

    when secularists start blowing up historical monuments and beheading and mutilating people he will have a point, but that’s not happening and it’s not going to happen and he should just STFU and wait for the rapture in his shed or something.

  13. Cali Ron says:

    I’d write old Franklin a letter, but how could he possible see it with that giant beam in his eyes. How long can he ride his father’s coat tails anyway. As was mentioned above, he is completely lacking the charisma that made Billy so successful.

    OT, but I got a taste of what hell would be if it existed this weekend and I’m reaching out to my friends here for support. I was driving my 82 year old mother back from visiting my brother at the Federal Prison Camp (3 hrs. each way) and was a captive audience just like my brother. She asked me where I thought my deceased father was now-her way of starting the whole are you “right with god” conversation.

    My mother is a life long, born again evangelical, who to be fair, really loves me and is honestly concerned for my soul. She is a dedicated christian, not one of those “Sunday” christian hypocrites, so she is “sincerely” deluded.

    Normally, I leap into the whole “gods existence” argument with fervor and zeal, but when it’s your mother (who just visited her only other offspring in prison) there is no joy from trying to crush her belief system. I have avoided this conversation for years (my weakness, perhaps I should have gotten this over with sooner) and had hoped she would pass away with hope, however false, in her heart and not despair for my lost soul. With anyone, but my mother I never hesitate to state my atheism (and vigorously defend my position), but nobody wants to let their mother down. She actually really knows where I stand without it being said, but couldn’t let it go without trying to “save” me one last time. She took it pretty well (no tears in front of me), but it was a very quiet ride the rest of the way home, her sad and me feeling guilty. Not for being an atheist, but for making my mother sad.

    Is there a good way to tell your mother you think her god doesn’t exist and why, knowing that no matter what I said all she heard was my son is going to hell? Is there a tutorial on something like this out there?

    “Imagine no religion” and my mother and I don’t have to go through this. Sigh!

  14. Cali Ron says:

    Sorry if I shared too much, but my mother was a big Billy Graham fan and the article just brought back the whole weekend I was trying to forget.