Baptists in a twist over gay therapies

Baptists in a twist over gay therapies

What happens when the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (seriously?) and the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (you gotta be kidding!)  join forces for a ‘gay cure’ jawing session at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky?

Well, for starters, you attract a dozens of angry gays protesters who insist that “gay cures” aka “reparative therapies” are dangerous and increase the rate of depression and suicide in the LGBT community.

Then, according to this report, you get the evangelicals insisting that gays need to “change”, but that a new approach is now needed because attempts by therapists to affect such “changes” or “repairs” are “superficial” and don’t work.

So what’s the answer? In a word, Jesus.


Albert Mohler, above, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said in an interview last week at the start of the conference:

I don’t think repair comes any way other than through redemption. I have been consistent through the years in saying reparative therapy is not the way to go.

But in 2004, Mohler lamented the American Psychological Association’s condemnation of  reparative therapy and “transformational ministry”. Back then, he called the APA’s push for others to accept science’s findings on sexual orientation a “final insult” to traditionalists.

Mohler now says:

We are not saying homosexuality can’t change or shouldn’t change. This is not something that can be reduced to deciding or choosing an object of sexual attraction. That’s simplistic and a sin against those who are in the struggle [with sexual attraction and gender identity].

Every person struggling with sin – whether it’s pride or anger or sexual attraction – faces the same kind of battle, Mohler added. Only the gospel promises transformation because it can:

Make us desire things we have never desired before and it will give us progressively the ability to follow him in obedience.

He dismissed the argument by LGBT activists that they, too, can be faithful Christians.

“The great divide,” Mohler said, is between those who think faithful Christianity conforms to the Bible and those who don’t. The latter, he said, “can never be faithful Christians”.

Heath Lambert, Executive Director of Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, piped up to say that the conference would demonstrate a “Christian compassion” for those “struggling with homosexuality and gender identity”.

Lambert said before the conference:

We’re in a culture where Christians are the only ones that can teach moral sanity in the midst of the moral craziness we’re in.

21 responses to “Baptists in a twist over gay therapies”

  1. Broga says:

    Fair play to Heath Lambert he is a very funny guy – as somebody said in “Goodfellows”. I loved “only ones”. Great stuff Heath, keep ’em coming. The world needs laughter.

    “We’re in a culture where Christians are the only ones that can teach moral sanity in the midst of the moral craziness we’re in.”

  2. L.Long says:

    Ken-tuck, the land where most are dumber than a box of rocks!

  3. Marcus says:

    Can anyone explain why USA Today (featured in the first link in this report) has incorporated a cannabis leaf into its logo? I’m not complaining but am genuinely puzzled.

  4. AgentCormac says:

    ‘We’re in a culture where Christians are the ones creating all the craziness.’
    That sounds a bit closer to the truth.

  5. Barry Duke says:

    Make a note: Jesus also repairs washing machines.

  6. Cali Ron says:

    Barry: Do you have a phone number or a link. My washing machine keeps putting holes in my clothes and I don’t want holy shirts. Gave them up for lint.

  7. barriejohn says:

    Jesus washes whiter than the snow.

    Incidentally, there was news earlier that there are so many gay priests at the Vatican that they run their own “gay cure” course (or should that be gay curia?):

  8. Robster says:

    I’d have though all “biblical counselors” should by compulsion, be certified.

  9. 1859 says:

    Mr. Mohler is on the way to possessing a classic double chin.

    However, as Professor Meritus, Doctor Theodorus The Second – Biblical Testament Scholar at the Advanced Institute of Classical Christian Psuedo Sceince ascertained in his Professorial and Doctor Thesis – he who speaks with double chin speaks with forked tongue, and he who speaks with forked tongue has no moral sanity.

  10. Dazed says:

    Just imagine if all these charlatans, and there must be millions of them, did something useful instead…. Really good work could be done, no more indoctrination of young minds, the credulous would not be fleeced of their cash and could spend their freed up time doing constructive things too. The whole industioreligious pyramid would just collapse and humanity would improve.

  11. AgentCormac says:

    Meanwhile in another coutry where ‘craziness’ is rife, a British man is facing 360 lashes after being arrested by Saudi’s Religious Police for making home-brew wine.

  12. lucy1 says:

    @agent cormac. Apparently that man has been living in Saudi for 25 years. He honestly should have known….

    re the topic. Those dingbats are so annoying. They say that following the bible makes your life perfect, and then when some bible follower is shown to be corrupt, libidinous and a substance misuser, they say…oh, that is just satan. grr

  13. Angela_K says:

    “Christian compassion” another oxymoron. These dunderheads cannot get it into their uneducated brains that there is no cure for being Gay anymore than growing up to be very tall or short, it is how we are. I wish these fools would leave the sane alone, no one is asking them engage in homosexual activity or anything else they deem offends their imaginary friend.

  14. Laura Roberts says:

    @Dazed — that is perhaps one of the most pernicious aspects of organized religion: to redirect otherwise decent and productive impulses so that they serve corrupt organizations that are at best somewhat useful (homeless shelters) and at worst, horribly destructive. Again I think of Daniel Dennet’s lancet fluke analogy.

  15. Stephen Mynett says:

    The trouble for many theists is that if they just stuck to going to their church and praying they would soon find out what a complete waste of time it was, they need something to keep their minds occupied and inventing claims of persecution or targeting certain groups for vilification is a good way for their leaders to keep them on track.

    I see the CofE is having fun again, I don’t think you could invent this but a new synod member is a gay vicar who is married to an atheist:

    Of course, odious Andrea is very unhappy about it.

  16. Head Teacher says:

    Yes … thats the point.

    What a waste of time religion is..

    No thats wrong … what a criminal use of time and effort.

  17. Broga says:

    Priests getting the gay cure. So after the gay cure are the priests celibate or do they lust after women? Then, would they need the hetero sexual cure?

  18. Peterat says:

    What race did Mohler win to get such a big medal? Looks like a Panamanian general! And about as dangerous as one too!

  19. dennis says:

    atheist welcome to my world of the baptist. go to one of their sunday school indoctrinations on a sunday morning. the insanity spills over into the pews and it spills. baptist are good at touching every hot button of each individual in the sunday school meeting. after you are hot and bothered about some issue you stumble with your heavy heart into the meeting hall for the preachers hour where he shouts “give it to jesus” then you get to watch the release of anxiety with amens on high. why do I torcher myself with these insane memories.
    if any one needs “reparative therapies” its Albert Mohler and Heath Lambert a science book would be a good start.

  20. Peter Sykes says:

    “We’re in a culture where Christians are the only ones that can teach moral sanity in the midst of the moral craziness we’re in.”

    Arrogant bastards

  21. Si says:

    “We’re in a culture where Christians are the only ones that can teach moral sanity in the midst of the moral craziness we’re in.”

    This can only have been said by someone who hasn’t read the bible.

    This is the book that says women cannot teach men or be in authority over them,that if a woman is found to not be a virgin on her wedding night, that you throw stones at her until she dies.

    This is the book that does not prohibit slavery, but in fact tells you how best to sell your daughter as a slave, how best to beat slaves, etc

    This is the book that says if your child is disobedient you should gather the elders and throw stones at the child until it dies.

    This is the book that has its star character (jc) introduce the idea that if you don’t follow the way, you will be sent to a place he created, where you will be burnt forever (

    This is the book…

    I could go on.

    Moral sanity is based on empathy, reducing suffering, and increasing happiness.