Five charged with killing atheist blogger

Five charged with killing atheist blogger

Police in Bangladesh have charged five suspected Islamic extremists with the murder of atheist blogger Washiqur Rahman, 27, above, one of four secular writers hacked to death in the south Asian state this year.

Rahman, who wrote under a pen name on Facebook and repeatedly criticised religious conservatives, was killed near his home in the capital, Dhaka, in March.

Police, according to the Guardian, brought the charges – the first in any of the four murders this year – in a Dhaka magistrates court, which will now decide whether to open a trial or order further investigations.

Authorities in Bangladesh have been under international pressure to demonstrate their commitment to protect free speech in the poor but fast developing Muslim-majority country.

Police have been criticised for the slow pace of investigations into the killings.

Muntashirul Islam, a Dhaka police spokesman, told Agence France-Presse:

We’ve submitted a charge sheet against five people for the murder of blogger Washiqur Rahman. The five were charged with murder.

They include an organiser of the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) and four others who are its supporters.

He was referring to a banned local militant Islamist group, which police have blamed in all four murders.

The group has been linked to al-Qaida in South Asia, a local affiliate launched by the extremist organisation about a year ago.

Two of the suspects in the killing of Rahman are students at a religious seminary. They were tackled at the scene of the attack by local transgender people – known as hijras in the subcontinent– as they tried to flee and held until police arrested them.

Two of the suspects in the killing of Rahman are students at a religious seminary. They were tackled at the scene of the attack by local transgender people – known as hijras in the subcontinent– as they tried to flee and held until police arrested them.

9 responses to “Five charged with killing atheist blogger”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    How come the two who were apprehended at the scene of the crime back in March are only now, seven months later, being charged with this horrendous murder? You can only imagine that the will to bring them to justice is tepid at best. Sadly, I hold out little hope for justice.

    The same is, I’m afraid, also increasingly true in the case of people like Raif Badawi. It seems today that the UK is not only being overtly berated by its lovely hard-core muslim paymasters in Saudi for daring to question their barbaric approach to human rights (public lashings, crucifixions, beheadings, etc.), but we are also being threatened with no more trade deals if we continue to ‘disrespect’ their backward culture and vile religion. For once – just for once – have the balls to tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, Cameron!

  2. Broga says:

    Free speech isn’t in great shape in the UK. The sensitivities of the Chinese dictator might have been upset by protestors so these were removed from his sight. A Chinese man holding up small placards was arrested by our guardians of law and order.

  3. Cali Ron says:

    Despotic rulers seem to have unusually thin skin, as do their god’s (I’m exempting the Chinese leader since he’s not religious and his god is power). Always in need of human intervention, their all powerful god’s seem to be impotent against words and opinion. And those god’s are apparently very bad with money because all those religious institutions are always begging for more. Can’t those god’s just make some money or make their bank account balances go up. It would seem to be a rather minor miracle.

  4. Trevor Blake says:

    As always, words have their opposite meaning when used to describe religion. “Extremist” in religion means ‘a normal application of the standard accepted practices of a religion as evidenced by thousands of years of tradition.’ Islam kills atheists, that is the norm. The many non-murderous modern Muslims, these are the distorters of their religion. The problem is not a distortion of Islam, an extremist Islam, but Islam itself.

  5. jay says:

    @Broga: It’s not just UK. Our own spineless leader refuses to even use the works Islamic violence.

    There was an interview with a State Department spokesman (posted on the official website) where the interviewer asked about Saudi Arabia chairing the Human Rights commission. The spokesman, despite prodding by the reporter refused to say anything at all critical of SA’s human rights record, just spouted meaningless dribble like “we’ve had discussions” and “I’m not aware of that case” when the reporter brought up specific atrocities.

    A high ranking State Department spokesman “not aware”….??????

  6. 1859 says:

    The authorities should also arrest the religious fascist in the madrassa who filled these young men’s minds with such murderous hatred. This ‘scholar’ is probably responsible for a multitude of murders and will continue to spread his malice unhindered behind a smoke screen of ‘religious liberty’, until he is charged and put behind bars.

  7. Broga says:

    @jay: Western Governments, or at least the US and UK, don’t understand a plain fact: you cannot satisfy Islamic dictatorships. Yielding to them indicates weakness and they will want more. It is like trying to fill a black hole. Only challenge, refusal to yield and determination will stop them.

    A tragic misapprehension leads to Western innocents thinking that Islamists mean what they say and intend to stand by it. On the contrary, lying to the suckers who believe them is something to be taken advantage of.

    In the UK we have spend £millions defending the “human rights” of a single individual. This barbarian who preached mayhem on the country loading him with state benefits is now, to the relief of many, in the slammer in to USA.

  8. dennis says:

    Rahmans murderers will become glorified casualties or imam’s to the faithful. hopefully we can raise Rahman’s respect and not let the killers win.