‘Persecution’ claim over priest’s sacking

‘Persecution’ claim over priest’s sacking

Barry Trayhorn, above, is a Pentecostal minister who was fired for using his job at a prison to spread homophobia. He has now  seeking help from Christian Concern to sue his former employer.

According to this report, his run-in with prison the authorities at Littlehey prison in Bedfordshire began after he told gay inmates in 2014 that they must repent their homosexuality to please God.

During a chapel service, Trayhorn, who was working as gardener at the prison, told the “sexually immoral” and “men who have sex with men” that they must abandon their sins to “inherit the kingdom of God”.

Following complaints, Trayhorn was banned from taking part in future services and told to stick to his gardening duties – though he claims he was just “sharing the Bible”.

In November 2014, Trayhorn resigned – claiming that he was being “harassed” due to his Christian faith, while facing other questions about his conduct as a gardener.

Trayhorn is now wailing that he is being persecuted because of his faith.

I simply said what the Bible says. Prisoners have a right to hear God’s word, just as much as anyone else. If people come to a Christian chapel service, we cannot keep God’s message from them.

As I led the service, I spoke about the wonder of God’s love and the forgiveness that comes through Jesus to those who recognise their sin and repent. I said that I am the worst sinner I know.

But that wasn’t politically correct. The mere mention of homosexual behaviour in the Bible verses that I quoted provoked complaint. I was immediately barred from taking part in chapel services and trouble came my way.

He added:

I was put under enormous pressure. This is about the expression of Christian faith. I am being punished simply for daring to say what the Bible says.

In the Christian concern video below, the “persecuted” bigot explains why he is taking his case to an industrial tribunal in Huntingdon.

Commenting on the case, the demented Andrea Williams of the anti-LGBT Christian Legal Centre hooted:

It is astonishing that Rev Barry Trayhorn was forced out of a sex-offenders’ prison for mentioning what the Bible says about sexual ethics during a chapel service.

Prisoners have rights to go to church and they attend chapel services voluntarily. No-one should be denied an opportunity, if they want it, to hear what God has to say about the way to restoration, least of all those in prison for sexual offences.

Mr Trayhorn’s words were nothing that couldn’t be found in a rural parish church on a Sunday morning and were an explanation of repentance and forgiveness.

Is the version of the Bible given to prisoners now to be censored to remove anything that people may find difficult to hear?

Andrea Minichiello Williams

Andrea Minichiello Williams

Williams, by the way, is the proud recipient of an important international award. At the end of October, Christian Concern reported that her work in advocating “the rightful place of the family” has been recognised by a global coalition of pro-family organisations.

Andrea was presented with the Familia Et Veritas Award at the ninth World Congress of Families, which took place in the US. She commented:

This award recognises the important work done by Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre, and I am grateful to all who make that possible.

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12 responses to “‘Persecution’ claim over priest’s sacking”

  1. Newspaniard says:

    Barry, are you sure the photos are correct. Both show the same priest, none show a gardener. Or is a priest moonlighting as a gardener?

  2. L.Long says:

    Dimwitted homophobic bigot has no Idea what his book o’BS says about anything!!! Challenge….Show me anywhere in the buyBull that says ….”being homosexual is evil”, and yes I know about Leviticus which DOES NOT say so!!

  3. andym says:

    Judging by the pictures, it helps to be a Christian fanatic if your BMI is above 30, or below 10.

    Another fool who has confused his free speech rights as an individual with his requirements as an employee.

  4. AgentCormac says:

    ‘Is the version of the Bible given to prisoners now to be censored to remove anything that people may find difficult to hear?

    Quite frankly, all versions of the bible should have ther entire contents removed as they’ve done quite enough damage to the human race already.

  5. Cali Ron says:

    ” global coalition of pro-family organizations” Another euphemism for christian groups. I can’t recall every hearing of an organization that claims to be anti-family, although the seventh day Adventists come to mind.

    So Barry Trayhorn can’t understand why prisoners, some of whom are gay don’t want him saying they must stop being gay or be condemned to eternal hell. Clueless asshole.

    AgerntCormac: They should leave just 1 verse printed on every page in the bible: This is what I have observed to be good: that it is appropriate for a person to eat, to drink and to find satisfaction in their toilsome labor under the sun during the few days of life… Ecclesiastes 8:15

    Eat, Drink and be Merry!

  6. AgentCormac says:

    @Cali Ron

  7. John the Drunkard says:

    Leviticus leaves no room for any homosexual’s existence to be ‘acceptable.’ Yes, prisoners should not be exposed to homophobic bigotry, that’s why there should not BE such a thing as a prison chaplain.

    You cannot have Imams preaching to prisoners without promoting violence against non-Muslims. You can’t have Mormons preaching in prison without bullshit pseudo-history being promoted. Extend the list as you please, religion has no more place in the ‘correction’ industry than it does in public education.

  8. dionigi says:

    If that was all the man said he has a perfect right to say it. I do not think that in his position in a place full of anti social men that he was thinking straight when he expressed those opinions as their reaction would probably not be to sit down and have quiet discussion concerning human rights but he is entitled to his opinion even if he is a deluded fool.

  9. Robster says:

    Those naughty prisoners are told that ” that they must abandon their sins to “inherit the kingdom of God”.If these blokes were to inherit “the kingdom of god”, would that mean a responsibility to administer the thing? What a job that would be, there’s already thousands of competing factions, dozens of different deities, running the show would be very difficult. If they think this offer is going to work, it really is back to the drawing board.

  10. dennis says:

    here we go again, god card, I am so persecuted because I believe in fairies. read a science book, Trayhorn.

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