Muslim leader convicted in Australia’s first FGM trial

Muslim leader convicted in Australia’s first FGM trial

A Muslim ‘spiritual leader’, Shabbir Mohammedbhai Vaziri, above, could be jailed for seven years for his role in the brutal circumcision of two young girls.

According to this report, a NSW Supreme Court jury found Vaziri, a Dawoodi Bohra community leader, guilty of being an accessory after the fact.

Vaziri was one of three defendants in Australia’s first FGM trial, which saw him and two women in the dock for the violent assaults on the girls.

The women found guilty of the FGM offence were a 72-year-old nurse – identified only as KM – and the 38-year-old mother of the two child victims.

The mutilations were inflicted when the girls turned seven.

The older sister, now 12, was told to imagine she was a “princess in a garden” while the nurse cut her clitoris during the “khatna” ceremony at a Dawoodi Bohra community member’s house in Wollongong in 2009.

The court heard prayers were read from the Koran and the victim’s grandmother was present throughout the first attack.

The younger child, now 10, was mutilated in her family’s Western Sydney home in 2012.

The court heard that each girl was stripped from the waist down, told to lie on a bed and warned to close her eyes as KM cut her clitoris with a sharp silver tool.

Justice Peter Johnson released the three defendants on bail despite the Crown’s concern they could leave the country. Johnson said KC “must not in any way conduct or facilitate female genital mutilation” as part of her bail conditions.

The trio could be jailed for seven years when they are sentenced on February 5.

But barrister Robert Sutherland SC, for Vaziri, said the girls’ injuries were at the “lower end of the spectrum” so a non-custodial sentence could apply.

Dawoodi Bohra is a Shia Islam offshoot generally found in India, Pakistan, Yemen and East Africa. Female circumcision – or genital mutilation – is a common practice in the Dawoodi Bohra community and is often considered a way to curb a young woman’s sexuality.

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  1. asquith says:

    Do it to him 🙂

  2. Lucy1 says:

    ok KC, you have been convicted of this terrible assault…but you can have bail…oh yes,don’t do it again…really. I mean it.
    And what does ‘at the lower end of the spectrum’ mean for fuck’s sake?
    Had this been done by a stranger, who had kidnapped the little girls, the judge would have thrown away the key.

  3. Newspaniard says:

    How many tens of thousands of children living in the UK have been mutilated in this way? How many tried for the offence? One, and he got away with it! Time to appoint police leaders who will do their job instead of always looking over their shoulder at the finger pointers.

  4. L.Long says:

    But you are just persecuting me for my sincerely held religious beliefs!!!!
    I can hear the bigoted woman hating ahole screaming from here.

  5. Fly the Tricolore alongside the Star and Crescent says:

    The awful truth is that if we start imprisoning all the evil bastards responsible for this were jailed then then we will quickly need more jails. The sheer numbers of crimes committed by muslims far exceeds the number of cells available such that the possiblity of incarceration is remote. And these bastards know this. So they carry on.

  6. Newspaniard says:

    Instead of gaoling them, orders to deport should become commonplace and immediately carried out without benefit of appeal.

  7. Matthew Carr says:

    Curbing sexuality is a fine idea. Cut his lips off.