Ron Luce’s Texas Teen Mania Ministry goes down the toilet

Ron Luce’s Texas Teen Mania Ministry goes down the toilet

Ron Luce, above, co-founder and President of Teen Mania Ministries located in Garden Valley, Texas, has announced the closure of his free-spending, multi-million dollar evangelical empire.

The closure comes shortly after Luce crowed that his organisation was going “international” with “a view toward reaching youth beyond North America”.

Teen Mania,“a mind-controlling cultish organisation”, was started by Luce in 1986 to:

Reach and inspire a generation to change the world.

And, of course, to finance his and his cohort’s lavish lifestyles.

In 1991 it established Acquire the Fire which used high-tech and high-impact worship and teaching seminars to reach teenagers and it attracted millions of followers and money.

Documents cited in a Christianity Today report note that Teen Mania recorded $23.1 million in total revenue in fiscal year 2001 and by fiscal year 2007 revenue had jumped to $35.6 million.

But a downward spiral began 2008 when revenue dipped to $20.1 million after a dissatisfied donor canceled a $6 million pledge.

In October World Magazine reported that the ministry was facing multiple lawsuits, including one from Compassion International which is seeking a $174,124.73 judgment.

The ministry had also lost half its independent board members and there was an arrest warrant for Luce for failing to appear at a Colorado state district court hearing.

Said Lucre Luce in this posting:

We [that’s him and his lady wife Katie] are grateful to the Lord for all that He has done through those who have rallied around this vision over the years. Together we have taken many risks, climbed many mountains and slayed many giants!


One person who had done very nicely, thank you, out of Teen Mania is foghorn homophobe “Bishop” T D Jakes, above, whose son, incidentally, was arrested in a gay cruising area in 2009 for approaching undercover law enforcement officers and exposing his penis to them whilst, dare we say it, bashing the bishop.

According to Luce’s former assistant Jacob Morales, the Dallas mega-church “Bishop” was signed up by Luce to be the “big name attraction” at an evangelical rally, the New York City BattleCry, at an estimated cost of around $140,000.

His honorarium was $100,000.00. Teen Mania Ministries paid every penny of that cost from the Executive Departments budget. But it didn’t end there…

Bishop Jakes also required a round trip chartered private Learjet from Texas to New York City. This would end up cost Teen Mania approximately $22,000.00.

Additionally Bishop Jakes would need to stay in the Presidential suite of the Manhattan Ritz Carlton at approximately $2,200.00 a night. This too was paid by Teen Mania Ministries.

If that weren’t enough, Bishop Jakes required TWO stretch Escalade limousines to take him to and from his hotel and the event. I do not immediately recall the cost for this expense, but I am sure the reader can use their imagination for what two stretch Escalades might cost.

I truly wish it had ended there. Ron was not satisfied with merely meeting the requirements listed in Bishop Jake’s speaking contract; he wanted to far exceed his expectations. So I was tasked with transforming his experience into something that exuded ‘world class excellence’.

At the instruction and approval of Mr Luce we spared no expense and paid many thousands of dollars to have a local florist in New York City make rare and exotic imported flower bouquets for the Presidential suite at the Ritz Carlton.

I know this because I delivered those flowers to the suite myself. We spent thousands of dollars buying rare chocolates, desserts, pastries and various imported gifts from around the world for the Bishop, his wife and his children. This included several hundred dollars of i-Tunes gift cards, i-Pods, and various expensive trinkets.

17 responses to “Ron Luce’s Texas Teen Mania Ministry goes down the toilet”

  1. Trevor Blake says:

    It takes one clergyman to harvest his flock, but it takes a flock to feed a clergyman. Thus the atheist criticism of the ‘good christians’ and the ‘good muslims’ and the ‘good jews’ and the rest – when the ‘good’ flocks stop feeding their clergymen, the clergymen will starve.

    This guy is a pest, but untold numbers pay him to be a pest.

  2. barriejohn says:

    I occasionally watch a bit of T D Jakes’s The Potter’s Touch on TBN UK, and the man is so far up his own arse as to be practically inside out. He’s another one who was once touted as “The next Billy Graham”, but he’s an unashamed promoter of the Prosperity Gospel (which Graham wasn’t), and we all know what that means. He sometimes garbs himself in the most ridiculous outfits – enough to make the Pope green with envy – and even Christian bloggers ridicule him for this. I really think that he’s a couple of epistles short of a testament, and, at the risk of coming over as rather smug, my opinion of the thousands who scream and shout at his services is that they have to be somewhat simple-minded. Take a look at this:

  3. barriejohn says:

    Here’s taster of Jakes’s preaching style. He does a lot of shouting; too many pastries, no doubt.

  4. SallyinMI says:

    Another fraud exposed? I had never heard of this one, but his tactics are reminiscent of a certain part-term Governor who dreamed of the White House, until she was exposed and shot down, and decided there was more money to be made ‘writing’ , or at least signing, books with her name and photo on the covers, giving $100,000 speeches while flying in private jets and residing in 4 star hotels, promoting reality TV shows, and generally being a hate talker for the GOP. She has yet to be exposed for her fake PAC that pays expenses charities will not, but she is just as guilty. It is really disgusting how gullible the American people have become.

  5. Barry Duke says:

    Thanks BarrieJohn for the pic and the video. They go a long way to explain why TD needed two stretch limos: one for his his enormous arse and another for his bloated ego.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Barry: I am tempted to say “He’s unbelievable”, but he’s by no means unique!

    Sally: I remember reading about Transactional Analysis many moons ago. I often think when seeing otherwise sane, intelligent people making complete fools of themselves that perhaps these preachers are tapping into the “child” in their audiences, and that they are subconsciously playing along with the charade. How else do you explain it?

  7. AgentCormac says:

    Evangelists and money – the two things are inseperable. And how anyone in this day and age still can’t make the connection is utterly beyond me. But then, that’s religion for you. Prey on the weak minded, scare them to death with the threat of hell, promise them the sky (quite literally) with the thought of an afterlife in some impossibe, Disneyworld in the sky, then just fleece the morons for every dollar they’ve got. Seemingly there really is is no end to human gullibility.

  8. Broga says:

    Reach and inspire a generation to change the world.

    So that isn’t going to happen. I’m all broken up about that. I blame: atheists; gays; the devil.

  9. barriejohn says:

    Broga: Christians have always, in my experience, been prone to use that exaggerated, hyperbolic language, which turns so many of us off completely. I used to notice it in particular when, as a teenager, I used to listen to Billy Graham’s Hour of Decision every Friday evening on Radio Luxembourg (bet that takes some people back a bit!). The main culprit was his over-excitable announcer and “song-leader”, Cliff Barrows, who would scream into the microphone things like: “We are really excited about what God is doing in America today”, and: “We have never looked forward to a Crusade with more confidence that God is moving in a very real way in people’s hearts”, and so on and so forth. Really, they’re just salesmen for their god, whipping up interest in their “product”, and encouraging the flow of donations, but I saw it with many evangelists and leaders in the Plymouth Brethren; and amongst a certain type of (to me, shallow-thinking and emotional) person it really works!

  10. barriejohn says:

    One thing that is really disturbing about these people, and the article underlines that, is their influence on young people, who are vulnerable emotionally. You can get a sense of the way that they operate from the following video. I saw this kind of thing myself over and over again, and we have seen Christians using similar methods in Jesus Camp. Many get swept up in the emotion of it all, and some don’t manage to extricate themselves successfully afterwards, sad to say – at least not before considerable damage has been done.

    “We are the ones who are free”: irony alert again!

  11. Angela_K says:

    @Barriejohn. Speaking of Jesus camps, you may be aware of this place probably the sort of place Bob goes to on his holidays. This place is just another indoctrination and evangelising centre – they seem to have loads of money, no doubt conned from the faithful. A Christian acquaintance of mine goes their several times a year.

  12. barriejohn says:


    Graham Swinerd and John Bryant consider the evidence of divine design in our awe-inspiring universe.

    Shouldn’t take long!

  13. edwords says:

    ‘Oprah’ likes TDJakes interpretation of the Bible.

  14. barriejohn says:

    @edwords: Thanks for the hint! Here’s Oprah making a complete and utter fool of herself. Unbelievable, as are many of the comments:

    “I’m not called to give my opinion on homosexuality; I’m called to give the scriptural position on it.” What a fucking cop out by a fat, ignorant homophobe, and she lets him get away with it (24:46). “I’m not against people; I’m for people being all that they can be.” What on earth is all that bullshit supposed to actually mean?

  15. Angela_K says:

    The comments are cringe-worthy, just what I’d expect from stupid religious people.

    Typo in my comment above “there” not “their” dam auto-complete.

  16. Dennis says:

    yes, i lost a girlfriend to jakes. he is a con artist. i do hope she finds a grass eater boyfriend.