Sacked bus driver vows to carry on praying … this time in a taxi

Sacked bus driver vows to carry on praying … this time in a taxi

Jerome Rose, sacked last month for repeatedly leading passengers in prayer on his Cape Town bus, may soon be back on the road in a taxi provided by his church.

And, according to this report, he vowed that:

When I start driving, I will definitely start every trip the right way – with a prayer.

The father of five, who intends appealing against his dismissal, said he has received a number of job offers, including one from Intercape, known to promote Christianity on their buses.

I have put all of the offers on hold while I deal with the appeal … When I do a job, I do it right. The proceedings in the background could cut into my work time and I don’t want that.

But while he is unable to depend on a fixed monthly income, supports have dug deep to assist the Roses.

I have been given donations so far totalling about R7000 (£310). Just this past weekend, a church in Mitchells Plain handed over R3500 to me. Wow – God’s grace is so amazing.

He is enjoying spending time with his wife and children at their Pniel home after his job forced him to relocate to Atlantis.

I am blessed and happy to be surrounded by them. What must happen will happen if it’s the Lord’s will. God is in control, and I trust Him to guide me. Where he leads, I will follow.

10 responses to “Sacked bus driver vows to carry on praying … this time in a taxi”

  1. Broga says:

    There really does need to be a special mentally ill category for the deluded religious who believe in gifts from a fictional character for whom there has never been any evidence that it exists. One symptom is a smug certainty that their deluded ideas are supported by facts. Another is an obsessive compulsive need to inflict their delusions on others. Jerome Rose is an exemplar of the type.

  2. L.Long says:

    I’m glad he found his new job. Now he can force his BS onto those that CHOOSE to use his cab. Now it would be interesting to know how well he does after innocent victims learn of his BS and stop using his services…even xtian don’t really like the prayers of others forced on them.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    This is probably not a taxi as you think of it. Here in South Africa the vast majority of taxis are minibus taxis, seating 14 or more passengers.Almost all these passengers are black Africans, and they love their religion. They will be more than happy to partake in his prayers and praise his/their “God”.

  4. Health and Safety says:

    I pray that god leads him,between fares, to drive his cab over a cliff . One less lunatic to worry about.

  5. Rob Andrews says:

    I wonder how his praying actually works in practice. Does a new fare get in and tell him the destination, then does h pray for a few seconds-or minutes-before starting to move? That would cause a delay.

    A lot of taxi users are in a hurry; and pay extra for door-to-door service. They won’t have their time wasted.

    I hope THE FREETHINKER will do a follow-up article sometime in the future, to see how he holds up in his new job.

  6. Angela_K says:

    I hope this religious nutter has identifying marks on his Taxi so that those who have no wish to be a captive audience for his rantings can avoid him.

    I do make a point of not doing business with trades people who put that silly christian fish on their vehicles and advertisements.

  7. Atabale says:

    Unfortunately, the majority of taxi’s in South Africa do not operate by giving the passengers a choice. You line up,and the next taxi that needs to be filled (mini buses) is your ride. No choice, taxi operators even have “marshals” who run the taxi ranks and, their own “inspectors” who is on the prowl for taxi’s that are not registered with the local taxi association. Rather think mafia than business.

  8. Broga says:

    @Angela_K: So, you won’t be too enthusiastic about dinners where there is a framed sign on the wall saying: Jesus is the unseen guest at our table. I have never experienced that myself.

  9. L.Long says:

    Well I know he is a liar cuz he does not ever trust jesus…how many times has he let jesus drive????