Muslim couple guilty of planning terrorist attack

Muslim couple guilty of planning terrorist attack

Mohammed Rehman, 25, and his wife Sana Ahmed Khan, 24, are to be sentenced tomorrow in the Old Bailey in London after being found guilty of planning a terrorist attack.

According to the BBC, chemicals for bomb making were found at Rehman’s family home in Reading.

Rehman discussed targeting the London Underground and Westfield shopping centre on social media under the name “Silent Bomber”.

Rehman, who was also convicted of possessing an article for terrorist purposes, used Twitter in May to ask for suggestions on which target in London to choose.

With money supplied by his 24-year-old wife, he stockpiled the chemicals needed to make a huge bomb at his family home and even filmed himself setting off a small explosion in his back garden.

Rehman told an undercover investigator he was planning a martyr operation, jurors heard.

His trial was told that Rehman was prolific on Twitter, posting extremist rhetoric alongside images of homemade devices and instructional material.

Text messages between the couple were uncovered showing discussions about buying chemicals, while emails revealed Rehman had also sent Islamic State-related video clips to Khan.

Speaking today after their conviction, Assistant Chief Constable Laura Nicholson, head of the South East Counter Terrorism Unit, said:

These were dangerous individuals who represented a genuine threat, but through counter-terrorism policing we were able to intercept them before they could carry out their plans.

It is clear that Rehman and Khan shared a radical and violent extremist ideology. They actively accessed extremist material on the internet and used social media to develop and share their views as they prepared acts of terrorism.

Rehman’s parents told BBC South East they had seen no sign of any connections with radical Islam, although they said their son did become isolated and was smoking and drinking in the months before his arrest.

His mother said she would “never forgive” her son for planning the attack.

His father, who moved to the UK in 1980, said he had “no idea” his son was carrying out test bomb blasts.

25 responses to “Muslim couple guilty of planning terrorist attack”

  1. Broga says:

    People with this mindset seem indifferent to whom they kill: children, muslims, young, old. I suppose their lust to kill is motivated by their crazy belief that they will be headed for paradise when they die themselves. Religion is toxic. The planet itself is being destroyed by it.

  2. 1859 says:

    “…used Twitter in May to ask for suggestions on which target in London to choose.”

    ‘Errrr….Hi guys!….I’ve made dis ‘ere bomb like – gonna make a big bang! Can anyone tell me where’s de best place to set it off? I’m thinkin’ of dressin’ up as Father Christmas an’ takin’ it in a big sack on me back to Dowin’ Street as a pressy for Cameron, but I think the plods might notice summfin. What d’yer fink? Just email me your ideas. Send you a free video of me in the back garden making lots o’smoke! And if yer wanna join in the fun , just give me a bell on 023 453 2234! See yer! Allah’s the greatest!’

  3. Bill says:

    This is what religion does … it makes people do hideously evil things … and for what ?

  4. barriejohn says:

    1859: He even called himself “Silent Bomber”!

    Westfield shopping centre or London underground? Any advice would be appreciated greatly.

    Like the woman in the previous story, they must be completely bonkers, but how on earth did it take the jury THREE DAYS to find them guilty? Was Tony Hancock one of their members?

  5. RussellW says:

    Of course all their relatives and friends didn’t notice anything unusual, just a normal suburban couple.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Just in case some readers may be foxed by my reference to Tony Hancock:

  7. barriejohn says:

    RussellW: Our lovely Iraqi neighbours have a firing range at the bottom of their garden. It’s so nice to see their kids occupied with something that they enjoy, rather than hanging around on the street corners making a nuisance of themselves!

  8. jay says:

    Meanwhile a couple of years ago a guy who, missing his luggage, tweeted ‘If I don’t get it soon I want to blow up the airport’ was convicted of terrorism.

    I think they’re afraid of offending real terrorists.

  9. Maggie says:

    We are constantly told that Islamic extremism has nothing to do with Islam. Why then are all Islamic extremists (aka true followers) Muslim? The odds of all Islamic extremists being Muslim, when Islamic extremism has nothing to do with Islam, must be astronomical… yet they are.

    I’m beginning to suspect we are being lied too. I’m officially offended.

  10. RussellW says:


    Don’t worry it’s just youthful high spirits…..and a fanatical toxic ideology.
    I’m pleased to see that you’re resisting the tendency to be Islamophobic.

  11. HarryNutsak says:

    If anyone needs a target to blow up, send them round to the nearest pub with a handful of darts and a pocketful of balloons. There. Sorted. What next?

  12. barriejohn says:


    Why then are all Islamic extremists (aka true followers) Muslim?

    That argument doesn’t make sense, as Islamic just means Muslim, but I think that what they are really saying is that “terrorism has nothing to do with Islam” – ie with true Islam, as believed and practised by themselves. There do happen to be plenty of violent Christians in some of the same countries that produce the Islamists, but quite why this violent, barbaric mentality should accompany Islam all over the globe is a bit of a mystery – is it inherent in the faith, or is it taught by imams and others?

  13. barriejohn says:

    RusselW: Yes – it’s just high spirits, and we have got used to the odd stray bullet now, even though we do miss the cat. They are very multicultural people, and are always shouting Hawaian greetings like “Aloha, Aqaba”, or something like that. We were so pleased when the children came round at Christmas and showed us their traditional costumes!

  14. Gerald says:

    There are two steps
    a) islam teaches you to do what god says … just do it … otherwise you are gonna friggin regret it big time. There is some nasty stuff in there and it’s beaten through your skull ruthlessly and relentlessly. It defines that kuffars are evil trash who deserve to be killed and despatched to hell. So the ground is pretty much manured by the dogma.
    b) it then just needs some shitehawk imam or some other evil hateful cowardly looser to convince or coerce the would be martyr to strap on a suicide vest and push the button in a crowded place … and so what if you take a few muslims with you. If they are the right sort they will enjoy the bounties of paradise too. If they are the wrong sort they deserve to die anyway along with the kuffars … No problem.

    In simple terms
    a) the dogma takes the cap off the can and splashes the gasoline around the place.
    b) nasty evil bastard tosses in the lighted match.

  15. RussellW says:


    There’s no mystery.

    Mohammed was a terrorist, the members of ISIS are just following his example, however few members of the West’s political elites or Muslims are really going to admit the alarming truth.
    We’re running an uncontrolled social experiment in the hope that Islam will be somehow civilised by liberal democracy, all that’s needed is more multi-culti pixie dust.

  16. RussellW says:


    You’re lucky to have survived, often a visit from Muslims in traditional costumes results in many fatalities.

  17. L.Long says:

    And they are not TRUE isLame….in 5…4…3….2……..
    Actually they are not isLame they are xtians in disguise so that the terrorism is blamed on muslins…..sounds OK to me! ;-}
    or we are following gawds orders!! Really? What does gawd sound like and did it say? Well he spoke thru the imam down the street! And the imam can’t possibly be a lying sack of schite!!!
    Why is it wrong to consider religious people stupid?
    I could write a list longer then your arm why they are and the only thing I have heard to counter this is “not all religious people try to harm others!” But this is true ONLY if you do not count the intellectual and emotional harm they cause their kids!!!

  18. Lucy1 says:



    There are many religious people who do very little harm, but it pisses me off to the limits of my temper, when they are called ‘real (insert religion here)’. They are just one version of shit.

  19. People who say Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with real Islam have a lot of confidence in man-made religion. If man has violent tendencies they will be in at least some of the religions he invents. The Bible of Jesus, the Torah, is full of God sanctioned violence and has very little love. Surprise surprise! And what does it say about him that he had to honour a book like that as sacred and his foundation. Those who say that religion is always good are talking a pile of shite. If one religion says Jesus is God and other says he is not one of them is not in tune with the truth and corruption always starts with failing to give priority to truth and to follow where it leads. And corruption leads to violence in one form or another.

    Some politicians extol religion because they think its crap but useful for manipulating the people to keep public order.

    Read the works of the philosopher of religion Brian Davies. He believes in God but says that the notion that free will means we can go against God is wrong. We supposedly have this freedom BECAUSE of God and not in spite of him. So God is somehow responsible for everything you do. That Muslim couple certainly seem to think that what they are doing is not a sin for God is enabling them. Their faith in God was to blame even if their Muslim faith can be exonerated. And it can’t. It still commands death to apostates from Islam and do not forget the religion says everybody is born Muslim until led astray. The innocent people who would have died at the hands of those terrorists were not innocent in the eyes of Islam.

  20. Cali Ron says:

    @Broga: “Religion is toxic. The planet itself is being destroyed by it.” So for me the question is will the planet be destroyed first by religion or man caused global warming. Currently, it looks like religion is on the fast track. How long before some religious fanatic gets his hands on a nuke and starts the “war to end all wars”. Will it be a Muslim nation with an Islamic extremists in power or perhaps one of America’s loony right wing christian extremist like Ted “make the sand glow in the dark” Cruz, who implied he would nuke ISIS.

    If America fully enters the war in Syria we could have the perfect storm of over zealous Islamic and christian fanaticism with multiple sects of muslims, evangelical christians and Putin’s religion (I think he worships himself, same as Donald Trump) to prove once and forever Mutual Assured Destruction.

    Wow! After that thought I think I need a stiff drink!

  21. L.Long says:

    @Broga: “Religion is toxic. The planet itself is being destroyed by it.”
    COMPLETELY untrue!!!! The earth is not being destroyed in any way!
    We are just destroying out ability to live here and the virus of MAN may soon be wiped out, but the earth will continue right along with out us and be better of without US!! Remember the religious may CLAIM their ahole gawd cares about us , but the earth and the universe could not care less!!!

  22. […] Rehman and his wife Sana Ahmed Khan, who were yesterday found guilty of planning a terrorist attack in the United Kingdom, were today jailed for 27 and 25 years […]

  23. dennis says:

    at least you caught your husband and wife idiots: we did not and only cost us 14 died and 22 hurt, only cost us! are we getting use to theist murder.