Please help fund an atheist nursery school in Uganda

Please help fund an atheist nursery school in Uganda

Today I learned that a California-based organisation called the Brighter Brains Institute has just launched a funding campaign to establish a new atheist preschool school in Uganda.

This one is in Kahendero – a small fishing village on the shores of Lake George, adjacent to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The preschool will be situated on 2.5 acres of property owned by Bwambale Robert Musubaho, above, second from left.

Bwambale,  Executive Director of the Kasese United Humanist Association, will be the director of the new school; he’s also the director of Kasese Humanist Primary School (10 miles away) and BiZoHa Orphanage School (two miles away in Muhokya).

Brighter Brains Institute reports here that it raised $27,000 in the last year for BiZoHa, via its website and two GoFundMe campaigns. The funds were primarily spent on the construction of 14 buildings – eight are classrooms, the remainder are a kitchen, dining room, dormitories, a clinic and a roadside stand.

Now that funding for BiZoHa is largely complete, BBI is embarking on the Kahendero project, to further its ambition to spread secular thinking across western Uganda.

The new nursery school will be called BiZoHa Nursery School #2 – Kahendero. The budget is $8,768.76 for three classrooms, a kitchen, a clinic, and a latrine.

Although Kahendero is idyllically set between two wondrous natural areas, it is a largely dysfunctional community afflicted by with myriad social problems – crime, drugs, pollution, disease, gambling, prostitution, alcoholism, illiteracy.

Musubaho says that the planned clinic will be “unique”. I will provide free HIV testing and counseling, free condoms, free tampons/pads, anti-malarial drugs and free medical lessons on personal hygiene.

I am sure that Freethinker readers will agree that this is a project worthy of support. You can contribute to the GoFundMe campaign here.

31 responses to “Please help fund an atheist nursery school in Uganda”

  1. Bob says:

    This is extremely bad as it is filling the minds of young children with poison. Not content to end up in Hell themselves, these atheists are determined to take children with them!

    Any swear words have been inserted by Mr Duke.

  2. AndyB says:

    Sorry Bob, but I am not content to end up in Hell, that place only exists in the feeble minds of religiots like yourself.

  3. barriejohn says:

    Just as I was about to post an “extremely witty” (I’m known for it!) comment to the effect that these poor children are going to grow up without any moral framework to their lives, along comes Mr Blob and proves that any effort to parody religion is doomed to failure!

  4. Angela_K says:

    I sincerely hope these guys can keep this school going, it is definitely needed in a country where religion and homophobia is out of control.

    A correction for Bob: “This is extremely good as it is filling the minds of young children with facts.”

  5. Newspaniard says:

    I just hope that this organization is not run by kiddie fiddlers. Oh, hang on, it’s not run by the RCC so it might be safe.

    Donated as ordered.

  6. Barry Duke says:

    This is extremely bad as it is filling the minds of young children with sceptism. Sceptical kids tend to mature into well-educated adults with sharp critical faculties who reject the work we evangelists do to promote superstition, hatred and stupidity.

    How are we to keep people in a perpetual state of terror of hell and a vengeful god if these schools are allowed to take root in places where we are most active in fulfilling our despicable and underhanded missions.

    There, fixed it for you Bob.

  7. Barry Duke says:

    O/T: I was sad to hear of the death of David “Almost an atheist”Bowie. I take my hat off the Spanish school opposite my apartment which has been playing his songs over their tannoy system all morning.

  8. Cali Ron says:

    barriejohn: Religion is it’s own parody, but like a cruel prank the joke’s on the believer.

  9. Broga says:

    I think we have been unfair to Bob. He is joking with that comment. No sane person could believe that. Quite funny, Bob, thanks.

  10. barriejohn says:

    Broga: I’ve obviously put my foot in it again! I can see now that the accusation that it is the non-religious who are “filling the minds of young children with poison” was extremely clever irony. How could I have been so stupid?

  11. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: Understandable mistake. We have commented here in the past about how difficult it is to separate a genuine religious comment from an outrageous piece of irony or sarcasm. I’ve been caught myself in the past. But Bob’s commenta are so daft that he cannot be serious.

  12. Matthew Carr says:

    Bob, I see no reason to believe in Hell myself so it doesn’t enter into my thoughts as a matter of concern. Perhaps if you submitted a photo I’d give it more thought. As it is, we all seem to be the proverbial frogs sitting in a planet in a pot on a stove that’s slowly getting warmer. At what temperature does it become Hell?

  13. Robster says:

    Just who the heck is Bob? Do the god besotted defrost him when required?

  14. harrynutsak says:

    Please give me money, I’m an atheist.
    This important lack of delusional ideology needs your support today.

    Just look at this picture:


    You can see that I am needing money, yes?
    I will build a school, hand out tampons, and teach people about soap. It will be glorious.
    Please give today and save the life of a small land whale.

  15. harrynutsak says:

    Sorry about the above, but what is really the problem here?
    The problem is that these things being attempted are actually things that a GOVERNMENT is supposed to do!

    Schools? Health care? Food, housing, utilities, are all things we have more than enough resources to fully fund.

    So the problem isn’t in Uganda except for the people there are in the same boat as people everywhere – the government(s) are not helping their citizens to survive.

    If you want these people helped, find some way to kick all these nasty fucks off who are stomping on everyone’s heads and standing on everyone’s necks.

    We have the resources but they are refused to everyone throughout the world.

    Plus, you are losing the war to the Ottoman Empire again.
    Really, guys, wtf…

  16. barriejohn says:

    @harrynutsack: Thanks for that. I have just sent off a strongly worded letter to the Ugandan authorities, demanding that they immediately fund proper education throughout their state, and that they insist that ALL education in their country is secular and free of ideological influence. I am sure that this will produce the results which we want to see!

  17. harrynutsak says:

    @barriejohn: Wow, you saved me postage there. Thx.
    You might consider cleaning your own house before sending a letter to someone else about their messy house, though.
    Just a thought.

  18. AgentCormac says:

    Any chance you could post something that actually makes sense? I haven’t a clue what you are talking about or what your issue is. I somehow doubt that I’m alone.

  19. harrynutsak says:

    Look, everyone needs to survive and more than just survive.
    ..If I don’t trust all the people shoving themselves in between me and those I want to help, then why should I give a fucking farthing, assuming I even had one to give?

    I’d gladly support forcibly removing anyone from power in order to help the citizens of that country to be given protection, to be given what they need to survive and more.

    Go in with overwhelming military force and get rid of those disgusting psychopaths, first. Otherwise they can seize your schools, your tampons, and murder you and no one can save you. Why should I waste my money on anything but executing the nasty government people in Uganda?

    My “care package” needs to be going to it’s intended destination and anyone should just get out of the way but noooo, we’ve got to blow them out of their imperial palace first…gaaahhhhh

  20. AgentCormac says:

    ‘I’d gladly support forcibly removing anyone from power in order to help the citizens of that country to be given protection, to be given what they need to survive and more.’
    And why not. After all, it worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  21. harrynutsak says:

    @AgentCormac: It has never been done anywhere.
    Those things you allude to were and are scams.

    Britain is over-ripe for getting rid of the rotten muck at the top, just like Uganda, just like the USA.

    When you have incredibly stupid, sadistic, vicious idiots who are in charge of everything and they absolutely won’t let go, won’t stand aside and admit it’s all just utter rubbish, won’t admit they are insane, then you have to remove them forcibly.

    That would mean tossing every Tory out the effing door, lad. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I know I would.

  22. Vanity Unfair says:

    To harrynutsak:
    “When you have incredibly stupid, sadistic, vicious idiots who are in charge of everything and they absolutely won’t let go, won’t stand aside and admit it’s all just utter rubbish, won’t admit they are insane, then you have to remove them forcibly.”

    Strange to say, this has been tried in England (and other parts of the now UK, the which I shall leave to those with more knowledge in the field) with various levels of success or merely change.

    1066: Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings
    1069: Harrying of the North
    1135-54: The Anarchy: Stephen and Matilda (or Maud)
    1215-17: Reign of King Louis: 1st. Barons’ War
    1264-67: Henry III: 2nd. Barons’ War
    1455-85 or 87: Wars of the Roses
    1536-37: Pilgrimage of Grace
    1553: Reign of Queen Jane
    1601: Essex Rebellion
    1628-31: Rising in the West
    1642-51: “English” Civil War
    1660: Restoration
    1685: Monmouth’s Rebellion
    1688: The Glorious Revolution
    1715: The ’15: the Old Pretender
    1745: The ’45: the Young Pretender
    1936: Edward VIII: palace coup

    I do not pretend that this is in any way a complete list but you must admit that the removal or attempted removal of one power system is no guarantee of amelioration. But then, I am inclined to cynicism.
    However, all “[t]hose things [I] allude to were and are scams.”

  23. AgentCormac says:

    @Vanity Unfair
    I see your attempt to use reason and facts to engage Hutton on his blog has drawn the usual, sadly predictable, puerile response. I gave up trying to engage with the idiot years ago. You will never, ever get him to enter in an adult conversation and he has the debating skills of retarded child. Don’t waste your time. He is a complete fuckwit and he will not engage with you on a rational, logical or even vaguely sane level. Seriously. Save yourself a whole load of grief and just ignore the twat.

  24. barriejohn says:

    Agent Cormac: I had to have a look at that. If you say something over and over again, and say it with enough conviction, then surely it must be true!

  25. harrynutsak says:

    @Vanity Unfair:
    A nice list, but if you went digging for their motivation in all of those, most, if not all, would be disqualified for being mere power grabs and not to remove anyone “bad” since the ones replacing them were as bad or worse than those they replaced.

    In fact, you’d be hard pressed to show how any of those who came to power were not as disgusting and despicable to their “subjects” any more or less than their predecessors.

    “New boss, same as the old boss” has been the refrain for all of human history.
    Who, of those in the list, protected every single person or helped every single person to survive and thrive?

    The decendants of those same theocrats are still squidging their soggy, bloated arses quite arrogantly on the throats of starving children, just as they’ve done since before your list got started.

    The status quo is real and the menace and hate the status quo represents is real, no matter what delusional state might give unction to the hate,….the hate is real.

  26. Vanity Unfair says:

    To harrynutsak:
    “When you have incredibly stupid, sadistic, vicious idiots who are in charge of everything and they absolutely won’t let go, won’t stand aside and admit it’s all just utter rubbish, won’t admit they are insane, then you have to remove them forcibly.”

    So, we are in agreement. It has been tried and it does not work. Those with enough power to overturn the current power-wielders are as likely to be unscrupulous as the overthrown: if they do not have enough power then the current force will become worse in order to reinforce its position.
    I do not see how your solution will work in the future as it has failed in the past.

    All the same, conditions in the UK are now better (not perfect) than they were while all those revolutions were the status quo. What happened in the gap after the mid-C18? Well, partly, the wars were exported to the American colonies, India, Africa, the Antipodes and the continuous unpleasantnesses with France and, later, Germany but also there were the agricultural and industrial revolutions that first made social conditions worse then showed the advantages of their being better. Enlightened self-interest on the behalf of the moneyed classes was probably the start. Newer inventions and philosophies showed that a better life was possible. Greed was not always the best spur for improvement.

    Reform Acts allowed (the illusion of?) greater responsibility and participation in government.
    Education Acts gave opportunities for advancement.
    Public Health Acts made living conditions more bearable.
    Employment Acts made work easier and safer.
    Social Security Acts eased the worst depredations of poverty.
    Health Acts brought proper medical care to nearly the whole population.
    Local Government Acts set up more easily accessible and accountable local control.
    Anti-Discrimination Acts helped put people on an even footing.
    Public Library Acts allowed the self-improvement of those who wanted it.

    Of course. it was never that straightforward nor ever easy. There were always those inside and outside Parliament who would block and re-take any advancement. Self-interest was never always enlightened. Everything was never always for the best and this was never the best of all possible worlds. (Voltaire: Candide: misquote: but you knew that.) That is why it took so long to get to this stage and why it will not happen overnight in the newer states. And, sadly, people are not perfectible.

    I must learn to be more succinct.

    However, all “[t]hose things [I] allude to were and are scams.”

  27. Vanity Unfair says:

    To AgentCormac and barriejohn:
    When I checked the comment had come back and there was an unreasoned reply, the which is more than Bob favoured me on this site. On the brighter side it is possible that someone else might have read it.
    I do not mind disagreement and welcome contrary evidence. Proof would be nice but is uncommon. How else could we progress?

  28. harrynutsak says:

    @Vanity Unfair:
    Ah, I think I see where I have failed to clarify and extend properly – I am all about root causes, about analyzing what underlies literally everything and anything.

    I am not advocating anything patently unworkable or unreasonable, in fact, I hadn’t advocated anything beyond a vague but definite worldwide need to put an end to the status quo.

    This is not an impossible goal for the human species to attempt.

    Perhaps I should clarify: the status quo is a form of mental illness, much like religion, in that it has no basis in reality, can be easily shown to be rubbish, yet persists for all of human history, and your list shows a bit of that.

    A “palace coup” is not, therefore, something where the status quo was opposed, and so that is why I say it has never been attempted much less failed.

    The status quo isTHE problem and it can be permanently eradicated.
    I’m not talking about eradicating the people, mind you, but eradicating the systemic sadistic insanity that makes up the whole of the status quo.

    The status quo is not magical, despite people acting as if it were.

    It has never been opposed in a comprehensive, knowledgeable way that addresses the psycho-social roots of this criminal behaviour known as the status quo.

    Never. Been. Tried. :-/

  29. barriejohn says:

    Vanity Unfair: I agree. Keep posting comments as long as you can, as SOMEONE reads them, and they may do considerable good (though Bob seems not to allow any of my comments now). We know that many religiots visit this site, and, even though they may not respond to comments,these do have an effect upon them. It was the constant drip, drip, drip of rational thought that eventually led to me throwing in the towel and embracing reason. They may claim that they are impervious to critical thought, but, believe me, they are not!

  30. Vanity Unfair says:

    To harrynutsak:
    So, you are not advocating violent revolution and a coup d’état as a way to change society. And we are agreed that that method has always failed in the past. I’m sorry to have misunderstood.
    All right, GCHQ, you can tell MI5 to stand down. (Paranoid? I?)

    When dealing with an argument I try to go for the central point around which it is constructed, the corner-stone so to speak. Remove that and the argument collapses. Its proponent does not always notice, of course, but does often enough to show an effect. However, when trying to change the mass of conflicting opinions and heritage that defines the average person that approach is unlikely to work very often. Exchanging the rulers for better ones brings the problem of whom to choose. There’s you, I and Barry, our beloved editor, but can even that mighty triumvirate control even one country? Changing one personal idea at a time might lead to a minor improvement in society and that can be part of a continuous process.

    However, this Fabian process is too slow for some people to accept but the uncertainty of universal radical change is not, for me at least, acceptable. Again, it has been tried. Compare and contrast, as all the best exam papers used to say, pre-WW2 Germany with post-WW2 East Germany and West Germany, or even just East and West Berlin: same populations, same disaster, same decapitation, different outcomes. Perhaps civilization, like science, advances one funeral at a time. (Max Planck: misquotation)

    Yes, we always have the status quo but it is the status quo nunc. The status quo ante might have been changed and the status quo post might be better. Another century and there might be an appreciable improvement. I seem to be getting quite optimistic.

    That seems to be the difference in our approaches; I think the slow method is the workable one and you favour reformatting the whole of the World’s present governors at one go. It’s a nice thought but I think we have to leave that as a disagreement.