Church ‘shocked’ by arrest of pervert who gave Bible lessons

Church ‘shocked’ by arrest of pervert who gave Bible lessons

An Oklahoma Bible study leader charged with dozens of sex crimes against a 14-year- old girl had form as a sex offender before joining the Calvary Christian Church in Del City, Oklahoma.

According to this report, Donnie Ray Schultz, 45, above, faces more than 50 charges for rape and “forcible oral sodomy”, along with counts of making and possessing child pornography.

Calvary spokesman Jason Sharp, a spokesman for the church, said the allegations came as:

A complete shock. While (Schultz) led a small group Bible study on church doctrine, he was one of seven members who took turns teaching the class. The class was for adults only, but apparently some participated in the class before they were eighteen.

He added that Schultz was never in any paid, employee relationship with the church. He led the discipleship class as a volunteer.

Before Schultz joined the church 19 years ago, Calvary had been informed by his previous church that he was a convicted sex offender. But it told his current church he could be trusted and it should accept him.

A teacher at the victim’s high school said she feeling “brainwashed” by Schultz.

Del City police detective Michael Gray wrote in a report:

The victim stated that over the course of 16 months, she and the suspect have had sexual intercourse 20-30 times and had oral sex numerous times.

Gray wrote that Schultz, a handyman, would often take his victim to the houses he worked at and rape her there. She also reported that Schultz sometimes filmed the abuse.

Police believe there are more victims.

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12 responses to “Church ‘shocked’ by arrest of pervert who gave Bible lessons”

  1. Justin Badby says:

    This kind of news is what one expects of the pious. No surprise anymore. Just another demonstration of the evils the religious do.

  2. Newspaniard says:

    19 years, and no-one complained? Were all these congregants complicit? Bible reading classes, I suppose are a bit like madrasas at which abuse of children is common but ignored to show respect for “other cultures”.

  3. gedediah says:

    Did it never occur to church leaders to monitor the activities of adults with unsupervised access to children? Don’t these people have any standards at all?

    Oh, wait…

  4. Stuart H. says:

    gedediah – the simple answer is “No”.

    In a case here just a few weeks back, a sex offender was back in court for breaching the terms of a restraint order imposed after a string of previous offences involving young kids (also reported prominently at the time) . He was there because a member of the public complained he was acting as a Sunday School teacher.

    When the church pastor was called to give evidence he claimed he’d asked the man “are you X, who was in the papers for sex offences last week?” and been told no. The offender had an unusual name, this is a town of under 5,000 where everybody knows everyone else’s business, and the pastor wasn’t even reprimanded by the court.

  5. L.Long says:

    BUT! BUT! but! you tell by looking at him that he was not a true xtian and possessed of SATAN!!!!!!!!!
    And the true xtians who pray all the time for jesus to be with them were to stupid to hear gawd tell them about the satan among them. Being a jesus freak is good for what reason???? OH! Right! it aint good for nothing.
    People who trust people cuz they say JESUS!!! in church are showing just how stupid they are. But then again show me in the buyBull where it says screwing a 14yr old is worse then screwing anyone else????

  6. Broga says:

    He was tempted by the devil. He has now been saved by Jesus and is a better Christian as a result of the experience. That is the usual line. He should be back teaching kids soon.

  7. barriejohn says:

    When I was a Christian, all sorts of weird characters attended the assembly, some quite potty, and any who showed willing were given a Sunday School class, or welcomed as helpers at children’s meetings, camps, etc., just as long as they were “saved”. Members used to organize “sewing classes” in their homes for young girls (just an excuse to proselytize, of course), and various sports events. No background checks were ever made, and to the best of my knowledge none are made in many smaller churches even today.

  8. John says:

    This incident simply demonstrates that most sexual offenders – especially those who target children – can never be rehabilitated.
    I think all such persons should be literally imprisoned for life as they will always remain a threat to young children for the rest of their entire lives.
    Of course they tend to target areas where they can gain and exercise power over young people and religious organisations are a highly lucrative target for them to aim at.
    However, such people also target groups like the cubs, scouts, guides and others where young people get involved.
    In those organisations, extremely stringent child safeguarding procedures must be followed.
    The problem in the US is that they do not take the problem of child abuse seriously enough – just like they don’t take gun control seriously enough.

  9. AgentCormac says:

    It is no good this church trying to distance itself from these crimes by claiming that Schultz wasn’t an employee – that he was ‘just a volunteer’. They had been warned they had a convicted sex offender in their midst and did nothing to protect their congregation. If it was my dughter who had endured rape and ‘forcible oral sodomy’ at the hands of this bloated pervert I’d be insisting on more than a few quiet words with the church leaders.

  10. John the Drunkard says:

    Churches can NEVER be trusted to supervise the behavior of their’workers,’ paid or otherwise.

    Since ALL criminality and perversion are ‘sins,’ the invocation of Jeebus MUST be accepted as a conclusive sign of veracity and good citizenship. Though I wonder how many of the congregations would accept a known embezzler in their financial offices?

  11. Robster says:

    Is there a single person of virtue employed or otherwise associated with a religious organisation anywhere? They all seem to be crooks or at best highly undesirable. All of them. All clergy and lay personnel associated with churches, religious schools, religious education and any other religious activity must, by implication be a suspect ’till proven otherwise. This is the only way to keep the creeps under control.