Set for closure: London school that refuses to teach English

Set for closure: London school that refuses to teach English

Britain’s Department for Education has ordered a haredi Orthodox Jewish school in north London to close by next month.

The Charedi Talmud Torah Tashbar school, according to this report, has operated illegally for 40 years, does not teach children English and, according to inspectors, was failing to meet “minimum” standards.

The school, which has more than 200 students, encourages “cultural and ethnic insularity because it is so narrow and almost exclusively rooted in the study of the Torah,” inspectors said following an investigation of the school.

Inspectors said the school was founded to prevent students from:

Developing a wider, deeper understanding of different faiths, communities, cultures and lifestyles, including those of England.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the education department’s chief inspector of schools, said in December that the country’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills may also prosecute those running unregistered Islamic religious schools.

The Independent adds that the school’s failings are spelt out in a series of Ofsted reports after it applied to be a private school. The reports between 2012-14 were disclosed under Freedom of Information requests.

According to the reports, the school states that it does not allow pupils to learn English, nor provide for any secular education:

As a matter of religious principle.

Despite the school failing to meet the minimum standards three times, it was allowed to continue operating.

The British Humanist Association, which campaigns for a crackdown on all illegal “faith” schools, welcomed the decision but called on the Education Secretary to move against scores of other schools like it.

We’re glad that the Government has now moved to shut this particular school down … However, there are clearly many more out there just like it.

The situation revealed by these reports is simply outrageous and those in government who have failed to act in the past ought to be ashamed of themselves for standing idly by while thousands of children have their childhoods stolen. 

Every year, every month, every week that these places are allowed to stay open, a huge number of children remain isolated, indoctrinated, and very likely abused, so we will certainly be writing to the Government to ask that action is taken far more swiftly in the case of other schools than it has been here.

A Department for Education spokesman said:

It is a criminal offence to operate an unregistered independent school. This school’s application for registration has been rejected and on 30 December it was informed of this decision. It has been told to close by 12 February.

The school was unavailable for comment.

Note: The  photo used to illustrate this report shows Ultra Orthodox students gesturing as they pray during a reading class at the Kehilot Yaacov Torah School for boys in Ramot, Jerusalem.

16 responses to “Set for closure: London school that refuses to teach English”

  1. Broga says:

    There are parents sending their children to these centres of indoctrination. The kids will emerge with fantastical ideas about their religion and not equipped to live in the modern world. How can parents decide to send their kids there? Religion poisons everything.

  2. Gerald says:

    Because they believe that everyone else and society is filth to be avoided at all costs.

  3. Gerald says:

    No faith schools … That’s the only way. And all schools under secular control.

  4. Gerald says:

    This is what all religious clerics do…
    Give me the child and I will give you the man ….. in the form of …
    Stupefied fools
    Undereducated loosers
    Sexually repressed perverts
    Suicidal self hating victims of child rape
    Downtrodden low esteem dullards
    Suicide bombers
    Kalashnikov wielding murderers
    Mysogenistic woman beaters
    Over sensitive shrieking lynchmobster
    Disingenuous apologists
    Child hating nunsw
    Catholic child traffickerss
    Pedophile priests
    Child grooming rapists.
    Bill Donahue
    Atheist blogger hackers

  5. Broga says:

    @Gerald: Yep! I reckon that about covers it although I suppose there could be a few other items. However, that will do for me for the time being.

    I think the parents must have a terror of any outside influence. This reveals the fragility of their weird beliefs.

  6. Club Secretary says:

    So it has only taken 40 years for the Dept of Education to act, phew such speed.

    I wonder if this school receives any public funds?

  7. harrynutsak says:

    This is how they stay as developmentally retarded as the ones who wrote what they are forced to read as children.

    Ironic, isn’t it?

    They are totally warped, their lives and minds blasted to utterly stupid, rubbishy things.

    This is the end result of all religions – relying upon imaginary nothings and unable to relate to the real world because the real world doesn’t match what is burned into their brains.

    ’twas ever thus

  8. barriejohn says:


    “OMG, this is fucking bullshit!”

  9. barriejohn says:

    The school was unavailable for comment.

    Of course; they don’t speak English.

  10. John Gresham says:

    Broga, I think that it’s a form of doublethink, they are afraid that if the kids get a proper education they, the kids, will question their religious rubbish, by keeping the kids away from a decent education they acknowledge that their beliefs are bs, but they believe, you can go round and round ad infinitum.

  11. Trevor Blake says:

    Operating illegally for 40 years, reports filed in 2012, 2013, 2014, let me guess – what it a religious school? But of course it was a religious school. No other institution gets a free pass to abuse, neglect, rape, trick, hold back and hinder children like religion does. It’s the consistent, defining characteristic of religion.

  12. 1859 says:

    Several years ago a secular Jewish friend of mine in North London (he was a specialist in teaching deaf children), had a one day a week job at one of these schools to help a deaf pupil (about 10 years old). Before he started he was expressly told never to mention the words or show pictures of ‘dinosaurs’, ‘bacteria’, ‘televisions’, ‘the internet’ etc. He was also told he wasn’t allowed to teach the child anything to do with biology (especially human biology/anatomy) or science. Also for the first few weeks his teaching was closely monitored by an adult who watched what he did like a hawk. So I am very happy to hear this news – finally something is being done to stop this inhumanity against children – but why has it taken 40 fucking years – think of all the innocent children damaged over this amount of time – totally scandalous.

  13. Gerald says:

    Good morning children, before we begin indoctrination please put your intellects and hopes for a normal well balanced wholesome life in your school bags and hang them on the pegs at the back of the room.

  14. Cali Ron says:

    To deny a proper education and knowledge to children is child abuse and the government is an accessory for knowing about it and not stopping the abuse, so it is guilty of child abuse. Where is the public outcry? As Trevor said above, religious schools get a free pass where no other institution does. Mao may have been wrong about a lot of things, but he was right about religion, it truly is the opiate of the people.

  15. Robster says:

    If they’re not overseeing, what do the overseers actually do with their time?