Croatian priest vandalises 2,000-year-old Roman sundial

Croatian priest vandalises 2,000-year-old Roman sundial

Milan Pavlek, inset, caused outrage among locals in Duga Resa, 65 km southwest of Zagreb, when he drilled a hole in an ancient sundial  in order to erect a 3-metre high cross.

According to this report (in Croatian) the sun dial stood at the entrance of the St Peter Apostle church in Sveti Petar.

All hell broke loose when Pavlek boasted about his act of vandalism on the parish’s Facebook page. When the Ministry of Culture in Karlovac learned what he had done it urgently ordered him to remove the crucifix.

Concrete was used to to fill the the holes left by the cross. However, permanent damage is evident. The sundial itself was abandoned in the church courtyard and currently it is not known what will happen to it as the priest no longer wants it.

Pavlek flatly denied responsibility for the act, and blamed his parishioners instead, adding that the artefact was nothing but a ruined stone that looked nothing like a sundial.

However, when contacted, some of the member of the Pastoral Commission said under conditions of anonymity  that the priest himself insisted on the mounting of the crucifix on the sundial. Not only that, they had warned him that a row would erupt given the historical value of the stone.

Editor’s note: A translation of the original report was posted on Reddit.

10 responses to “Croatian priest vandalises 2,000-year-old Roman sundial”

  1. RussellW says:

    Of course, it’s a ‘pagan’ arifact, therefore it has no value, ISIS would understand.

  2. CoastalMaineBird says:

    No brains – no brains at all, some of them. Just bits of gray fluff blown in by mistake.

  3. Trevor Blake says:

    It is a fact that eventually the Roman Catholic Church will be as abandoned to history as the (other) ancient Roman religions. In a few hundred to a few thousand years, someone will erect a statue to their superstition in the ruins of the church at Duga Resa.

    Do religious people ever wonder why all those religions that died out, died out, and why theirs is FOR SURE the right one?

  4. Lucy1 says:

    And he boasted about it on Facebook, and then said it was nothing to do with him, but his parishioners’ fault? What a big fat liar.

  5. AgentCormac says:

    Over the centuries those behind the christian brand of religion have been responsible for destroying many ancient sites and relics, building their churches on ancient monuments and defacing what they regard to be an affront to their beliefs. As RussellW says,christianity has long been in the same league as ISIS.

  6. Brian Jordan says:

    Judging by the date, this chap erected it in order to follow the Romans in celebrating the Vernal Equinox.

  7. Club Secretary says:

    @Lucy1 says:
    Thu 31 Mar at 9:34 am

    “What a big fat liar”.

    He is a priest, lying is his profession.

  8. L.Long says:

    Another religious ahole practicing the traditions that go back as far as they were around. That alone shows me how evil these people are!!!

  9. Peter Sykes says:

    Trevor Blake:
    “Do religious people ever wonder…”
    No they do not, too much like thinking!

  10. Cali Ron says:

    Lucy1: …but he speaks the word of god, so god must therefore be a liar, too.

    Religious people don’t wonder, god (actually his representative) tells them what to think and questioning god or religion is not an option.