Police Commissioner sides with bigots against gay sauna

Police Commissioner sides with bigots against gay sauna

Homophobes in the UK town of Luton found an ally in Police and Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway, above, who supported a ‘hateful’ campaign to prevent a gay sauna, close to a mosque, from gaining a sex establishment licence.

Holloway, according to this Luton Herald & Post report, was one of many who lobbied Luton council to refuse the licence to the Greenhouse Health Club after being approached by a member of a “very significant Luton mosque”.

Luton, with a Muslim population of about 50,000, has long been regarded as a “hotbed” of Islamic extremism.

The newly-elected Holloway wrote in a letter to the council:

Luton Borough Council is usually particularly aware of matters of cultural sensitivity.

I trust therefore that you will fully understand that, given the large and devout Muslim population in this area of the borough, there is naturally a high level of religious and cultural opposition to such a business among these residents which needs to be respected, in my view.

The PCC, who said that the application had caused “widespread offence and very deep concern”, added her concerns that if Greenhouse was handed the licence:

A number of potential policing issues may arise.

Greenhouse, which has been running for more than 18 years, attempted to gain the licence so that it can sell sex toys and show adult films within its premises on Crawley Road, Luton.

But after more than 430 Bury Park residents signed a petition to counter the proposal the sauna decided to withdraw its application.

One of those who signed the petition claimed that Greenhouse:

Will bring unpleasant diseases to our communities.

Another slammed the owner for having “no shame” and attempting to expand the business with something “so disgusting near and around holy surroundings.”

Others labelled the sauna “immoral”, “crazy” and “dangerous for our children”.

One of the petition’s signatories wrote that homosexuality stems from “brain diseases/malfunction” and “incorrect thinking”.

The comments were slammed by LGBT rights charity Stonewall, which told the Herald & Post that the language used was:

homophobic and hateful. These attitudes can be extremely damaging and can alienate and ostracise people. We hope that this is something that the local authorities in Luton hope to solve as soon as possible so that all LGBT locals feel able to be themselves and are accepted without exception.

Luton Borough Council says that in addition to the petition, it received 103 objection notices which cited concerns over “cultural sensitivity”, the sauna’s “proximity to places of worship” and worries “about the number of families with young children living nearby.”

But prior to the withdrawal of the application Bedfordshire Police told the newspaper that it had no objections to the proposal and that in the last year just two crimes have been reported at the sauna.

One was a report of theft and the other was of alleged domestic violence.

In a letter PC Esther Read told the council:

We anticipate that they will continue to operate in a professional manner and liaise with the police and other responsible authorities when required, as they have in previous years.

Holloway asserted that she did not know Greenhouse had been targeted with homophobic comments.

I would never support any homophobic literature and I had no sight of any such material. I agreed to represent residents in Biscot as they felt incredibly strongly about it. I would have taken the exact same stance if it had been a heterosexual establishment.

She added:

I think this is also a win for the wider gay community as this establishment is not representative of them as a whole.

Hat tip: David McKeegan

25 responses to “Police Commissioner sides with bigots against gay sauna”

  1. Broga says:

    Police Commissioners: an expensive and utterly unnecessary irrelevance who have an indecent tendency to appoint their relatives to highly paid jobs funded, of course, from your council tax.

  2. Angela_K says:

    I agree these commissioners are just an expensive waste and seem to pursue their own agendas; better to spend the money on police officers. Ms Holloway has no business interfering in licensing issues.

    “Cultural sensitivity” which really means appeasement. The mosque should move if they don’t like “Greenhouse”. “Will bring unpleasant diseases to our communities” There is already an unpleasant disease in Luton – Islam.

    Luton, hotbed of Islamic extremism and birthplace of the EDL – lovely place then.

  3. Broga says:

    @Angela_K : I have a friend who is a retired senior police officer who keeps in touch with former colleagues. He said they described their Police Commissioner as “a bloody nuisance who doesn’t have a role and makes a pest of himself as he tries to find one. He does sod all except get in the way and takes up everybody’s time.”

  4. Newspaniard says:

    @Angela_K. You forgot to mention that Luton is one of the UK’s no-go areas. No-wonder the Police Commissioner was frightened to side with the indigenous population.

  5. CoastalMaineBird says:

    Will bring unpleasant diseases to our communities.

    So…. as of now, they only have pleasant diseases there?

  6. Badger says:

    Well I say:-
    Live and let live. But then again I am an atheist kuffar heretic. If I was a muslim I guess I would have to say:-
    I’ll live my way and you will live my way too kuffar gay boy.
    Fuck off you queers. No place for you on earth. Burn in hell.
    I am a shreiking wailing bitching muslim and I will play every cheap and dirty trick I know to make your life as miserable as mine.
    I am a muslim and I hate everything and loathe everyone … including myself.
    We muslims will outbreed all you kuffar bastards and then you will have to follow sharia.
    We control Luton now you infidel kuffar pigs. We are going to rename it Lutonistan. No gays in Lutonistan.

  7. Broga says:

    @CoastalMaineBird : Pleasant diseases are those suffered by toffs like the Royal Family and priests. Unpleasant diseases are suffered by gays and atheists. Gay members of the royal family and atheist priests fall within that spectrum.

    Hope that helps.

  8. Badger says:

    The gayphobe islamophile would look much much better in a burkha. It would hide her manly features. Do you think she could be a lesbian? Maybe thats why she protesteth too much.

  9. jay says:

    Yet EU is planning to bring a lot more in and force UK to accept them.

    Here in US, whenever someone mentions ‘no go zones’ (typically conservatives) they are shouted down as bigots, followed by vehement denials that such places exist. No one wants to mention the elephant in the room.

  10. jay says:

    I’ve seen plenty of community harassment against ANY sex themed business (strip joints, ‘adult book’stores etc,) with virtually the same arguments used.

    Right near me there was a long battle with a local ( hetero oriented) strip club pushed in part by the local Catholic Church. The church eventually burned down. God has spoken ( maybe he didn’t like them dissing his handiwork)

  11. barriejohn says:

    There are no “no go areas” in the UK. This is a tendentious term which is best avoided. Even Katie Hopkins had to admit that its use is inappropriate. If we want to take on Islamic and Christian fascism we need to stick to the facts and avoid using inflammatory terminology. We’ve got enough to go on as it is!

  12. tonye says:

    Does anyone (old enough) remember that vile homophobe James Anderton (Chief Constable) who made homosexual men’s lives miserable in the 70s and 80s in Manchester.

    Good to see the police have ‘moved on’ since then.

  13. Stephen Mynett says:

    God’s Copper, the main who had a hotline to the Lord, also the man who loved the kettling technique to try to break up demonstrations, even peaceful ones. Yes Tonye, I remember the bastard.

  14. Angela_K says:

    Tonye, yes I do. I also remember in the satire “The new statesman” there was a parody of Anderton who believed his god was beside him, even in a pub!

  15. Broga says:

    Has Mrs Holloway,so keen to represent communities, done anything to get action about the FGM in the UK. Her neck of the woods seems like a place where this abuse of girl babies could be possible, if not popular. Or Muslim attitudes to women i.e. serfs and sexual slaves.

    This woman, like other PCCs, hasn’t the faintest notion of what she is supposed to be doing. I can’t blame her for that because neither does anyone else. There is no role for these people and they are expensive.

  16. barriejohn says:

    James Anderton; mercilessly lampooned on Spitting Image. How I miss that programme!

  17. Vanity Unfair says:

    After eighteen years they have suddenly noticed.
    That must say something about the sauna’s effect on the area.

  18. Fruitpicker says:

    I’d have thought a sauna would be the least of Bury Park’s problems.

  19. Paul says:

    I suspect that an adult store won’t allow children inside its premises and have an age restriction. So I fail to see the argument that harm will or might be done to children or how they may catch diseases or become gay – heaven forbid.

    What they might learn or ‘catch’ is tolerance, a thing sadly lacking in all religions.

  20. John the Drunkard says:

    Its standard in the U.S. for churches to wangle special zoning exceptions to block businesses they don’t like from operating within X distance.

    Whatever the Mohammedans and Commissioner are objecting to has, presumably, been going on for almost TWO decades. Applying for a license to add simple sales and screening was enough to make the cops and imams sneak out the back door and raise a ruckus.

  21. barfly says:

    Being originally from Bolton I remember gods cop with a shudder. He tried to close down clubs by insisting that sales of alcohol after normal pub hours had to be served by a waiter. He had police raid newsagents and remove playboy and such magazines from sale on the top shelf. at the same time his coppers where drinking after hours in certain pubs so they wouldn’t get raided. I spent many a night in a pub being served after hours by a police woman. He then converted to catholism as the Methodist church wouldn’t back his anti porn campaign

  22. Badger says:

    barriejohn. There are “no go areas in the uk”.I suggest you get out more and take a look if you think there are none. And you need to use a more reliable source than Wikipedia if you want to convince people.

    Anyway there are “no go areas” in the uk so yah boo sucks.

  23. GeoffG says:

    They have come amongst us like toxic, malevolent weeds – and like weeds their twisted rhetoric chokes, entangles and rots the areas in which they fester – the ears of our young. A pledge – a flag – our values, our culture and traditions are lost on them since they come with a backward ideology that is entrenched in the Dark Ages and perpetuated in the teachings of a Seventh Century Prophet who has no place in a civilised Western society. To hell with them!

  24. Brian Jordan says:

    Anderton? Was he the Chief Constable who ended up selling double glazing on the telly?

  25. Philip Smeeton says:

    Piece by piece the muslims decide the agenda until it is they that decide everything.