For a small donation, this atheist classic could be yours

For a small donation, this atheist classic could be yours

For the past few weeks I have been helping retired Doctor Who screenwriter, novelist, actor and humanist Victor Pemberton, 84, to raise funds for the UK charity Help for Heroes.

Central to Pemberton’s fundraising mission is a solo round trip of 10,000 km by car from his home in Spain to the Arctic and back. He embarks on his “raving mad” drive at the end of this month, taking with him a Go-Pro camera to document every stage of his trip.

After I learned of his planned journey, I wrote a feature article about the man who conceived Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver for The Pink Humanist magazine, pointing out that Help for Heroes had set up an official Just Giving fundraising page for Pemberton called The Arctic Adventure.

Victor Pemberton, pictured in Benidorm, Spain, in june 2016. Photo: Barry Duke

Victor Pemberton, pictured in Benidorm, Spain, in June 2016. Photo: Barry Duke

Today, after I received from Prometheus Books a paperback reprint of George H Smith’s classic atheist treatise, Atheism The Case Against God, the idea struck me that it could be used to help Pemberton raise funds for Help for Heroes.

Simply donate whatever you can afford to The Arctic Adventure, and email me – – to confirm that you have made a donation. The names of all those who respond to this appeal will be put in a hat and a winner of Smith’s book will announced on Wednesday, July 20.

Is Smith’s new edition worth having? Definitely, as it contains a foreword by Lawrence M Krauss, the renowned American theoretical physicist and cosmologist, who describes the term “new atheists” as “pejorative and without meaning”, and points out that:

While books like The God Delusion and God is Not Great, The End of Faith, and perhaps also A Universe from Nothing have helped atheism resurface in the media, atheism itself has been around since humans invented the concept of God.

Two decades before Richard Dawkins was calling belief in God a “delusion”, Smith was making the same point in Atheism The Case Against God.

In it, Smith sets out to demolish what he considers the most widespread and destructive of all the myths devised by human beings – the concept of a supreme being.

With painstaking scholarship and rigorous arguments, Smith examines, dissects, and refutes the myriad “proofs” offered by theists – sophisticated, professional theologians – as well as run-of-the-mill religious numbskulls.

He explores the historical and psychological havoc wrought by religion in general and concludes that religious belief cannot have any place in the life of modern, rational man.

5 responses to “For a small donation, this atheist classic could be yours”

  1. CoastalMaineBird says:

    Victor Pemberton [84], pictured in Benidorm, Spain, in June 2016.

    You’re kidding, right? Nobody in that pic is 84 years old, unless it’s the statue.

  2. Barry Duke says:

    He really is 84, CoastalMaineBird. He was born in 1931, and will be 85 this October.
    On the day I did a photoshoot with him, he confessed to feeling a little fatigued as he had been out clubbing until 6am!

  3. remigius says:

    I’ve just turned 50, and yet I don’t look as young as that. But then I don’t have a friend from Gallifrey with a time machine.

  4. Saul Till says:

    This is just to drop a recommendation that anyone here who hasn’t read Smith’s book should hunt out a copy immediately. It’s the most thorough, precise, readable, philosophical case against God’s existence ever made in book form. You come away feeling not that religion’s wrong, rather that it’s not even wrong. It’s up there with The God Delusion in terms of sheer readability too. I’m sure there are plenty of cheap second-hand copies on Amazon.

  5. CoastalMaineBird says:

    Yeah, I looked up his bio and found the 1931 birthday.

    But I thought surely that was a pic from 40 years ago, or maybe a pic of his grandson or something.