In Texas, a ‘good Christian’ used Scripture to abuse girl

In Texas, a ‘good Christian’ used Scripture to abuse girl

Dell Ivan Godkin, 48, above, has begun a life sentence after he was found guilty by a Montgomery County jury on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

The conviction of the onetime volunteer youth pastor came as a shock to his family and members of his church, according to this report.

Prosecutor Monica Cooper said his family and church members had testified that he was a good Christian. They could not believe he had assaulted a girl over a period of four years, using Scripture to justify the abuse which began when the victim, a relative of Godkin, was just 13.

Cooper added:

He would say lots of things about God being OK with it. He would use Bible verses about men’s and women’s roles to justify the abuse. He’s the scariest kind of child predator because he’s the kind who is sitting next to you in church, and he seems like the nicest guy.

The victim testified against the man in court, Cooper said, as did another alleged victim who is part of a pending case against Godkin in Liberty County.

Lead prosecutor Sheri Culberson.Cooper said:

We are very proud of the victims in this case. It takes a lot of courage to face your abuser during a trial like this. But, ultimately, the community is a safer place because of their courage and bravery.

According to prosecutors, Godkin’s ex-wife testified during the punishment phase of the trial that he beat her repeatedly during their 12-year marriage.

“One of the assaults occurred after she had gone to their pastor at church seeking help,” according to a news release from the district attorney’s office. “By the time she arrived home, Godkin knew she had spoken to the pastor and beat her because of it.”

5 responses to “In Texas, a ‘good Christian’ used Scripture to abuse girl”

  1. Trevor Blake says:

    Fortunately that is the very last one. Christian parents, keep sending your children to spend private time with clergy. There has been a pattern of child rape and shocked laity and clergy hiding each other and so on, of course. But this is the last one. Promise. All done.

    Or perhaps instead decide that child sacrifice is a practice best left in fiction and the past. Stop trusting clergy. Stop giving them money. Stop going where they are. Don’t let them into your homes. Mock them in public.

    Acting on one and only one of the above paragraphs will result in fewer children being raped. Your choice, Christians.

  2. David Anderson says:

    “Prosecutor Monica Cooper said his family and church members had testified that he was a good Christian.”

    Aren’t they always?

  3. Broga says:

    This one is a real charmer. Sexually abuses kids and repeatedly beats his wife. But he is a good Christian which supposedly leads to decent behaviour because God sees everything – including a falling sparrow.

    I’m an atheist and I have never abused a child or beaten my wife. So who is headed for heaven (let’s suppose it exists for a moment) this abusive man who has accepted Jesus which is an essential requirement for entry. Or atheists with moral scruples who behave well but who have not accepted Jesus?

    I wonder if he will still be a good Christian while doing 30 years before parole in the slammer?

  4. NoMo says:

    Parents who entrust their children to religious leaders are guilty of putting their children in severe danger.such parents should be charged with neglect and abandonment. And if the child is abused, charged with being an accessory and charged alongside the child rapist.

  5. Robster says:

    These people build careers on defrauding people, that they find it so easy to fool kids with their veneer of respect is not a surprise. All clergy should be considered dodgy ’till proven otherwise.