Muslim group opposes ‘Islamic terrorists’ on 9/11 memorial

Muslim group opposes ‘Islamic terrorists’ on 9/11 memorial

The town supervisor for Owego – located a few hours from where the Twin Towers fell in New York in 2001 –  has flatly refused to change the wording of a memorial due to be unveiled later this month.

According to this report, Donald Castellucci, left, dismissed a demand from the Islamic Organization of the Southern Tier (IOST), which wants the words “Islamic terrorists” scrapped and replaced with “terrorists” or “al-Qaeda terrorists”.castellucci

Castellucci said:

I don’t live in a politically-correct world. I live in a historical fact world … terrorism, whether it’s American, homegrown, Christianity, Islamic, you call it what it is. And, we don’t whitewash things, especially here.

Castellucci – who calls the monument “a place where people can remember the day and reflect” – added that the inscription is:

An accurate citing of what happened.

But IOST insists that the inscription could:

Encourage hatred towards Muslims living in the area.

The town’s memorial, which was built through fundraising and private donations, will receive its official dedication this year on the morning of September 11, the 15th anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attack.

13 responses to “Muslim group opposes ‘Islamic terrorists’ on 9/11 memorial”

  1. Richard W says:

    The supervisor is s right. The memorial speaks the truth.

  2. Like it really is. says:

    Muslims encourage hatred towards muslims … by their arrogance and failure to integrate. Why would anyone living in the land of the free want to be shackled to a primitive divisive death cult religion anyway. Muslims flew the planes into the buildings. So what’s wrong with saying it like it really is. Feel threatened? Then Muslims should work really hard to earn respect and acceptance. That’s the price for living in a free country.

  3. L.Long says:

    Southern terrorists started the civil war…I still live in NC.
    White terrorists had war with AmerIndians….I still go to the powwows!
    I understand that American terrorists had a lot to do with the midevil East problems.
    isLamic terrorist are killing in many places and I have yet to shoot a muslin in USA.
    So IOST! Piss OFF!!!

  4. AgentCormac says:

    Surely the muslims who flew those planes and all the passengers on board into the Twin Towers had the sole objective of encouraging hatred towards the US in particular, and Western democracy in general. They didn’t worry one jot about who they might upset by their truly inhuman actions. Can’t have it both ways.

  5. Rob Andrews says:

    Change the words; then change thought; then change reality itself. Lawyers and politicians do this all the time.

    I was watching a program on Science channel in which it showed fMRI scans of a person’s brain when different words were used to describe the same picture being shown to the subject. Different associations made diferent parts of the brain light up or go dark. So the internal landscape was actually being changed.

    A Muslim told me once that language is considered “a sacred thing”–now I understand!

  6. 1859 says:

    As the planes approached the Twin Towers what would the idiots at the controls have been shouting? Any guesses? Could it have begun with and ‘A’ followed by another word also beginning with an ‘A’? I think – though I may be wrong – it would have been the name of the islamic god? So let’s not delete the truth from history books and monuments.

  7. Laura Roberts says:

    I might accept them switching “Islamic” to “religious”, even if it’s less precise, but that would never fly (so to speak) in Christian America.

  8. Paul says:

    It is a fact that the Islamic terrorists who carried out this despicable crime against all of humanity did so as devot and very religious Islamic men. Islam was their guiding reason to do what they did, as Islam has been the precursor to many such Islamic terrorist murders bombing and attacks since then.

    To deny that this was anything but an islamic inspired attack is infantile.
    They did his for what they believed in namely Islam.

  9. Leonard Ostrander says:

    How about Abrahamic monotheistic terrorists?

  10. Trevor Blake says:

    What is the proper course of action when no consession is sufficient? Decline to further concede.

    Muslims are not even able to see each other as Muslim in the right way or to the right degree. They murder each other for centuries on end. How much less are non-Muslims able to appease them.

    Might I add the behavior of Muslims is a more sure cause of people hating Islam than a memorial for those who fell to the behavior of Muslims.

  11. lonbo says:

    Yeah, Trevor, just like Christians have been killing each other for centuries. It’s a religion thing,

  12. sailor1031 says:

    To be fair many of the wars fought by christians in past centuries were against invading islamic armies. How did christian Spain for instance become al Andaluz in the first place? Islamic conquest which was only stopped at Tours. Why did these terrorists choose September 11th? It’s the anniversary of the muslim loss of the Battles of Malta, Vienna and Zenta – a date that pains jihadis to think about. Islam is out to conquer the world; make no mistake about it. Do not think for a moment that islam is content to exist side by side with any other regime be it religious or secular – it is not.

    The muslims have been at this since the seventh century. They have not abandoned the cause, they have not modified it except in accordance with the koranic trickery (taqqiya) allowed by their prophet when they are in the weaker position. And they will win if the west does not smarten up in time. It is not Russia that is our enemy; it is islam always and everywhere.

  13. Jumpp says:

    Sailor1031 … 100% correct. Why don’t more people see this very real threat.