Man jailed for the murder of Rochdale’s ‘black magic’ imam

Man jailed for the murder of Rochdale’s ‘black magic’ imam

Mohammed Syeedy, 21, above, was today jailed for a minimum of 24 years for his role in the brutal killing of Jalal Uddin.

The 71-year-old former imam, according to this report, practised taweez, a form of Islamic spiritual healing considered to be “black magic” by some extremists.

On hearing the jury’s guilty verdict, Syeedy put his head in his hands and shook it in disbelief. In the public gallery, his family gasped and sobbed.

Uddin’s family, who travelled from Bangladesh to Manchester to attend the three-week trial, hugged and sobbed after Syeedy was led away.

The murder alarmed counter-terrorism experts, who fear that homegrown extremists are increasingly targeting fellow Muslims who they view as “heretics”.


Uddin, above, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer on his way home from a mosque in Rochdale on February 18. He was attacked with repeated, forceful blows from behind after having been under surveillance by his killers for months, the trial at Manchester crown court heard.

He was a former imam at the mosque Syeedy attended.

Jurors were told that Syeedy and his accomplice, Mohammed Abdul Kadir, stalked Uddin around the streets of Rochdale before Kadir launched the attack on the older man in a children’s playground.

Syeedy, the getaway driver, denied knowing about the murder plot.

Kadir, a former John Lewis call centre worker, was not on trial because he fled to Istanbul three days after the murder. Counter-terrorism detectives are hunting for the 24-year-old, but believe he may have crossed the border into Syria to join Isis.

Syeedy and Kadir, from Rochdale and Oldham respectively, developed a hatred of Uddin last summer after discovering he practised  taweez.

Uddin moved to Rochdale 15 years ago from Bangladesh. The former imam was well known in the area for his use of healing amulets to cure ill health and protect people from “evil spirits”.

Uddin, known as the Qari Saab by his followers for his deep understanding of the Koran, was mocked as a magician by Syeedy and his friends, who nicknamed him Voldemort after the evil wizard in the Harry Potter books.

Six months before the murder, Syeedy and his friends destroyed Uddin’s notes and books on taweez after stealing them from their mosque. They then started monitoring Uddin’s whereabouts, taking covert pictures of him in the street.

When detectives arrested Syeedy five days after the murder, they found gruesome footage on his phone of Uddin dying, along with reams of Isis propaganda.

Jurors were shown photographs of Syeedy holding an Isis-style flag outside the Jalalia mosque. In another image, he wore a stab-proof vest outside the mosque.

Other photographs showed Syeedy and two people holding a jihadi flag over a road sign in Rochdale that had been altered to read: “War zone”.

Detectives also found a black, Isis-style baseball cap, arm patches and a flag in Syeedy’s home, where he lived with his mother, younger sister and younger brother.

Paul Greaney QC, prosecuting, told the court that Syeedy had been drawn in by Isis propaganda surrounding the Syrian war over a period of three years.

Giving evidence, Syeedy denied knowing anything about Uddin’s murder, but admitted he was with Kadir before and after the attack.

He said he never suspected that his friend, who he knew was an Isis sympathiser, had killed Uddin, even though the former imam was found dead moments after Kadir left the playground.

Syeedy, an electrical engineering student who dropped out of university, denied being an Isis supporter and described the group’s actions as “completely wrong”.

He told jurors he did not agree with Uddin’s use of taweez because it was dangerous to meddle with the supernatural world, but that it was up to God to deliver the punishment. He told the jury:

This is my country, I abide by the laws.

17 responses to “Man jailed for the murder of Rochdale’s ‘black magic’ imam”

  1. Broga says:

    “This is my country, I abide by the laws.” But only when I am caught and facing a court. While free, I choose to behave like a savage towards someone with whose opinions I disagree.

  2. AgentCormac says:

    Not so much black magic as black hearts, which have been made that way by the poison we all know is religion.

  3. The Religion of Peace. Titter.

  4. Ivan says:

    There is also a companion article in the Grauniad that paints the religious background to this case which is well worth reading:

    It does make you wonder what on earth the future looks like.

  5. AgentCormac says:

    @ Ivan
    Thanks for posting that. The following quote from the article you linked to is revealing:
    ‘There is strong evidence of a “growing religiosity”, with an increasing minority firmly rejecting western life and anything that they consider varies from traditional, almost hardline Islamic scripture, according to local elders.’
    The question surely has to be why? Here they are, enjoying all the benefits of western life, yet at the same time rejecting it. I know many people in the UK who moan endlessly about what a rubbish country this is and what a crap society we have created. To which I always reply, ‘So which other country in the world would you prefer to live in?’. Maybe they’d like to go and live in a city controlled by ISIS and see just how good that feels.

  6. RussellW says:

    Uddin was murdered because he practised ‘black magic’. So he was killed for nothing, absolutely nothing.
    So few of those Muslims who reject Western civilisation leave to join IS, they prefer the Kuffar hell and its materialism to the spiritual bliss of the Islamic state. They’re similar to Western Communists during the Cold War.

  7. RussellW says:


    The future looks like Syria.

  8. Broga says:

    ” with an increasing minority firmly rejecting western life ” except state benefits, housing, free NHS care, state funded education in Muslim schools and the free speech to condemn the suckers like me whose taxes pay for this.

  9. Brian Jordan says:

    From Ivan’s Grauniad link:
    “Community leaders in Rochdale say youngsters now cherrypick a narrative to suit their own agenda and even question the imam’s authority armed with information from the internet.”
    Maybe not entirely bad news, then. Some may be cherry-picking from here as we write.

  10. Jobrag says:

    According to the Muslim calendar we are in the year 1427 AH, in 1427 AD Christians were still burning witches, perhaps in 600 years time Muslims will look back at shit like this and say how could they be so barbaric.

  11. L.Long says:

    Worse than that Jobrag… In 600 yrs if lucky they will look back and say “boy they had real balls back then wish we had the power to do so again!!” Ya know like xtians in ‘merica envious of ISIS power. They may hide in LOVE and make believe they are nice but the book o;BS will not change so the underlying bigotry & hate is still there!

  12. Beta says:

    The tactic of the rancid islamist good for nothing guttersnipe shitehawk wasters. Muslims regard life as a worthless precursor to an infinite afterlife in paradise shagging a harem of doormat slave girls. So what to do in the meantime? Well, to get the necessary paradise entry points why not run around lawlessly, murder those who aren’t real muslims, create dissent and mayhem, fill the jails to bursting point and terrorise from within, extract the maximum of benefits from the kuffars whilst contributing nothing, make yourself a burden on society, whinge shriek whine and squeal about being disadvantaged and marginalised, work really hard at being disliked by the kuffars, groom gang rape and traffic kuffar girls, steal, deal in drugs and generally behave like a shit. That’s the model for many muslim youths.

  13. Trevor Blake says:

    Islam as practiced by majority and minority from founder to leaders to laity for over one thousand years = “extremism.” Because to admit the problem is Islam, not a distortion of Islam, would be running the risk of being called a ‘racist’ (what race is Islam again?) or an islamaphobe (a made up mental illness). And avoiding being called a bigot is worth the cost of all those lives, apparently.

    I’d rather be called a bigot and have less murders. So I speak plainly about Islam and all religions to show it can be done.

  14. Caute says:

    Islam … the shit stain in the underpants of the world.

  15. Tony says:

    So now this retard will enjoy 25 years of pool and table tennis in the company of his mates in the rapidly growing Islamic sections of our prisons, all funded by the naive kuffars who allow these barbarians into what used to be such a splendid country. When oh when will the penny drop?

  16. John says:

    And what is the government proposing to stem this kind of extremism?
    100 per cent religion-based admissions to all state-funded religious schools – that’s what.
    You could not make this kind of official idiocy up!
    We must vote-out these idiots as soon as we all can.

  17. Tony says:

    Blair was keen on faith schools because he is a religious idiot. The Tories are keen on them because they don’t want their white middle class kiddies mixed in with the brownies. Apartheid by another name. They cleverly justify this ruse by pointing out the good results their CofE schools are getting, not of course because of religion but because middle class kids with English as their first language are bound to do rather well. So the parallel societies will continue until it all goes up in smoke.