Islamic girls boarding school could be forced to close

Islamic girls boarding school could be forced to close

Aliyah Saleem, above, who was expelled from  the Jamia Al Hudaa girls’ school in Nottingham in 2006, says she believes that action taken against the school by education watchdog Ofsted does not go far enough.

The school, according to this report, has been instructed to close its boarding facilities after an Ofsted inspection found there was “inadequacies” in safeguarding the pupils, which included poorly trained staff and a culture of bullying.

Since 85 per cent of the school’s pupils are boarders, it will effectively be forced to close. Parents were given until today, October 18, to remove their daughters from the school.

Saleem, now 27, wrote in a blog post that she did not think the schools watchdog had done enough.

There is still much to be done in regards to this school and all independent schools which have the power to immensely limit the curriculum taught.

I believe that children who attend such schools deserve so much more from the government, and an apology would be a good place to start.

The management at this school are not only incompetent, but at times were utterly cruel when I was a student there. We are yet to understand the full scale of successive government’s failures to monitor independent schools rigorously.

Opened in 1996, Jamia Al Hudaa has around 200 boarders and is run on fundamentalist Deobandi lines. This year only 25 per cent of its pupils achieved five A*-C GCSE grades, compared to the national average of 53 per cent.

The school taught pupils that, according ro sharia laws, men could beat women and gay people should be killed.

Saleem was expelled after she was accused of “narcissism” for owning a disposable camera, and publicly humiliated as a part of her punishment.

Following her expulsion, Saleem spoke out about her treatment at the school, saying that pupils were taught no geography, history, art, sport or music, but were instead subject to extremist views.

Students were taught that the death sentence could be given to gay men and that Jews and Christians made Allah angry.

Speaking to The Times under a pseudonym in 2014, she spoke of how she was made to feel isolated and shut off from society – visits into town being banned unless it was to see a doctor or dentist.

She said she left school feeling anti-Semitic and unable to live within British society.

Saleem is an ex-Muslim atheist who left Islam at 19. She has since spoken about ex-Muslim issues as well as advocating for secular education. She is the co-founder of Faith to Faithless, an organisation that raises awareness of the discrimination and prejudiced faced by people who leave religion.

The Ofsted inspection confirmed the school does not promote “British values” and allows pupils to access controversial literature by authors who have been barred from entering the UK.

11 responses to “Islamic girls boarding school could be forced to close”

  1. Paul says:

    Why would we even consider an Islamic school would promote British values?

  2. Tom Petty says:

    Faith Schools – the only reason the pious and the fundamentalists crave access to children is to ensnare young minds for the proliferation their divisive, mind rotting, hateful, prejudicacial, retarding, stifling, dangerous, bigotted, antisocial dogmas.

    Religions would go extinct in a period of a few decades if the pious were prevented from filling the credulous minds of children with primitive barbaric beliefs. And islam is the worst of the bunch. Look at what is going on in the world and see the trouble that islam unleashes.

    Think of the time money and energy that would be available for worthwhile and necessary enterprises if religion did not encumber and beggar mankind. New medicines, new medical procedures, new diagnostic techniques, engineering projects to provide water and sanitation for all, new farming technologies for provision of food for all, environmental preservation, clean energy technology, presevation of endangered species, reversal of global warming and prevention of climate change, education for all, end of child labour, elimination diseases such as polio, ebola, malaria, dementia, cancer and the ability to swiftly develop treatments for emerging dangerous pandemics, infrastructure to diminish the impact of severe weather and natural forces … the list is endless … but mankind will not acheive very much more because religion is disrupting progress and impeding cooperation. Religion is a dangerous disruptive damaging parasite upon humanity.

  3. Robster says:

    Perhaps institutions labelled as “Islamic schools” should get the alarm bells ringing from now on. They should keep a close eye on the christian versions too, I’ve read, here I think, that lots of ’em are dodgy at best.

  4. andym says:

    What the hell have OFSTED being doing until now?

  5. Newspaniard says:

    This country needs more brave people like Aliyah Saleem. More power to her elbow, I say. Ofsted should check that the boarding school involved is now closed. Of course Ofsted won’t listen to me so I DO hope that the NSS is on the case.

  6. Broga says:

    I suspect OFSTED pick the easy targets. I was surprised when the nursery my grandchildren (both under 5) attended was accused of various inadequacies and handed a list of required changes. I thought the nursery which I have often visited and which I hear about from their parents was not just good but excellent. I thought the changes demanded were fanciful inventions.

    Of course, the nursery jumped to comply which is what would happen in an area served mainly by the white middle class. This is easy for OFSTED. No hassle from Islamists. My daughter-in-law’s comment summed up the situation, “I suppose this is how OFSTED justify their existence.

  7. AgentCormac says:

    There should be no such thing as ‘faith schools’ whatsoever. Yet our UK government seems intent on not only creating far more of them, but giving them absolute power to discriminate 100% along religious lines. You can help the BHA to oppose these moves here:

  8. Brian Jordan says:

    Newspaniard says:
    “This country needs more brave people like Aliyah Saleem.”
    Little chance, Newspaniard, when only 354 have dared to put their names to Maryan Namazi’s INTERNATIONAL petition calling on governments to stop persecuting people for leaving Islam.
    Sorry to harp on about this, but I’m appalled by the low aim of and poor response to this petition.
    Maybe Avaaz was the wrong vehicle for the petition, and perhaps it deserves the criticism of it as a leftist tool of Soros?

  9. Tom Petty says:

    Faith Schools – An Abomination … all of them.

  10. Trevor Blake says:

    The usual translation applies: “extremist views” means Islam as prscticed by the majority and minority of Muslims for nearly the entirety of its existence.

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