Mad monk who disrupted church services avoids jail

Mad monk who disrupted church services avoids jail

Brother Damon Kelly, above, a member of a bizarre Catholic cult known as the Black Hermits, was warned that he would be jailed if he ever repeated his compulsive threatening and abusive behaviour.

The warning, according to this report, came from Sheriff Thomas Ward who heard that Kelly barged his way into an Argyllshire church service screaming:

This is a synagogue of sin.

Dunoon Sheriff Court heard that the deranged Kelly charged into St John’s Presbyterian Church in Dunoon dressed in black robes shouting and ranting in front of shocked churchgoers. Hours later he forced his way into a nearby as Church of Scotland kirk in Kirn.

Kelly claimed he was “doing God’s work” by disrupting the Sunday prayers.

When he appeared in court yesterday charged with behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, the 54-year-old began arguing with Sheriff Ward – but was told to shut up.

The sheriff said:

This is not a conversation. I am speaking, and you have to listen. If you do this again and you cause this type of trouble again, no matter what your views, you will go to jail.

You can express your views any way you want so long as it is within the law.

Kelly interrupted again to say:

May I ask a question?

But Sheriff Ward replied:

I am not here to answer questions, that is not the way this works.

He ordered Kelly to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work within nine months.

Kelly is one of three Black Hermits based in Corby Northamptonshire. According to a Catholic Herald report in 2015, the Black Hermits were founded by Father Fr Stephen Joseph de Kerdrel, a former Capuchin novice-master in 1999 for young men seeking “a more primitive form of [religious] life”. The two Brothers were later joined by Sister Colette, a former A&E consultant surgeon.

The lunatic trio were based in St Patrick’s Church in the Diocese of Northampton but were evicted last year because of Kelly’s behaviour. Brother Kelly had been arrested ten times for  travelled around the country giving out leaflets condemning homosexuality and abortion.

Last year he appeared before magistrates in Leicester after rowing with a married lesbian couple as he distributed homophobic leaflets.

When the couple challenged him about their contents, he told them:

We used to burn people like you.

When they tried to return a leaflet to Kelly, he told them:

Keep it, urinate on it, defecate on it.

A fortnight later, he returned to their home and posted a letter addressed:

To the witches from the monk.

According to Father de Kerdrel, Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton, who invited the hermits to live at the presbytery in 2011, said they had been given their marching orders for bringing the diocese “into disrepute”.

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16 responses to “Mad monk who disrupted church services avoids jail”

  1. Broga says:

    I marvel at the kind of mental state this man, and others like him, are locked into. If I express an opinion and it is opposed with facts I hope I would stop and think and reassess. But Damon Kelly is so utterly convinced that he is right that he is not only immune to reason, and closed off from debate, that he will howl his opinions in public.

    Take away the spurious justification of religion and we see a clinical psychiatric condition.

  2. StephenJP says:

    Broga, I suppose you are right, and we should be full of compassion for this poor deluded fellow; but I have to say that my first reaction was to howl with laughter; and my second was to reflect just how little difference there is between his views and some of those in the Christian mainstream.

  3. remigius says:

    Brother Damon Kelly = Hellboy retard monk.

  4. Brian Jordan says:

    “the Black Hermits were founded by Father Fr Stephen Joseph de Kerdrel, a former Capuchin novice-master in 1999 for young men seeking “a more primitive form of [religious] life”
    I think he must have meant “less elaborate”, since you can’t get much more primitive than religion.

  5. says:

    Why is a gayter (gay hater) sheltering under a RAINBOW umbrella?

  6. Trevor Blake says:

    Exactly nothing this man does is not religious.

    Says something about religion, eh?

  7. Daz says:

    “Primitive” is religious code-speak for more self-conscious piety, more praying, more self-flagellation (either literal or metaphorical), fewer worldly goods and comforts, and often less—and worse—food. Importantly this must be extremely conspicuous, so you can lord it over the comfort-loving decadent society you pretend to be rejecting, whilst basking in the adulation of those who want to be just like you but need to do things like work for a living.

  8. Nutter Quick Response Team says:

    We are on are way … don’t approach him … he is a dangerous religious nutter …. the worst sort of nutter … NEEEE ….. NAAAAW…NEEEE …. NAAAAW

  9. Nutter Quick Response Team says:

    @Daz … Yeah it no use being a sanctimonious victim in private. The only way he can feed his gargantuan ego is to do the only thing he is good at, being “HUMBLE”, very ostentatiously.Make way … Make way … I am on an errand for god … Make way … Make way … Big ego coming through.

  10. AgentCormac says:

    While disagreeing with his religious reasons for interrupting church services, I have to say good on him. Why nonsense is spewed from pulpits up and down the land each week without a single word of challenge from anyone remains a mystery to me. Perhaps we should organise a ‘Sanity Sunday’ where on the appointed day non-believers everywhere turn up at their local church of choice and interrupt the sermon by demanding empirical evidence that anything about god is actually fact.

  11. Paul says:

    This is funny (in a way).
    A madman goes into a mad house and tells the other mad people they’re in the wrong Mad house.

  12. barriejohn says:

    I don’t know how old Sister Colette is , but how sad it would be if someone whose life could be of great benefit to other members of society was now engaged in these pointless “spiritual” activities. I always think, when people gush about all the wonderful “good works” performed by nuns etc, all over the world (some not so wonderful of course – ref. Mother Teresa), how much MORE good might have been done if the many millions who have been cloistered away over the centuries had been usefully engaged, rather than devoted to their “religious duties”. There’s not a scrap of evidence that prayer, for instance, which they hold in such high regard,has, objectively, ever changed anything.

  13. Derpitator says:

    Is there anything worse than this systemic group psychosis known as religion?
    All the world’s psychologists and psychiatrists have shown a criminal disregard that goes beyond the pale.
    These monks are just desperadoes who discovered how easy it is to use religion as a shield for criminal activities. Nothing new about that.

  14. Stephen Mynett says:

    Agreed Barriejohn, although unless she was able to kick her religious habit (pun intended) she is better away from a hospital. My general experience from many hospital stays over the years, especially in the 60s, 70s and 80s when the religious got away with a lot more, was that the more religious hospital staff were the less caring.
    Quite often asking for analgesics from a highly religious nurse was met with a sarcastic response of how “the lord” had suffered or, a personally hated saying, “there is always someone worse off than yourself.” Those who never mentioned religion, they may or may not have been religious, were generally the most helpful who dispensed whatever they could to try to help

  15. Nutter Quick Response Team says:

    Nice rainbow coloured brolly. Is he trying to tell us something?

  16. Ate Berga says:

    He is in the wrong playpen, must be a member of the sect named “White Louts”.