Sabbatarians scupper Sunday swimming on Isle of Lewis

Sabbatarians scupper Sunday swimming on Isle of Lewis

The National Secular Society is urging people to support a fundraising effort to open a swimming pool on Scotland’s Isle of Lewis on Sundays, which councillors are currently refusing to open on the Sabbath.

The NSS yesterday revealed that local campaigners have started a fundraising drive to open the Ionad Spòrs Leòdhaisa Sports Centre, and are halfway to reaching their target of £11,400 needed to fund a 12-month trial for Sunday opening.

The local council is refusing to open the pool on Sundays, citing cost reasons, but they have rejected cost-saving suggestions like closing the pool during little used hours in the week to allow it to be open for three or four hours on a Sunday.

The Council has faced numerous accusations of using the cost argument as a cover for religious objections to the pool opening on the Sabbath.

Families into Sports for Health (FiSH) said their survey showed 71 percent of the sports centre’s users were “supportive” of the proposal to open for some hours on Sundays.

In September Elma Macleod of FiSH said:

Overwhelming evidence from the users of ISL now shows a strong demand for seven day opening amongst the users of the facility.

Campaigners argue that religious considerations on the Council are overriding the wishes of local people and in October Councillor Neil Beaton urged his colleagues to distance themselves from a “stifling sanctimonious Sabbatarian shroud”.

Cllr Neil Beaton

Cllr Neil Beaton

Beaton wrote that “it was apparent from the e-mails and letters I received that preserving the Sabbath was the main objection” to Sunday opening, not the financial objections that were made.

Sadly there is a sanctimonious Sabbatarian shroud stifling parts of the Western Isles. This Council has to distance itself from these baleful influences and focus its attention on the wellbeing of its constituents.

He added:

In 1989 representatives of the council and clergy came to encourage us to reject the Sunday ferry service from Lochmaddy to the mainland. Thankfully for the good of the Uists they failed. It took another 20 years for Lewis to get their ferry, quite shameful.

The National Secular Society has urged its supporters to make a donation to ensure families on Lewis and Harris can go swimming on Sundays.

NSS spokesperson for Scotland, Alistair McBay, said:

If some fundamentalist Christians wish to observe the Sabbath then of course they can do so according to their custom and ritual, but to force everyone else who does not share their beliefs to observe it too is not acceptable.

The financial constraints advanced by the local council are simply a smokescreen for religious fundamentalism at work. The community on Lewis is not one homogenous group where everyone wants the same thing and lives by the same code, yet the Calvinist element on Lewis is determined to impose its unique brand of Christianity on everyone else and declare a part of the United Kingdom its own to govern according to its beliefs.

We appeal to the council and fair-minded Brits of every hue to support these parents in their bid to pursue a healthy lifestyle for their families.

There are less than two weeks left before the appeal expires, and FiSH need to raise £5,695. Click here to donate to the fundraising effort.

Hat tip: Robert Stovold and BarrieJohn

14 responses to “Sabbatarians scupper Sunday swimming on Isle of Lewis”

  1. Newspaniard says:

    1330 (UK) 3 Dec £6,296. Coming along nicely.

  2. Matthew Carr says:

    They should have offered to have a priest standing by so they could call it a baptism.

  3. barriejohn says:

    Hypocrites! The religious are only in favour of families spending time together when they are engaged in religious activities. It reminds me of the Christians whom I used to know who demanded that their children only do Bible quizzes or colour in Biblical scenes on a Sunday (Lot committing incest with his daughters perhaps?). They are beyond belief.

    (Note quote from woman by the name of Andrea Minichiello Williams. I think we might have heard of her before!)

  4. AgentCormac says:

    By refusing to represent the views of their constituents they are abusing the office to which they were elected and should be sacked forthwith.

  5. Alan Crowe says:

    Wee frees eh, bloody Scottish Taliban.
    Sunday isn’t even the ‘Sabbath’ Sunday is the first day of the week.
    The Jews and the JWs have it right, Saturday is the seventh day.

  6. Bill Bonk says:

    When I was a kid in the sixties sundays were a total bore. Nothing, absolutely nothing was open except the churches and sunday schools, nothing was going on. Sunday was a stultifyingly stupefying day for most people. How the pious love to rule the lives of other people. Well I say fuck them. Sweep their kind into extinction.

  7. barriejohn says:

    Alan Crowe: The JWs observe Sundays. It is the Seventh Day Adventists who keep the Sabbath (as God demanded)!

  8. barriejohn says:

    Re the Wee Frees; we discussed the following here some time back.

    What would Para Handy have said?

  9. tonye says:

    I’m actually in favour of Sunday closing, but not for some silly religious reason.

    I live in the city and miss having a ‘quiet day’. Even in the, slightly quieter, suburbs, it’s traffic and noise 24/7. I suppose it’s an age thing!

  10. L.Long says:

    So tonye, the silly religious reason reason is replaced with a different silly reason. Compared to normal city noise an enclosed pool is nothing.
    Again we see the fascist xtian taliban forcing all to live their way because the dimwitted moroons don’t know that the sabbath is saturday! Or since it is based on myth can be any day they wish. The terror of democracy or the fascism of the major voters.

  11. tonye says:

    I’m not in favour of the religious having their way, but I am in favour of quiet spots.

  12. Robster says:

    If they don’t want the boys and girls to swim on Sundays, there’s one easy answer, put a priest or other cleric type poolside, the mums and dads, being aware of the danger priests and the other variously flavoured clerics present to children would, we would hope, keep the kids away. Bit sad really, swimming is good exercise.