Pro-equality US retailers are ruining Xmas for Christians

Pro-equality US retailers are ruining Xmas for Christians

Another day, and another Moaning Minnie steps into the limelight to complain about Christian ‘persecution’ – this time in the form of gay-friendly retailers.

Meet Linda Harvey, above, founder of a nutty Christian outfit called Mission America who’s just written a piece for World Net Daily suggesting that godly Americans are fast running out of places in which to spend their hard-earned festive season dollars because the list of family-friendly, Christian-affirming retailers, restaurants and service providers is shrinking by the day.

Harvey told her readers that she stopped shopping at Macy’s in 2011 after learning about the retailer’s:

Grossly unjust policy against women. Macy’s management said ‘yes’ to a transsexual young man’s demand to change in the women’s dressing room and rejected a Christian employee’s attempt to block his inappropriate access, even firing her because of her principled actions.

And – gasp! – Macy’s star balloons are now a regular feature of most “gay pride” parades.

Then there’s Target. Where to start? Selling “gay pride” T-shirts a few years back was bad enough, but Target is now ‘proudly standing’ with homosexuals and cross-dressers who want to change America’s 1964 Civil Rights Act to add ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ through what pro-family colleague Peter LaBarbera is calling the ‘Criminalizing Christianity Act.’

Working her herself into a right old froth, she then moans that companies such as Amazon, General Mills, Google, Facebook, Paypal, Levi-Strauss and others have joined Target in supporting “anti-American, pro-deviance legislation”.

Which brings us to another recent traitor, Wal-Mart. This one-time reliable backer of Judeo-Christian standards has gone to the dark side in a big way. Wal-Mart put pressure on the governors of Arkansas and Indiana to oppose religious freedom bills. Why would Wal-Mart side with sexual anarchists against the First Amendment liberties of all Americans to oppose homosexual behavior?

But their unfaithfulness doesn’t end there. Wal-Mart is now a financial backer of deviant “gay pride” parades. What happened to this company? Do not shop there, people!

And if you’re thinking toys, avoid Mattel.

They just created ‘Moschino Barbie’ with an ad featuring a tragically feminised little boy who plays with Barbies, a wicked accommodation to the current gender-destructive culture.

And don’t get me started on the many in-your-face insults of JC Penney, like ads featuring homosexuals, even on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and choosing as a national spokesperson lesbian Ellen DeGeneres. Did they plan to be so purposely offensive? Seems to be the case.

WND helpfully provides a long list of America’s “gayest” companies that the True Believers™ should shun. It also serves as useful guide for non-bigots who want to spend their dosh in stores that value diversity and equality.

20 responses to “Pro-equality US retailers are ruining Xmas for Christians”

  1. Broga says:

    If Linda Harvey is trying to change that lot she is into King Canute territory. Although, to be fair to Canute he never expected to stop the tide but wanted to show his courtiers how ridiculous they were.

  2. AgentCormac says:

    The word ‘desperation’ springs effortlessly to mind. If I had some advice to give: go get yourself a life, Harvey.

  3. 1859 says:

    ‘Sexual anarchy’ and the ‘Dark Side’ – seems like chrimbo just got a whole lot more interesting.

    These types are on a par with those pathetic, tortured creatures who stand on street corners yelling doom and ‘repent thy sins!’ Ordinary people shrink away or see them as self-obsessed zealots. My hope is that the louder these rusty religious screwballs yell and scream the more their bizarre behaviour convinces people that being open-minded and tolerant is far, far more preferable.

  4. Angela_K says:

    The ire of this religious loony is evidence that more businesses and people are turning away from religious bigotry. Fruitcakes like Harvey are people out of time.

  5. Dusty says:

    She looks like she wears underwear with Dick holes in em.

  6. Robster says:

    Do the regular Christian types stand back when silly people like this “woman”vent their spleen on such absurd nonsense? Do they perhaps realise that people that share their belief system may be a sandwich short of a picnic? Do hope so.

  7. John says:

    There are legal regulations here over the use of words like UK or British or Britain.
    How is it possible for this idiot to call her group Mission America – unless the equivalent regulations do not exist in the US?
    I have to ask “Just how many Americans belong to Mission America?”

  8. Laura Roberts says:

    Wait, Mall*Wart and I are on the same side? If there were a hell, by now it would have ice skating rinks (which, really, is just another kind of hell as far as I’m concerned).

  9. barriejohn says:

    It must come as no surprise to frequenters of this blog that Fission America are particularly upset about…homosexuality. Oh yes, indeed they are. Just look at the twaddle that they come out with here:

    Every time I think of quitting this difficult battle, the Lord gently reminds me about the children.

    Thank heaven for that. And isn’t LBGT a type of sandwich? Must be another gay thing that I’ve never tried!

  10. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: “Outright pedophilia aside, there are still many opportunities for these deviant adults to interact with and negatively influence children.”

    I assume they are referring to RC priests.

  11. barriejohn says:

    Broga: No, the paedophilia refers to the Catholics priests. They’re not “deviant”!

  12. Paul says:

    So the christians hijack many different old world festivals and events and then mould them into their own fairy stories and then state that they are the truth about life as set out by gawd and his associates. And then in the modern world the whole event gets hijacked by commericialism and goes bonkers and then Christian’s demand that no one but they have the right to dictate what it should be like – and in so doing they reject the fact that not everyone agrees nor even accept that not everyone is the same – so they throw a tantrum. That’s the true ‘spirit of christmas’ right there then.

  13. dave says:

    “Macy’s management said ‘yes’ to a transsexual young man’s demand to change in the women’s dressing room and rejected a Christian employee’s attempt to block his inappropriate access, even firing her because of her principled actions.”

    Probably what really happened was:

    Macy’s management said ‘yes’ to a transsexual young man’s polite request to change in the women’s dressing room and rejected a Christian employee’s attempt to block his perfectly reasonable access, even firing her because she wouldn’t just shut the fuck up”.

  14. Lucy says:

    I had always avoided any Walmart affiliated shops, where possible, i.e ASDA, as they used to trumpet their xtian values. I am now more inclined to support them.

  15. barriejohn says:

    Not the only case:

    As the Houston Chronicle is reporting, an altercation erupted when store employee Natalie Johnson stopped a customer, whom she apparently described as a man in makeup and women’s clothing, from entering the ladies’ fitting room at the Macy’s outlet in the San Antonio Rivercenter.

    After officials ordered her to allow transgender customers to change in any dressing room they wished, Johnson reportedly said she could not allow a man to change in a women’s dressing room due to her religious beliefs before being terminated.

  16. barriejohn says:

    PS It’s good to see a bigoted employee being terminated. That’s the way to deal with the problem!

  17. L.Long says:

    Everyone is ruining xmas for xtians!!! But they forget it was xtians that turned their holey day into a buying free for all . Dickens even wrote that it was mostly a xtian day and no big deal for the rest of us! Then someone (most likely a Xtian) invented the evil elf Santa Claus!!! And then added capitalism (embraced by xtians) to the shopping craziness. So who attacked xmas?? You did, you Liars4jesus!!!

  18. Trevor Blake says:

    What a brave little soldier she is, defending Christians from making purchases at some retailers. Meanwhile the Christian population of Syria has dropped from 1,800,000 to 500,000 due to Muslim persecution. There is persecution of Christians in the world, but she ignores it to instead scold a few stores for how they advertise.

    That’s because Macy’s and Target and the rest won’t kill her and her family for her views. How much easier to ignore Christians being persecuted when you see what taking a stand would cost – then pretend taking a stand against some shops is an act of courage.

    Her priorities reveal her moral strength.

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