Spanish sex shop forced to remove display of holy dildos

Spanish sex shop forced to remove display of holy dildos

The shop – Non Sit Peccatum – in the town of Talavera de la Reina near Toledo removed the display after it received complaints from locals.

According to this report, a group calling themselves the Children of the Virgin Mary launched a boycott of the store.

Shop owner Héctor Valdivielso commissioned an artist to paint the figures of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus on ceramic dildos for a nativity scene with a difference.

At first, the display proved popular and people would pause outside to take photos.

But it wasn’t long before it started to draw negative attention and the owner was subjected to angry outbursts by offended Christians.

Valdivielso said on his Facebook page:

A man with his wife ordered me to remove the offending scene and said that if I didn’t he would remove it himself.

He added that he was subject to a barrage of insults and had to call the police.

Next the shop sign was vandalised with the word pecadores (sinners) and a crowd of around a dozen people gathered outside the shop to harangue customers.

Valdivielso said:

It was affecting my business. Who wants to come to a store like this to hear a sermon?

He reluctantly withdrew the window display and replaced it with a poster inviting passersby to vote on whether he should reinstate it.

FYI: If you hop across to Divine Interventions, you will find a variety of religiously-themed sex toys.

From left, the Mary dildo, the Baby Jesus butt plug and the Jesus Jackhammer

The description of the Mary dildo reads:

Hail Mary! Virgin Mary like most smart women knows there is a Second Coming. And a Third. And a Fourth. So give the Lucky Virgin what she wants! The Mother is … Superior.

The butt plug blurb reads:

When you woke up this morning you know that something was missin’ in your life. It wasn’t the new car, the new job, the boyfriend or the girlfriend. But now you know: it’s the Baby Jesus Butt Plug. Slap him on the dashboard. Use him as the ultimate pacifier or make Baby Jesus the centerpiece of your magnificent Dildo Creche.

And the one for Jesus reads:

Jesus was a carpenter, now he’s the powertool. He’s the baddest and the best in all of Nazareth.

The Jackhammer Jesus has just one safety rule: Feet first, feet first, not the head, ya fool.

10 responses to “Spanish sex shop forced to remove display of holy dildos”

  1. gedediah says:

    So the Children of the Virgin Mary wre regular customers before this incident?

  2. L.Long says:

    Again xtian fascism at its best! And since xtians are so numerous and easily offended, we all bow to their money power!!

  3. barriejohn says:

    “Holy Dildos, Batman!”

    @gedediah: It seems to have been a public display.

  4. Laura Roberts says:

    Still, have to say, had it been child-rapist Mo instead of Jesus, it would have been bombs instead of mere bombast, bullets instead of mere bullshit.

  5. Trevor Blake says:

    Laura is correct. Mocking Christianity is all good fun, but not risky like the slightest lack of abject quaking Terri (sorry, ‘respect’) for Islam.

    The sad part is Islam rightly inspires fear. And never respect.

  6. Laura Roberts says:

    However, an objective reading of the Koran/Quran will inspire full-on, doubled-over laughter. IMO it competes with the Book of Mormon and Dianetics as the silliest, most pretentious bits of drivel ever written.

  7. Paul says:

    With all due respect but the church has been fu****g over every one for the past two millennia, so what is the issue here about causing offence.

  8. John says:

    Is this part of the Rapture Movement?
    It goes to show that the British do not have a monopoly on a sense of humour!
    Could there be a market for them here in the UK?
    “Holy Dildos!” does sound like a line out of the Batman TV series of the 1960s.

  9. barriejohn says:

    According to Hemant, he has received “multiple death threats”. These appear to be on his Facebook page (so no surprises there then!).

  10. barriejohn says:

    John: More like the Rupture movement, I would say!