Orthodox Jews: girl risks being ‘ostracised’ for eating burgers

Orthodox Jews: girl risks being ‘ostracised’ for eating burgers

A court in London was told this week that a nine-year-old girl faces being ostracised by an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community after her mother allowed her to eat McDonald’s fast food and go to a mixed-sex gymnastics class.

According to the Telegraph, the girl’s father said that he feared his daughter would be shunned by relatives and friends.

Litigation began after the girl’s mother left her husband and moved away from an ultra-Orthodox sect in London after she became disillusioned and frustrated by the restrictions placed on her.

Sitting in the Family Court, Judge Laura Harris ruled that the girl should stay with her father but spend time with her mother.

But this did not satisfy the father who then complained about the lifestyle the girl led when with her mother, and objected to her being allowed to eat McDonald’s food and participate in a mixed-sex gymnastics.

He  also complained that his estranged wife had driven with the girl on the Sabbath, and had “dressed inappropriately” when picking the youngster up from her ultra-Orthodox Jewish school.

Detail of the case emerged in a ruling by Judge Harris, who did not identify the family involved.

She said the girl’s mom had promised not to allow her daughter to eat meat in future, but objected to her daughter being made to leave the gymnastics class.

Judge Harris ruled the woman should not be forced to remove the girl from the class.

The case was instigated by the father, who had hired a private investigator to follow his estranged wife.

The judge noted that the man had “repeatedly emphasised” his fear that the girl would be ostracised from her community, and said she was “very mindful” of that risk.

In November a ruling by another family court judge revealed that a Jewish man who left an ultra-orthodox community after splitting from his wife was accused of letting their two young children ride their bikes on the Sabbath and watch television.

The man’s estranged wife told Judge Judith Rowe of her concerns about what the children were allowed to do when they visited their father.

She said she was afraid of them being “exposed to an alien way of life” and of religious rules being broken.

The mother said the one of her children had been allowed to press a traffic light button on the Sabbath. The other had been “shown an electronic device”.

They had also had been allowed to eat non-kosher food, she said. The woman also accused her estranged husband of taking off his kippah on Sundays.

Judge Rowe said:

The whole family lived a Satmar ultra-Orthodox Jewish life until early 2013 when the father decided to leave the community …  this was a seismic event for the family.

28 responses to “Orthodox Jews: girl risks being ‘ostracised’ for eating burgers”

  1. Gary says:

    Primitive and Hateful.
    Who is at fault here – the ostracised or the shameful, bigotted, stupefied fundamentalist fools who choose to ostracise a young girl for doing normal everyday things.

    They make me sick.

    The girl would be better off with her mother than under the control of a sinister inward looking cult with very dubious values and rules.

  2. Angela_K says:

    Another example showing the toxic effect of religion. Weak, idiotic men, incapable of thinking for themselves, using their cult to control their offspring – especially girls.

  3. David Anderson says:

    Angela_K; Seems that the second case there is a weak, idiotic woman. Still does show the toxic effect of religion has on people and how they use it to control children.

  4. Trevor Blake says:

    If secular nations did an audit of the costs and benefits of traditional and isolated religious communities in their misses, I have a guess as to the results.

    What is to be done? Peaceable criticism and mockery of religion. No violence. Violence is their answer.

  5. Broga says:

    Religion is a major part of the tragedy we have wished upon ourselves. Our warped brain, of which we are so proud and because of which we feel so superior, is nature’s joke on humanity. Rulers of the planet and yet so miserable that we need to stupefy our brains with drugs to blunt the reality of life. We destroy without restraint an environment on which we depend for survival.

    The ultimate joke, allowing us to wreck whatever is in our power, is believing that despite being destructive pests we are beloved of the God who rules the cosmos who has given us the Earth. He has even given us a soul, denied to other creatures, and although we can never find it we are convinced it is there.

  6. L.Long says:

    The one really silly thing about the ortho-jew is that they are fanatics about their dimwitted rules but will use huge brain trick to defeat them!!! They actually believe their psychotic gawd is a simple minded idiot. Any one who thinks that that an omni-dude can’t tell the difference between a home wall and a string around the block, has a low opinion of their gawd. So it aint because of their gawd that they force women into these actions and ways. It is for the same reason all religious dimwits do this….they are telling us that as males they are failures of the 1st order!!!

  7. AgentCormac says:

    If the father wants to spend his life living in the Iron Age then good luck to him. But he should have no right whatsoever to inflict the backward values with which he himself has been inculcated on the rest of his family. Strangely, I actually feel as sorry for him as I do for those he has been trying to subjugate with his fuckwit religious beliefs.

  8. The only way to prove one’s worth as a free-thinking individual is to be ostracised by one’s community, and to be ostracised precisely because one is a free-thinking individual. All beliefs, whether religious or political, MUST be rejected and cast aside if one is to attain freedom of mind. Belief blinds the mind and warps reality. Other readers may perhaps disagree. I don’t care. Belief of any kind is deplorable and deeply creepy, and always gives me the willies. This alone, if nothing else, would be enough to make me reject it.

  9. John the Drunkard says:

    It may take them a while to grasp it, but being ostracized by THESE people isn’t a punishment, its a reward.

  10. Vanity Unfair says:

    [S]he was afraid of them being “exposed to an alien way of life”…

    This being a Family Court case there is probably no way we can find out, but I would love to know how (whether) the judge responded to that. Did the mother say it herself or did she persuade her lawyer to say it for her? If the latter, then what advice did the lawyer give? Again, we shall never know.

  11. 1859 says:

    The above orthodox rules are just a smidgen of what these fanatical believers must do so as not to do ‘work’ on the sabbath – two ludicrous example: on the day before the sabbath the toilet paper must be separated into individual sheets , because to tear off sheets on the sabbath is classed as ‘work’. Personally I would have thought it was also ‘work’ to wipe your arse with the paper, but I’m not sure if their holy book says anything about personal hygiene. The second example involves taping over light switches before the sabbath in case anyone does ‘work’ on the sabbath by turning on the light-switch.

    To me as an outsider it is a simple example of a whole community suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder). As an insider I guess it is their way of securing their holy and pure status in the eyes of their god. To any rational-minded person this behaviour is completely stupid but it does serve as a reminder – if any were needed – of just how close religious ideas are to abject insanity.

  12. John says:

    Kings in the past had royal arse wipers.
    Maybe the few who remain still do? I believe Charles – for example – has some royal servant to place tooth paste on to his tooth brush for him.
    This suggests a remedy for the problem of “working” by wiping one’s arse on Shabat – get a goy to do it for you!
    Could this be a whole new career field opening up for goys?

  13. andym says:

    Talking of weird isolationist cults, here’s another triumph for the faith school system.

    Aside from dodgy views, their idea of education is to sit children in individual booths with books, a certain Book being prominent , no doubt. They have no actual teachers.What the hell were Ofsted doing rating these hellholes good and outstanding in the first place?

  14. Broga says:

    @andym: I think it is a mistake to regard Ofsted as employing experts who can make objective, professional judgements. From my admittedly minimal experience of them they invent conclusions to attempt to show they know what they are doing. I wonder what criteria they apply.

    I have a grand-daughter who attended a nursery from which I sometimes collected her. Sometimes my wife, a retired GP, collected her. We both thought the nursery was excellent: clean, well staffed, providing frequent reports of each child and the activities they were involved in, well equipped, knowledgeable on the needs of the child and with suggestions as to what else might encourage the child’s development.

    We were astonished to hear that an Ofsted inspection had failed the nursery with comments we just did not recognise. Later they passed it. Our grand-daughter has now left for infants school.

    I think Ofsted needs, from time to time, to make a point to show they are doing something. Are they wary of offending the vociferous religious parents. Do they find professional, middle class ,compliant parents e.g. my son and his wife, easy targets?

    I’m just curious. I only have this one personal experience.

  15. Har Davids says:

    Imagine being the judge at this case, trying to keep a straight face when some moron complains about life in 2017, and the importance of having their children kept away from it as much as possible. Doesn’t their precious god have more urgent matters to look after?

  16. Brian Jordan says:

    Until recently, many fundamentalist schools were inspected by a self-appointed body, the “Bridge Schools Inspectorate” comprised of Christian and Muslim inspectors who made due allowance for religious nonsense. Since this was scrapped, perhaps OFSTED are breaking-in the schools gently.
    Let’s hope they eventually break them altogether and they are scrapped along with all other antediluvian “faith” schools.

  17. barriejohn says:

    Anyone concerned about the use of the Accelerated Christian Education programme, or other child indoctrination dressed up as education, could do worse than look at Jonny Scaramanga’s site. More information than you can shake a stick at!

  18. Paul says:

    I wonder too what the phrase ‘alien way of life’ means.
    Don’t these people live in Britain.

  19. tonye says:

    As we enter another year in the twenty first century there are still those who would happily have us all live in the stone age.

  20. Edwin Salter says:

    In both the cases mentioned it seems the child remains with the appalling fundamentalist and isolationist parent and only visits the more liberal parent who is sensibly adapted to the wider culture of this country. Why is this?

  21. andym says:

    I remember the 1989 Children’s Act specified that the child’s best interests would take precedence over all other concerns. The 2004 one seems to have overriding everything the right of religious nutcases to indoctrinate the children of their members, free of all such nasty encumbrances like mainstream society.

  22. John says:

    If their religion is perfect in every way, why do they find themselves having to go to a secular court to decide upon how their children should live?
    Hasn’t their non-existent god failed to provide sufficiently clear guidance for all time to them?
    Does this not open their eyes as to the flawed nature of the sect, cult and religion they are living within?
    Poor deluded people trying to enforce their own warped values on innocent, largely unprotected, children.
    What does that say about them and their religion?

  23. barriejohn says:

    Who would want anything to do with a religion that would ostracise their children over what type of food they had eaten?

  24. Cali Ron says:

    “She said she was afraid of them being “exposed to an alien way of life”…” I can’t think a more alien ways of life than being an ultra Orthodox Jew. Orthodox religions are proof that stupid people will continue to do stupid things for hundreds of years because someone before them did the same stupid things. Why do you do stupid things? Because my father did and his before him. I call it the “Circle of Stupid”.

  25. ray metcalfe says:

    Lets just ship these people of to some of the islands of the top of Scotland away from the influence of the 21 century they can then keep to there rules no undue influence from the modern world. I wonder how long before we get an sos

  26. John says:

    The problem with shipping them to a remote island in the outer Scottish Highlands is highlighted by the experience revealed in back in June 2016 when ‘The RNLI said the group had walked past nine signs warning them not to continue. ‘
    Why did they walk past the warning signs?
    Because they neither speak, read nor write English.
    They only know the Hebrew language.
    Bizarre – but true.
    That is why their “schooling” is utterly useless in today’s Britain.

  27. barriejohn says:

    John: Barry did cover that story.

    the hikers were ultra-Orthodox Jewish students who were taken to Dover by unqualified teachers working at:

    “An illegal faith school that the Government has known about for five years but has failed to shut down.”

    I bet they all thought that it demonstrated just how well their god was looking after his followers!

  28. John says:

    The behaviour of the pupils, staff and spokesperson at Ahvas Yisroel community centre in Stamford Hill suggest they have learned nothing from the experience.
    That is the effect of the so-called “education” given at these yeshivas – utterly useless for anyone living in the modern world.
    Most are only fit to continue living inside the same old community cult for the rest of their lives.
    Tragic – but true!