Italian priest is accused of staging church rectory orgies

Italian priest is accused of staging church rectory orgies

Father Andrea Contin, above, a parish priest in the northern city of Padua in Veneto, is under police investigation following accusations that he organised orgies in his rectory and pimped out up to 15 of his lovers.

According to this report, he is being investigated for of living off “immoral earnings and psychological violence”.

A variety of sex toys and videos, purportedly showing orgies taking place on the San Lazzaro church premises, were seized after complaints from three female parishioners.

The 48-year-old also allegedly concealed pornographic home videos in covers bearing the names of various popes.

He is accused of farming out some of his lovers to men on wife-swapping websites.

The priest also allegedly took his female friends for stays at a naturist and swingers resort in Cap d’Agde on the southern French coast.

Complaints were reportedly first made to the local bishop last summer but church authorities did not involve the police, saying they had not yet completed their own investigation.

One 49-year-old church volunteer, who says she had an affair with Father Contin and had sex with him in the rectory, told Il Mattino di Padova:

There were a lot of women hovering around him. I didn’t understand that at first, only later.

The same news website reported that Father Contin was on holiday in Croatia, where his family visit yearly.

Contin has not been arrested but a prosecutor is investigating the allegations.

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22 responses to “Italian priest is accused of staging church rectory orgies”

  1. Broga says:

    In the context of much priestly activity this isn’t too bad, is it? No small boys.

    By normal standards this behaviour would be shocking. But we are not talking about conventional behaviour but that of a priest.

  2. sailor1031 says:

    No doubt Father Contin will be defrocked and summarily excommunicated for this terrible violation of his vow of chastity. Sex with women? Disgusting.

  3. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    @sailor1031; yeah, he should have stuck to raping kids, the rcc is fine with that.

  4. Trevor Blake says:

    There is a possibility that this time – this time – accusations against clergy will turn out to be false. I suppose that could happen. In theory.

  5. tonye says:

    Finally, a church getting used for something fun!!

    I don’t think the curia will be amused at him having sex with consenting adults though…………

  6. Laura Roberts says:

    ” living off immoral earnings and psychological violence”.

    Sounds like the short definition of “priest” to me. See also “pastor”, “minister”, “imam”, “rector”, “cleric”…

  7. L.Long says:

    And this is news? Haven’t any of these people studied church history? Midevil ages…common!

  8. Newspaniard says:

    I can think of no better use for a rectory. As for the 48 year old woman who reported him, I can only guess at her value as a tart given all the younger competition. Old age can make you bitter and envious. Me, I’m 73 and envious as hell of anyone 50 years younger than me but I can’t remember why.

  9. RussellW says:

    Of course sleaze is a long practised tradition in the Church, the Popes often set the example for all the clergy to follow.


    I’m nearly 71 and I don’t care any more, although I like window shopping.

  10. barriejohn says:

    RussellW: I’m seventy, but as I keep telling those infuriating cold callers, we have adequate double glazing, guttering, etc, and don’t need a new conservatory or driveway, or any trees chopped down. I appreciate their neighbourly concern, however.

  11. Stephen Mynett says:

    If I have the time the scammers pretending to be from Microsoft can be fun if the are trying to get remote access to your computer. They completely fail to get me to connect to them and it is usually 10 to 15 minutes before they think to ask which version of Windows I am using. When I reply I am a Linux user they either get abusive or ask what Linux is.

    Fairly childish but at least they are not scamming someone else while i am wasting their time

  12. barriejohn says:

    Here’s another one:

    Shades of Ted Haggard, and I was delighted to read on RationalWiki that there is now a recognized Haggard’s Law (“despite him not being gay in any way, shape or form”):

    The louder and more frequent one’s objections to homosexuality are, the more likely one is to be a homosexual.

    Like a long list of others (Jimmy Swaggart: “I have sinned!”, and Jim Bakker, still “ministering”), they have no shame.

  13. RussellW says:


    Here in Oz there’s a ‘Do not call registry’ which. so far, seems to be effective. However it doesn’t include calls from politicians and charities, which are just as annoying.
    So far, there’s no effective defence against door-knocking religiots. John Safron, one of our comedians, became so annoyed by Mormon door-knockers that he went to Salt Lake City and evangelised for atheism by door-knocking Mormons. Naturally they did not like it at all.

  14. barriejohn says:

    It was just a little joke about “window shopping”. I remember a prominent Brethren preacher who used to broadcast most dramatically the way that he had to “avert his gaze” while walking through Soho. It never seemed to occur to him to take an alternative route!

  15. barriejohn says:

    PS I’ve heard some Brethren preachers declaiming the “evils” of window shopping (covetousness, etc). Imagine my surprise coming across one of the most vociferous one evening, with his wife, in Swindon town centre…window shopping. There was no other way to describe what they were doing, and it was evidently a favourite pastime of theirs (no kidding)!

  16. RussellW says:


    Yes, I know. My ‘window shopping’ has a sexual connotation, at my age it’s as far as it goes.
    Couldn’t help running off on a tangent. One of my acquaintances is a JW and apparently considers himself God’s gift to women half his age.We can consider the correlation between Christian cults and sleaze, it’s rather high.Where do they get the energy?

  17. Cali Ron says:

    Stephen Mynett: When I get marketing calls I like to say, “hang on just a second while I (insert something banal like turn off the stove)” and then I just put the phone down and wait to see how long it takes them to realize I’m not coming back. Childish maybe, but rather amusing thinking of them wasting time.

    When I was a young long haired buck (having recently left the church I still had a lot of anger issues with religion) my friend down the street would alert me whenever the Jeho witnesses or Morons were coming. I’d take off my shirt, put on my baphomet medallion and get out a 10 inch skinning knife I have and answer the door cleaning my nails with the knife. I would invite them in to talk about Satan, my lord and not one of them ever took me up on the offer. Again, childish, but a good laugh.

  18. He’s not much to look at, this priapic prelate, is he? Far better to offer one’s rectum to the Devil than to endure the utter horror of being prodded, probed and penetrated by Father Andrea Cuntin! I do hope none of his parishioners give birth to incubi, or succubi, or end up being buried in Y-shaped coffins. Can no one rid us of this pernicious predatory priest?

  19. Robster says:

    Seems Father Contin like to get inue with the ladies, continually.

  20. John says:

    According to a 2001 survey, 90 per cent of Croatians identify with the Catholic Church so maybe Mr Contin will just stay on there indefinitely rather than return home?

  21. 1859 says:

    I always wondered how the rcc defined ‘celibacy’ – now it’s clear!