Shiva party poster censored in the wake of Hindu fury

Shiva party poster censored in the wake of Hindu fury

A grovelling apology has been issued to the Hindus in the UK after outrage was expressed over a poster advertising a Bollywood event in Manchester.

The poster,  for a party in February called “Bollywood themed chaos” at the Albert Hall, Manchester, shows the Indian god Shiva smoking and drinking.

The Albert Hall in Manchester has apologised for any offence caused and the picture has now been cropped and only displays the title of the night.

Hiten Mistry, the president of the Kings College London Hindu Society, told student newspaper The Tab:

The Elrow Bollywood picture is disrespectful and insulting to many, including the Hindu community. Shiva is one the principal deities of Hinduism and Elrow has depicted Shiva in an unacceptable manner with a party mask and cigarette.

Also, to use something that many people consider sacred for an event like this is inappropriate. In addition to this, Bollywood and Hinduism are two different things.

The Warehouse Project, The Albert Hall, Elrow and all other stakeholders should publicly apologise for this and should be more culturally aware. This depiction has damaged the brand of The Warehouse Project, The Albert Hall and Elrow. Members of the Hindu and non-Hindu community are angry about this.

Warehouse Project, which runs themed parties at the Manchester Albert Hall have also released an official statement apologising for any offence caused and Elrow, the Spanish company which is organising the event, has responded with an apology as well.

A spokesman for the club said:

We would like to apologise to anyone offended by the Elrow Bollywood artwork released yesterday. We have taken onboard the feedback and changed the Bollywood artwork across the board.

Carys Williams wrote on Twitter:

Just put my @elrow_ t shirt in the bin after that Bollywood poster sham. The ignorance and disrespect is beyond belief.

And Paula Pomroy said:

Elrow going to have a nightmare over their Bollywood event picture. I don’t follow any religion but if I did I would have been offended too.

Shiva – a supreme being in Hinduism – is believed to hold the power to create and transform the universe. He was depicted with a chicken beak with a cigarette hanging out his mouth.

The deity is also shown holding a mobile phone with an open Champagne bottle with “elrow” written across the top plus an inflatable hammer.

He is also surrounded by other images of a flamingo, an oil lamp and a tiger with a eye patch.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

27 responses to “Shiva party poster censored in the wake of Hindu fury”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    ‘Members of the Hindu and non-Hindu community are angry about this.’

    As ever, the not-so-subtle inference that violence could be the consequence of perceived offence is the first resort of our religious friends. How they love playing that particular card!

  2. L.Long says:

    L.Long Says….The ignorance and disrespect is (beyond belief) not going far enough to show how silly hindodo really is! No DOGMA deserves respect and should be ridiculed . And notice how those groups that don’t care about ridicule or are not dogmatic, don’t get much ridicule?

  3. John, Dent-Smith says:

    People condoning this poster are using the old mantra of all religion being cultist &ignorant.Though not strong on religious support myself,I still find this attitude,ignorant & disrespectful no matter which beliefs people hold.Hinduism is as valid a belief system as any other & has multi millions of believers.The religion of most ,I say most,but not all,religions do not traditionally or purposely advocate violence to other religious groups other than in response to attacks on their God or Gods.
    Why these so called enlightened non believers in anything but their own selfish desires can’t do what the advocate ,& live &let live

  4. Newspaniard says:

    It was supposed to advertise a FUN event. I say BOLLOCKS to the people of permanent offence who wish to spoil other peoples’ enjoyment. They are probably the same people who get offended at the word “terrorism” when connected with the religion and motives of the perpetrators. It is likely that not a single Hindu, other than the professional complainers and people looking for “compensation”, was remotely offended by this poster. Don’t tar Hindus with the same brush that death cultists deserve.

  5. Broga says:

    John Dent-Smith: “Why these so called enlightened non believers in anything but their own selfish desires can’t do what the advocate ,& live &let live.”

    I wonder where you came up with the view that non believers don’t believe in anything but our “own selfish desires.” Bit sweeping isn’t it? How do you know what we believe in? You don’t come across as an exemplar of tolerance yourself and a bit preachy about your own virtues.

  6. barriejohn says:

    I agree with John Dent-Smith.

    Hinduism is as valid a belief system as any other…

    Exactly; pure make-believe, so not deserving of any “respect” whatsoever.

  7. barriejohn says:

    Newspaniard: There are, regrettably, many Hindus who support violence, and their own scriptures, like certain others that one could mention, contain both passages that encourage violence and others that condemn it (take your pick). We have remarked in previous threads on this site how depressing this fact is, though it is not a new thing, and the violence perpetrated upon the partition of India was by no means one-sided (though other factors than religion were undoubtedly involved).

  8. Peter Sykes says:

    John, Dent-Smith:
    “Hinduism is as valid a belief system as any other & has multi millions of believers.”
    What if it had only one believer, would it now be ok to mock it?
    If it had zero believers?
    Are you saying the degree to which one mocks a religion is inversely related to the number of believers?

  9. Brian Jordan says:

    I think they’re getting their knickers in a twist unnecessarily: that’s not Shiva, it’s an Aztec god sitting on a tiger skin,
    Best to beware, though: if the party theme is Aztecs go to Bollywood, be careful to ensure that your heart stays firmly within your body.

  10. Smokey says:

    Another day, another thin-skinned and butthurt religion bleating about “respect”. And everyone bends over forwards in apologetic submission, all lubed up.

    I thoroughly condone and support this poster. Because if I didn’t, I’d be supporting censorship. Free speech is not about protecting our sensibilities.

    Since they are so overly sensitive about this thing, maybe it’s time to subject them to some heavy-duty desensitization training? Put that poster up everywhere. Remind them that offence is taken, not given.

    You want respect? Stop behaving like a bunch of spoiled little shits.

  11. Gary says:

    It seems fahionable these days for the pious to rant, scream, shriek, kick and wail about any imagined offense that they can work themselves into a frenzy about as if they are trying to outdo each other for attention like petulant spoiled brats.

    And if they enjoy ranting and screaming then why is it I never see their condemnation and outrage when one of their cult unleashes an AK47 into a nightclub on new years eve or drives a hijacked truck into a christmas market. In those cases the silence is deafening.

    Frankly I am tired of it this bigotry.

    I am offended by things too but I don’t make a big deal about it. Maybe I should so lets see what I don’t like.

    I don’t like:-
    Ritual slaughter of animals.
    Female genital mutilation
    Murder of old women accused of witchcraft
    Murder of albinos
    Inner city ghettoisation
    Enormous crucifixes with an executed jew outside churches
    The wooden crucifix screwed to the front wall of my local primary school overlooking the village green
    The arrogance of clergy who expect deference and doffed caps
    Catholic prevention of condom use in aids ridden africa
    Mobs of muslim men groping women in the street
    Grooming of vulnerable kuffar white girls by gangs of muslim men for their sexual gratification.
    Trafficking of such girls for sex by muslim men
    Criminalisation of homosexuals
    Catholic priests raping children
    Faith schools
    Creationists undermining evolution
    Protection of catholic priests from the force of the law.
    Bishops in the House of Lords
    Undermining of the American Constitution by the pious who are trying to dismantle Separation of State and Church.
    African evangelists exploiting uneducated impoverished people.
    Tax free status of religions
    State sponsored CoE
    The chancel tax.
    Thought for the Day
    Murder of aid workers
    Muslim resistance to polio eradication
    The sheltering of Osama Bin Laden by Pakistan
    People praying instead of getting off their arses and doing something constructive.
    Immolation of captured pilots
    Murderous raids on the offices of satirical magazines.
    The organised attack on free speech.
    Undermining of democracy by the pious
    High ranking clerics wearing ridiculously opulent fancy dress
    Cricifices as jewellery
    The act of canibalism enshired in the communion.
    That the pious think a few sinister mumblings can convert wine and crackers into the blood and body of a dead jew.
    Throwing of homosexuals off high buildings
    Flying plane loads of innocent people into tall buildings.
    Proxy wars fought between Shites and Shias
    Jews building illegally on land that is not theirs.
    Indoctrination of children by lying sinister priests
    The ownership of womens bodies and rights by pious
    The muslim backlash oop north over a gun toting flashy car show off wide boy criminal thug is shot by the police who are doing their job upholding the law.
    Religious Mob rule.
    Religious kangaroo courts and self appointed executioners.
    Stoning of raped women
    Nativity plays
    The pious using the misfortune of others a fodder for church services and agrandisment of their god.
    Bibles in hotel rooms
    That we allow Sharia courts
    Premeditated execution of a shopkeeper for saying happy easter to his customers
    The murder of a muslim by another muslim for the offence of being the wrong kind of muslim.

    Need I go on. I could extend this list much more if I had the time.

    So I say fuck off to all those petty busybody stupefied overblown fuckwit shitehawks who think their particular brand of primitive retarded godly dogma is deserving of protection and apology from ridicule mockery disdain and criticism.

  12. Gary says:

    Oh … and the notion of BLASPHEMY

  13. Gary says:

    And Catholic Relics such as ampules of congealed saintly blood on the end of an gold stick.

  14. Gary says:

    That my village vicar, a sensible women in many respects, has the gall to argue with me that the soul is a real entity.

  15. AgentCormac says:

    @ Gary
    The brainwashing and sectarianising of children in places that are supposed to be for education and enlightenment?

  16. Gary says:

    @Agent C
    Yes faith schools … paid for by my tax dollar.

  17. Gary says:

    And Andrew McIntosh … creationist zealot.

  18. chrsbol says:

    @Brian Jordan.
    Very funny.

  19. Paul says:

    We clearly have a blasphemy law in Britain now.
    Who says that that is Shiva – if it is it is a man made image as shiva was supposed to be one of the holy trinity of gawds (oh that’s interesting) and according to Wiki “at the highest level, Shiva is regarded as formless, limitless, transcendent and unchanging absolute”.
    So who knows and how and therefore how is it offensive ?

  20. I thought the bottle, despite its green hue, was meant to represent Lord Shiva’s erect todger. Yes, I know it’s a bit on the large side, but one could hardly expect to see a shrivelled Shiva, now could one? May I also recommend that if more of these posters are printed in future, the green bottle be coloured flamingo-pink so as to add a dash of realism to the entrancing, dreamlike portrayal of Lord Shiva; and the Chicken Mask be replaced by one depicting Donald Duck. Erm….what’s up, Doc?

  21. Broga says:

    @Gary: Great list and by no means comprehensive. I have stopped listening to “Thought for the Day” with its dreary and convoluted attempts to bring in a religious reference. I was faced either with stopping or being sued for divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty.

    My wife, an atheist, said “your endless whinging about TFTD, is more painful to me than listening to it. If it irritates you so much why don’t you stop listening?”

    Can anyone explain why I, and others, are drawn to listening to such nonsense?

    Has it improved over the last six months?

  22. Stan says:

    TFTD sets me up for the day. I feel so superior to the pious, am very amused at their stupidity, and confident that the god slot damages the credibility of religious belief so much and reveals the idiocies of the pious so effectively that the whole edifice of religious belief is being fatally undermined with every uttered platitude.

  23. Stan says:

    This is what critical listeners think of BBC R4 TFTD

  24. barriejohn says:

    Stan: Peter Hearty used to produce a spoof TFTD every day, but no longer does that, sad to say. It’s well worth looking back at his earlier posts, it really is, because the world is full of interesting things, and as I was saying to my friends only the other day, in a very real and meaningful way… (oh,blast, too much TFTD!).

    (He also posted the BBC obituary for Lionel Blue, and a link to his last TFTD. As I said here at the time of his death, we all had a soft spot for Lionel Blue!)

  25. 1859 says:

    ‘Shiva – a supreme being in Hinduism – is believed to hold the power to create and transform the universe.’ Errrrr… just like my dog when it shits in the house – the stench is so unbearable I have to open all the windows – it truly transforms my universe.

  26. RussellW says:

    I’d be very interested in hearing from the author of the poster. In today’s hyper PC environment it’s surprising that anyone would be so ‘insensitive’ to the feelings of the ‘offended’and not anticipate howls of protest.

    Btw, all regions are ridiculous, some more than others.

  27. Dionigi says:

    Give Gary an award and put him up for high office