Australian group need cash to fight halal food legal case

Australian group need cash to fight halal food legal case

A while back, the man pictured above, Mohamed El-Mouelhy, initiated court proceedings against members of an Australian group that suggested that money raised by his halal certification of food products was being channeled to terrorists groups, and that his business was ‘corrupt’.

El-Mouelhy’s case, due to be heard later this year, alleges defamation by what appears to be a right wing Christian outfit, the Q Society and four of its members – including Debbie Robinson, its President,  and Kirralie Smith, presenter of two videos which apparently defamed El-Mouelhy, who is sole director of a private company called Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd.

So on Thursday, February 9 in Sydney and on Friday, February 10 in Melbourne fundraisers will be held to raise cash to fight El-Mouelhy’s case.

The Q Society say here:

Join Kirralie Smith, Debbie Robinson and fellow freedom fighters for an evening of good food, good company and free expression of opinions.

And it goes without saying there won’t be a morsel of halal food served.

El-Mouelhy wants to see halal certification extended to a wide range of premises in Australia, and believes that by 2050 the country will be one day become fully Islamised. A (since deleted) Facebook post of his sets out his vision. And why wouldn’t he want to see halal certification extended? His operation is made him a very rich man.

According to this report by Larry Pickering:

In Australia over 500 companies are now paying insidious halal certification fees.

Of the products we now buy at the supermarket checkouts in Australia, 80 per cent are halal certified with the costs passed on to the consumer. Countless restaurants, cafes, takeaway food outlets and fast food chains have been caught up in the con.

Some food producers say they absorb these costs but it defies logic to believe that millions of dollars is not regarded as a cost.

But who, exactly, is Kirralie Smith? According to a profile today in The Courier,  she’s a campaigner who regards Islam as an ideology of violence, intolerance and sexism.

Smith received relatively little attention during the last federal election as a NSW Senate candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance, the political offshoot of the Q Society, which describes itself as:

Australia’s leading Islam-critical movement.

Its website says:

Q Society supports an integrated multi-ethnic Australia and rejects racism, which the Oxford dictionary defines as: ‘Belief in the superiority of a particular race.’ Since Islam is not a race or ethnicity, being critical of Islam is not racist.

But she is likely to receive far more press in the coming weeks as the co-defendant in the defamation action being brought by the El-Mouelhy, who was the subject of a critical video produced by the Q Society and presented by Smith.

In 2009 Smith’s husband took her to a talk being given by Mark Durie, an Anglican vicar. During that lecture Durie expressed concern about buying certain supermarket products because they had been certified as halal.

Smith was intrigued and began her own investigations on the Internet, learning that many brands are halal-certified, and that a portion of the fees paid for such certification is donated to Muslim charities. In other countries, Smith contends, those charities have directed funds towards groups with terrorist links. Her online investigation became a website, Halal Choices.

Australian Liberty Alliance member Kirralee Smith. Photo: Darbs Darby (Andrew Darby)

Smith says she does not believe there is an imminent threat of Australia adopting sharia law, but is concerned about what she calls:

Creeping sharia. We are being encouraged very strongly to tolerate sharia finance, halal certification, the hijab. Sharia is definitely present in Australia … I believe there are honour killings and it is all reported under domestic violence or another name.

But Smith’s concerns are broader than creeping sharia. During the US election she was horrified by Hillary Clinton’s support for abortion rights. She opposes political correctness, “safe schools” and big government regulations imposed upon farmers by distant bureaucrats.

I pretty much oppose everything the Greens stand for.

This broader political outlook, and Smith’s articulate direct manner, has led some observers to speculate that she is a potential leader for a new conservative movement, one energised by the international populist surge.

9 responses to “Australian group need cash to fight halal food legal case”

  1. Trevor Blake says:

    “A campaigner who regards Islam as an ideology of violence, intolerance and sexism.”

    Well… yes? Kind of like being a campaigner who regards water as wet.

  2. John says:

    I wouldn’t give this weird bunch a plug nickel.
    However, Australian secularists could organise a boycott of companies distributing halal products, could they not?
    They don’t have to say anything about Mohamed El-Mouelhy or his business interests.

  3. Bubblecar says:

    “A campaigner who regards Islam as an ideology of violence, intolerance and sexism.”

    And who is herself a campaigner against women’s rights, gay rights and liberalism in general.

    I’m afraid this is very much a tussle between Christian nutcases and Islamist nutcases.

    Personally I avoid buying foods with “halal” symbols, because I don’t believe the food industry should be pandering to such superstitions.

    But I’d be quite happy to see both the Q Society and El-Mouelhy’s “certification” racket bankrupt each other in the courts.

  4. Bubblecar says:

    From that Q Society link:

    “In Sydney you’ll meet Angry Anderson, Ross Cameron, Larry Pickering and Gabrielle Lord, while in Melbourne we are joined by Senator Cory Bernardi, Dr Mark Durie and George Christensen MP. More special guests to be announced. This is an excellent opportunity to mingle with outspoken advocates for Liberty and Western values and show your support for this important cause.”

    I hope The Freethinker isn’t under the illusion that this is a crowd of nice secular liberals. Most are right-wing ratbags who are themselves enemies of “Liberty and Western values”, with Bernardi and Christensen (both rabid religionists) playing the role of “Homophobes-in-Chief” in the Australian Upper House.

    Ross Cameron is a right-wing politician and Christian nutjob associated with the secretive US evangelical organisation The Fellowship/The Family.

    Durie is an Anglican pastor and an apologist for Biblical violence (Violence in the Bible—How Should We Respond? –

    Larry Pickering is a cartoonist known for his racist and sexist “humour”.

    Angry Anderson is a little old duffer who used to be in a rock band, and a former National Party candidate whose politics are all over the shop.

  5. barriejohn says:

    “Liberty Alliance” – I have a bad case of deja vu. Why didn’t these people stick to the facts when opposing El-Mouelhy’s shenanigans? By muddying the waters with spurious allegations they have weakened their case immeasurably.

  6. L.Long says:

    When there are enough racist, sexist, bigoted isLameic people around to get business to pay to become halal, then watch out the isLameic creep is becoming a push, and as seen other places, soon a raging river of stoopid violence! But then again there is no real differences between the fascist isLame and the fascist xtian far right backing the rePUKEian trumpkin.

  7. Newspaniard says:

    I have read somewhere that companies who refuse to pay this kind of jysia (can’t remember correct spelling, but it means “protection money paid by infidels to islamofascists like ISIS). This does not only apply to small companies and those who refuse to pay suffer boycotts, heavy handed threats and accusations of islamophobia (whatever that terrorist invented word means). Australia appears to becoming more and more difficult for food producers. Away from Australia, I have read that all New Zealand lamb is now halal. I can’t believe that animal rights organizations can approve of this cruelty on such a large scale to feed such a small minority. Ho Hum.

  8. Bubblecar says:

    Barriejohn: They don’t stick to the facts because they are themselves a bunch of Trump-loving right-wing Christian culture warriors at war with the Enlightenment.

    The main reason they hate the Islamists is because they’re jealous of their success at imposing theocratic dictatorships.

    It’s very important for secularists to distinguish between rational, liberal opposition to Islam, and those exploiting the fear of Islam in hope of a revival of its oppressive Christian equivalent.

  9. John the Drunkard says:

    Are they organizing a matching campaign against Kosher labeling?

    There IS a concern about ‘charities.’ ‘Alms’ are one of the pillars of Islam, but they can take the form of extorted funds for jihadis etc.