Muslims voters told to support Labour or risk Allah’s wrath

Muslims voters told to support Labour or risk Allah’s wrath

Muslim voters in Stoke-on-Trent have been urged to vote Labour in an upcoming byelection in order to keep out Ukip’s Paul Nuttall, above, the party’s new leader.

According to The Guardian, the Lib Dems alerted the police after messages sent to some Muslim voters in Stoke-on-Trent suggested they could go to hell if they failed to vote Labour.

The anonymous message, distributed locally to some in the Muslim community by text and Whatsapp, called for people to vote Labour so as not to help “enemies of Islam”.

It said voting for the Lib Dem candidate, Dr Zulfiqar Ali, a Muslim, could help “far-right, anti-Muslim, anti-Islamic Ukip party” take the seat, which is being contested in a byelection triggered by the resignation of Labour MP Tristram Hunt.

It is not known how many people received the message, but the Lib Dems claimed it had been “distributed in large numbers” in support of the Labour candidate, Gareth Snell.

The Lib Dems demanded an apology from Labour on Thursday in a letter to the party’s election agent, copying in the police and Stoke returning officer.

Ian Horner, the Lib Dem election agent, wrote:

I am sure that you realise that the religious nature of one of these messages could also be deemed to be covered by the ruling on ‘undue spiritual influence’ in the matter of a mayoral election for the London borough of Tower Hamlets held on 22 May 2014, when the Labour party were the victims of such tactics.

The party also called on Labour to condemn:

The campaign of misinformation and intimidation currently under way in their name in Stoke-on-Trent.

Labour has said it has no idea who sent the messages. A campaign spokesperson said:

We were not aware of these text messages and we don’t condone the content. The campaign did not sanction the sending of these messages.

The contest is a bitter battle between Labour and Ukip. Nuttall was an early favourite to win but his chances have been dented by questions over his residency in the seat, his failure to name all six pottery towns and after he was forced to admit that claims on his website about losing close friends in the Hillsborough disaster were false.

Snell’s candidacy has also proved controversial after he was forced to apologise for making offensive remarks about women on ITV’s Loose Women. He also backed “remain” in the referendum and suggested Brexit was a “massive pile of shit”, despite Stoke having strongly voted to leave the EU last June.

The message sent to Muslim voters asked “Will you be able to answer for this in the Grave and on the Final Day???” if Nuttall were to win the byelection.

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17 responses to “Muslims voters told to support Labour or risk Allah’s wrath”

  1. L.Long says:

    Well, the muslins believe the BS put out by their leaders then they had better do so. For any x-muslins, try thinking about your decisions and doing what is best!

  2. AgentCormac says:

    Comedian Stewart Lee on Paul Nuttall. Absolutely brilliant!

  3. Trevor Blake says:

    Just keep saying “far-right, anti-Islamic, far-right, anti-Islamic, far-right, anti-Islamic, far-right, anti-Islamic” and you’ll forget that Islam is about as far right as exists on planet Earth at this time. You’ll forget that the left has abandoned its historic antipathy to religion. You’ll forget that it’s Islam that, from its conception to today, is very open about its desire to kill all Jews and all homosexuals (you know, like the ‘far right’ is supposed to be itching to do).

    Or – the moment you know that the emotional blackmail will never stop, that you’ll never be able to submit enough, that you’ll always be called a bigot no matter what you do – in that moment you stop caring if they call you a made-up word like ‘Islamophobe,’ you can see and act more clearly.

  4. Matt says:

    If you do not believe that Russia interfered with the USA election to get Trump into office you really had better believe that islam will pervert the course of British Democracy to get what it wants. Islam is not just a religion … its a facist religiopolical movement that has a determination to put an end to Western Democracy by every means possible. Extreme violence, intimidation, subversion, pleading discrimination, whingeing, whining, stealth, dishonesty … … …

  5. Angela_K says:

    Repellent though Mr Nuttall is, I hope he wins so we can watch him fail but best of all it will annoy the muslims behind the vote Labour campaign.

  6. barriejohn says:

    AgentCormac: “Bloody Beaker Folk”. Very good! But doesn’t Paul Nutter just remind you of someone else?

  7. AgentCormac says:


    ‘Mrs Thatcher has special compasses made with ‘the North’ taken off’.

    Wonderful stuff!

    Alexi Sayle could be properly irritating. But in hindsight (which as we all know is the only perfect science) his satire was spot on. Fast forward 30-odd years and sadly it’s becoming more and more relevant today. As is this:

  8. Broga says:

    @AgentCormac: “Comedian Stewart Lee on Paul Nuttall. Absolutely brilliant!”

    Agreed. Not to be missed.

  9. Great Satan says:

    No mention of the hell that all the victims of muslim grooming gangs have already gone through, but hey, they’re only white working class girls so they don’t matter to the leftist chattering classes – I hope UKIP win the election and highlight these issues and those who hushed it all up for politically correct expediency (or worse still, had a hand in it).

  10. Bubblecar says:

    Surely that’s Eddie Hitler from Bottom.

  11. John says:

    The Lib Dems are preparing their excuse for when they lose their deposit!
    They have done very similar things in elections too.
    They are in no position to complain about others.
    Simon Hughes – the “straight” choice – indeed?

  12. Fab photo of Mr Nuttall. I hope he wins.

  13. barriejohn says:

    Although a lifelong Liberal supporter, I too hope that they lose their deposit in Stoke, and that voters vote tactically to keep this ignorant fascist out of Parliament.

    Private Eye highlighted this in their current issue:

  14. Who’s hands are pointing at Mr Nuttall in the photograph? I hope they’re his own…..

  15. Maggie says:

    I’m glad I’m old(er) so I won’t see what this country will be in a couple of generations.

  16. barriejohn says:

    Nuttall storms out of the declaration after humiliation at the hands of Labour, much as predicted by the Telegraph ten days earlier:

  17. barriejohn says:

    The Express got it all wrong again, just as they do with their weather forecasting (and analysis of the death of Princess Diana!):

    Paul Nuttall set for STORMING victory in Stoke by-election