Muslim parents are allegedly ganging up on Oldham teacher

Muslim parents are allegedly ganging up on Oldham teacher

Fears that a new Trojan Horse plot has been hatched to Islamise a school in Oldham surfaced after a primary school headteacher claimed she was receiving death threats from Muslim parents.

According to this report,  Clarksfield Primary School headteacher Trish O’Donnell, above, is said to have endured “harassment and intimidation” and “aggressive verbal abuse” from parents promoting Muslim values.

In one case, she had a threat to blow up her car, according to a report by Oldham council.

She said that she believed her position was untenable and a “Trojan Horse” agenda was underway. Counter terrorism police have reportedly launched an investigation.

The teacher’s union, the NAHT, told The Sunday Times it was supporting a number of members with Trojan Horse issues in the area .

The paper said the council report on the school said the headteacher had been physically attacked by one parent.

Most of the students at the school are Pakistani.

The report said that in 2013 parent-governor Nasim Ashraf, above, hosted Islamic teaching sessions on school premises and lobbied against sex education and playing Hindi music in class.

His wife, Hafizan Zaman, meanwhile, had:

Made remarks to Asian staff members that they should, as Muslim women, be wearing a veil and covering their heads.

The couple had, the report said, sought to round up other parents and the wider community against Ms O’Donnell.

The council report, however, ruled out a Trojan Horse-style plot and said Ashraf was not an extremist.

Ashraf was Facebook friends with Tahir Alam, named as the leader of a Birmingham Trojan Horse plot two years ago, He has since been banned from teaching.

Ashraf denied a Trojan Horse plot but said:

It’s my duty to keep an eye on things. The school is still a failing school – we need to remove Mrs O’Donnell and replace her with a better head teacher.

The Sunday Times, however, reported that Ofsted’s latest report ranks Clarksfield as “good” and was positive towards O’Donnell’s leadership.

Meanwhile, Tahir Alam, above, has begun a crowdfunding campaign to legally challenge his ban. He has so far raised almost £9,000 of a £10,000 target.

He wrote on Crowdjustice:

In 2014, allegations surfaced in the media that several schools had been taken over by extremists and that the curriculum had been manipulated. This became known as the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot because an anonymous letter accused me and others of being those so-called ‘extremists’ who had secretly forced Islam into the curriculum and taken control of state schools. I and others have strongly refuted these allegations and will continue to do so until justice is served.

The allegations arose amidst a media feeding-frenzy – they took hold in an atmosphere where there were frequent unsubstantiated accusations of Muslims intent on taking over this country. After ‘investigations’ into these allegations, I became the first person to be banned by the Department for Education from having any involvement within education and schools.

I feel that I have been condemned and the decision to do so has been unfair, unjust and politically motivated … Despite running highly successful schools in deprived communities; having committed no crime and being a law abiding citizen, I find myself vilified, suffering massive reputational, professional and economic damage.

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  1. barriejohn says:

    It’s my duty to keep an eye on things.

    Oh dear.

  2. remigius says:

    Oooh goody – a piece about muslim education. I’m sure we can expect a visit from our old friend Iffy Ismad with one of his cut ‘n’ paste drive-by blatherings.

  3. Daz says:

    The headmistress has received bomb-threats, but the council report sees no extremism. Uhuh.

  4. Brian Jordan says:

    Schools need a clear-cut definition of what is acceptable or not. It couldn’t be simpler: keep all religion out of all schools at all times. Job done.

  5. JJones says:

    Like Matt said …. “Islam is not just a religion … its a facist religiopolical movement that has a determination to put an end to Western Democracy by every means possible. Extreme violence, intimidation, subversion, pleading discrimination, whingeing, whining, stealth, dishonesty … … …”

  6. JJones says:

    And another tactic is ghettoisation the muslim take over of big swathes towns and cities. That way you get 100% pakistani pupils in a school … and then the pakistani parents and activists get to control it and teach islamic bigotry and trash with impunity. Once you have your enclave you expand it and expand it …

    And muslims disingenuously call this “white flight”. But actually Pakistanis drive whites out and do all they can to make white life untenable.

  7. Red Hat says:

    Does wearing a veil and covering your head while wearing black eye liner make you a chaste and pure woman or can you wear a warm knitted pom-pom hat with scarf and gloves and no make-up?

  8. Gui says:

    “Schools need a clear-cut definition of what is acceptable or not. It couldn’t be simpler: keep all religion out of all schools at all times. Job done”

    [sarcasm on] All religions except Islam. Because it’s islamophooooooobiiiiiiaaaaa do such thing to muslims! [sarcasm off]

  9. L.Long says:

    Well, I’m glad it aint too pervasive here in USA as muslins have the balls to take action. I don’t call xtians sheeple just cuz their ahole gawd is a shepard to them.

  10. Daz says:


    I’m sure the many victims of murder, arson, vandalism, bombings, anthrax and acid attacks, assault and kidnapping by anti-abortionists, white supremacists, PETA and other organisations would wholly agree that only Muslims have the guts to take action and that use of and threats of violence for political and religious ends aren’t pervasive in the USA.

  11. L.Long says:

    Just who did these acts and was then acclaimed by others as TRUE xtians fight for gawd??? All I know about were loners condemned as being false xtians.
    But I do agree that xtians are numerous enough, they vote in laws to force others into their way, & then let the police do the dirty work.

  12. AgentCormac says:

    I assume the ‘No dogs’ sign behind Nasim Ashraf concludes with the words ‘Because they offend our religion’.

  13. barriejohn says:

    L.Long: I don’t really grasp what you are driving at!

  14. Paul says:

    How can this be true ? As this is a school in England.
    “Most of the students at the school are Pakistani.”

    (I presume it means they are children of pakistani parents who hold British passports). And if they aren’t then why are they there ?