Muslim call to prayer dance remix sparks death threats

Muslim call to prayer dance remix sparks death threats

El Guitone nightclub in Nabeul, Tunisia has been shut down and is currently under investigation after video clips appeared on social media of Dax J, above, playing a remix of the Muslim call to prayer .

Death threats against the British DJ soon followed, according to this report.

Dax J had been making the rounds in the city as part of Orbit Festival (alongside Radio Slave, La Fleur, DVS1) and played at the nightclub last Friday. Footage was shared of clubbers dancing to the “offensive” track.

The manager of the nightclub has since been arrested for:

Violation against good morals and public outrage against modesty.

The Governor of Nabeul, Mnaouar Ouertani stated:

We will not allow attacks against religious feelings and the sacred.

The BBC reported that Ouertani said that the club would “remain closed” until further notice.

Organisers of the Orbit Festival have publicly apologised via their Facebook page and is reported here as saying that the incident could have happened at any party in any country.

Dax J did not intend to provoke your anger or offend you. He didn’t believe that this could offend you … It is unfair that 20 sec of music ruined it for an event of 2 days and prepared for many months. We do not want to interfere in religious debates.

They added that there was no intention of:

Tarnishing the image of Islam, which remains a religion of peace and forgiveness.

In a statement released by Dax J he said:

I want to offer my sincere apologies to anyone who may have been offended by music that I played at Orbit festival in Tunisia on Friday. It was never my intention to upset or cause offence to anybody.

His Facebook page has been temporarily shut down following a wave of death threats over the weekend.

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64 responses to “Muslim call to prayer dance remix sparks death threats”

  1. barriejohn says:

    How can a piece of music be “sacred”? When I was with the Brethren I used to lead the singing at the “Morning Meeting” (instruments not being allowed) – not that I have a particularly good voice, but it is fairly loud, I can carry a tune, and I do know a little bit about music. Most people realize that hymns have differing poetic metre, and can be sung to various tunes (we used to get the kids to sing “While Shepherds Watched” to “On Ilkley Moor Bar T’at”, for instance), but I got into hot water on more than one occasion for choosing the “wrong tune” to accompany a hymn that some brother had chosen. One Irish brother actually told me, as if he knew everything and I knew nothing, that “Every hymn has its own tune!”. With this level of ignorance in a country like ours, why am I not surprised by this news? And, sadly, I don’t think that this is purely a religious problem (though that inflames passions more than anything else), but might also be as likely to happen with national anthems, etc. What I would like to know is, what would happen if the local starlings started to imitate the call to prayer? Would they all have to be shot?

  2. tonye says:

    There was a similar occurrence a few years back when David Bryne and Brian Eno released an album called My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts.

    On the original album there was a section that used a sample of Islamic prayer on one song, and at the time no-one bothered with it.

    When they released a 25 year anniversary version they were pressurised into dropping the song.

    Sad, yet predictable.

  3. Brian Jordan says:

    “On Ilkley Moor Bar T’at”
    We’ve all seen the apostrophe chap on TV, now we need to deal with spaces!
    “Bart ‘at” sir – or better, “baht ‘at”.
    I take these matters especially seriously, as a convert from Lancashire (where it would be expressed as “bout ‘at”)!

  4. L.Long says:

    ANother demo that religious sheeple are stoopid bigoted hypocrites not worth a worn out penny! Fear gawd in any name? Hell no! Fear gawd’s dumb assed fan clubs? You Bet!

  5. barriejohn says:

    Old Joke from my days ‘oop North:

    Two soldiers were being inspected in the Lancashire regiment, one a Yorkshireman. When asked where his rifle was, he replied: “I’m baht.” The sergeant turned to the next man and said: “What’s he saying?”. The Lancashire soldier replied: “‘E’s geet nun.”

    (I hope that satisfies the Grammar Police!)

  6. AndyB says:

    “Tarnishing the image of Islam, which remains a religion of peace and forgiveness.”
    “His Facebook page has been temporarily shut down following a wave of death threats over the weekend.”

    Yeah, plenty of peace and forgiveness for all to see here…….

  7. remigius says:

    “When they released a 25 year anniversary version they were pressurised into dropping the song.”

    Yes, but a lot has happened in those 25 years. If this incident had happened 25 years ago Islam wouldn’t have dared issue a fatwa against Jive Bunny.

  8. Prior says:

    LLong … please learn to spell. Your contributions are tiresome.

  9. Prior says:

    barriejohn … you sound like Jones out of Dad’s Army. We all know you were in the Brethren.You remind us far too often. You sound almost proud of the association.

  10. Prior says:

    Tarnishing the image of Islam.
    I thought the image of islam is one of hate, jealously, violence, intolerance, murder, conflict, discrimination, bigotry, ignorance, wilful petulance, hair trigger sensitivity, gargantuan conceit, arrogance, perversion, sexual repression, sexual deviance, joyless boredom, intimidation, fear and repression.

  11. Prior says:

    And hasn’t the PM got better things to do.
    If the godly sheep of the CoE want to celebrate easter then good. Please do so quietly and modestly.
    But if the rest of us want to have a holiday without the jesus myth then the CoE should keep out of it. If I was fool enough to be an entrapped career CoE cleric with no prospect of alternative employment I think I would be ashamed to make a spectacle of myself complaining about a myth that has no meaning or interest for most people in the country.

  12. Paul says:

    Where is there any form of tolerance in any thing nowadays let alone religion. My own view is that religion has none. However, almost everyone wants to have a go at some one, whether they make a mistake or directly have an opinion that is contrary to another. The Easter egg nonsense, David Moyes, the British gymnasts, Danish and French cartoonists and commenters on here.
    The times that Islam has perceived some thing as an attack, when that thing is innocent or silly, the result seems to be a barrage of death threats, as has been commented hardly a religion of tolerance or peace. And who has the mantle to say those islamists who issue those death threats don’t represent Islam – clearly they do and clearly they believe not just that they do but they have the right to murder and most sadly the inclination and the capability.

  13. remigius says:

    Prior – I rather enjoy barriejohns’s reminiscences. He has gone from a fully fledged god-botherer to a relatively sane atheist . He has experienced fighting for both sides and should be allowed to continue to tell his old war stories.

  14. Prior says:

    Islam … the shitty skidmark in the pants of the world.
    Islam … an abomination.
    Islam … a pox on humanity
    Islam the religion of peace … yeah right.
    Islam … just like the thick overgrown overblown bigmouth unemployable fuckwit shitehawk sex starved malodourous thug throwing his weight about in public when he cant get his own way.

  15. L.Long says:

    Prior….Spelling? Example please!

  16. Laura Roberts says:

    Yadda, yadda, yadda. Same tiresome story.

    “They added that there was no intention of: ‘Tarnishing the image of Islam'”

    For the 100,000th time, what “tarnishes” the name of Islam is not the act, but a farcically thin-skinned response from the Islamic community.

  17. remigius says:

    “Prior….Spelling? Example please!”

    I think he means ‘stoopid’. ‘Stoopid’ is a stewpid way to spell ‘stupid’ – it makes you look stughpid.

  18. L.Long says:

    Stoopid is spelt that way because it means ‘intentionally stupid’ becuse you have to intentionally spell it that way, and I don’t want to insult stupid people by comparing religious people to them.
    Also ‘gawd’ is spelt that way as gawd should be a 4-letter word!
    isLame is this was because it IS LAME!!!!
    ‘hindodo’ because like all religions it is a shit stain on the world.
    rePUKEians because I want to puke when they say anything!
    all my mis spelt words are for a reason…but you have to be bright enough to get them!

  19. remigius says:

    “Also ‘gawd’ is spelt that way as gawd should be a 4-letter word!”

    God has always been a 4-letter word – see ‘tetragrammaton’.

  20. remigius says:

    “…all my mis spelt words are for a reason.”

    You’ve misspelt ‘misspelt’. I’m dying to know the reason behind that one!

  21. ray metcalfe says:

    The religion of piece as usual responds with death threats. Yet the so called peaceful majority are not responding with apologies for the death threats issued by the so called minority in there name. so either the peaceful ones wont apologise or perhaps they are not enough peaceful muslims to do so

  22. Gui says:

    No jokes, no dance or any others forms of fun. It is not admirable that some muslims wanna to blow themselves. Although it is sad that they insist in take other peoples with them.

  23. Italian Scallion says:

    Tarnish the image of islam? You people need to grow up and stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. Islam is not, has never been or ever will be a religion of peace as long as there are those who wish to kill for some stupid reason.

  24. Cali Ron says:

    tonye : I have that album on vinyl, bought when released. Eno is a master of electronic music and effects. I have 4 more of his albums and some he produced. I wonder what his take is on all this? Seems like all the religiots of the world have very thin skin and lack intellect.

    Speaking of thin skin, Prior, you seem quite agitated today. I hope my use of religiots doesn’t add to your consternation.

  25. lucy1 says:

    @L Long. I love the way you write, I imagine a real southern drawl, but ranting! Please do not disillusion me and tell me you are a New York hipster….

  26. Cali Ron says:

    ray Metcalfe : We may be related. I had an uncle named Ray Medcalf. I was told by my grandmother that the family had a dispute and one side changed the spelling, although it may just be a family tale. I hope you are fabulously wealthy and live in a castle, so I can brag about my rich relations. The family I know here are firmly middle class or less.

  27. L.Long says:

    misspelt ‘misspelt’…because being perfect would insult gawd.

    Sorry lucy1 but I’m a well traveled Connecticut Yankee. But I am not a cultural snob so I pick up phrases from all over.

  28. remigius says:

    “…I’m a well traveled Connecticut Yankee.”

    Have you ever been to King Arthur’s Court? If so we could have used your help on another thread recently.

  29. Paul says:

    Dear Cali Rob
    I thought psychoanalysing posts was banned on here after Professor Doctor Michael Organ’s analysis last week.

  30. Stephen Mynett says:

    OT but the mention of Ilkley Moor reminded what clever people, unlike crazed religionists, can do with music. Eric Fenby is most famous for be the amanuensis for Delius but he did write one of his own pieces, a homage to the famous folk song and Rossini:

  31. Vanity Unfair says:

    To return to the story; religious leaders around the world are claiming that their millennia-old fables have real relevance in the modern world.
    When a DJ has a Lord-of-the-Dance moment and incorporates a bit of liturgy into a social gathering, bringing it into focus as being as important to a joyous occasion as a solemn one, I think that deserves praise, not condemnation.
    But then, I’m not a Muslim.

  32. L.Long says:

    Well remi while in England I did go to a joust and fair which said they where King Arthur and his knights. But I had doubts that they where as stated.

  33. remigius says:

    “…which said they where King Arthur and his knights.”

    Were they wearing sandals? What was the wine like – did it taste a bit… diluted?

  34. Cali Ron says:

    Paul : To soon? I just thought he seemed unusually angry ,not trying to psychoanalyse him. I’m definitely not qualified to do that, to busy dealing with my own psychological issues, but perhaps I should have left that one unwritten.

  35. barriejohn says:

    Iff it wer’en’t for the fact that I enjoy pissing of people like Prissy Prior I’d fuck of and joyn Broga (enuff spelling mistakes for u there then?).

    PS Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but the webmaster remains Mr Barry Duke.

    PPS Just home from a consultation re suspected colo-rectal cancer at Southampton General Hospital, so the comments and bickering here again have really made my day!

  36. Barry Duke says:

    I sincerely hope all turns out well, Barriejohn. And please do not bugger off.

    Most of the comments on this site are pertinent, on topic and often very amusing, but some people do cross the line with ad hominem attacks on others, and if this trend continues it will serve only to diminish the influence of the Freethinker, and impact negatively on our readership. Please don’t force me into the position of having to play the role of censor.

  37. remigius says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your medical situation, barriejohn. I hope everything goes OK for you arsewise.

  38. barriejohn says:

    Thanks for the good wishes. We used to be a happy community here, but something seems to have gone amiss recently. The consultant seemed reasonably optimistic, but my confidence in her was somewhat undermined when she referred to me as “young and fit”. Specsavers, anyone?

  39. barriejohn says:

    Can I just add another thing? (Well – I’m sure I can, as Barry is very indulgent!) When the religious comment on sites like this, they are often lampooned for their use of capitals/exclamation marks, spelling mistakes, and bad grammar, etc. I view this as a big mistake, as, although we may all smile to ourselves, it looks as if we can’t answer their arguments so are resorting to attacking them over their perceived lack of either education or sophistication. Difficult as it may be, we should try to address the issues, as it is usually clear what they mean in their comments, however badly worded they may be.

  40. Paul says:

    The important thing here is to ‘attack’ the religiously insane and the insanity of religion – in all it’s forms – and not each other.

  41. barriejohn says:

    Paul: I do agree. I have visited other atheist sites where highly personalized slanging matches have taken place, and wondered what the hell people were thinking about. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen here.

  42. sailor1031 says:

    Barriejohn: my wishes that all will be well with you. I did not recall “Prior” and think that he may have taken a wrong turning after leaving Pharyngula. Let us hope he finds his way back there as soon as maybe. And as you point out, Barry is still the webmaster here.

  43. remigius says:

    Paul & barriejohn. I’m not sure that I would agree. Yes, we should challenge religion in all its forms – but we should also challenge those ideologies that, though non-religious, still run counter to evidence based consensus. Such as New-Age nonsense (Deepak Chopra springs to mind), climate change denial, etc.

    The latest person worthy of our ridicule on this site was himself an atheist – an internationally rejected respected historian who came by to share with us the scars of his battle with reality fruits of his research.

    The Freethinker was started in an age when Christianity was the dominant ideology in the west. It is essentially an anti-religious publication, but its mission statement includes a rallying cry against superstition in general. The full statement can be found here…

    By all means mock the religious, but mock the non-religious too.

  44. Cali Ron says:

    barriejohn: Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and I hope the treatment goes well and you make a swift and complete recovery.

    I also would like to say that I would miss you dearly if you didn’t continue to comment on this site. The first time I visited this site your comments really resonated with me, having been raised in an evangelical church. My experience in the church was not as extreme or as long as yours (sometimes a rebellious spirit can be a good thing), but there are many similarities. Please continue to share your experiences with the Brethren, as you never know who is reading them and the positive impact it may have (like it did for me, helping me deal with some old baggage). I appreciate your stories, empathy and good nature and I’m looking forward to many more years of them.

  45. Cali Ron says:

    remigius: I agree.

    Broga: Where’s Broga? Please come back. I miss your humanity and viewpoint. It’s just not the same community without your valuable and compassionate voice.

  46. 1859 says:

    Just thawt I wood allso say eye ope barriejon dat u get betta soon. Eye wood knot like to see u bugger offf. Eye allways fink of u like de ol man and de see – wot wuz rittin bye sum bloke named hemington or heminway – u no, strugglin wiv de big fish of religin an all. So pleese don’t go – juz stare inta all there yella eyes wivout blinkin wonce!

  47. barriejohn says:

    Remigius: I was really referring to people making personal attacks on one another rather than dealing with ideas. I have visited blogs in the past where some commenters appeared to lie in wait for others just have a go at them. Why the webmasters put up with it I have no idea, because it wasn’t my idea of “lively debate”. Here’s a favourite blog of mine which looks at New Age nonsense, etc, and has dealt with Ralph Ellis and his not-so-original ideas on many occasions, and I agree wholeheartedly that this pseudo-religious crap needs to be dealt with as well:

  48. barriejohn says:

    Cali Ron: Thanks. Not everyone has had the same sort of experience, and I agree with you that it can be extremely therapeutic to read the comments of others who have been through what you and I have. Why, when people come across comments which they don’t feel relevant to them, they can’t just move on and leave alone I have no idea. We all know that this blog has many visitors, some of whom only reveal themselves after a long time, and some never at all (though I love hearing from new commenters myself), and I will definitely continue to post what I consider to be relevant observations so as to (a) inform others who have had no experience of fundmentalist religion; (b) encourage those like yourself who have escaped its clutches; and (c) challenge the religious reader, because I KNOW from my experiences that the constant drip, drip, drip of rationality does erode superstitious belief. I just hope that not too many will be saying: “Oh, no, here he goes again”!

  49. tonye says:


    Get well soon.