Catholic official arrested for photographing underage boys

Catholic official arrested for photographing underage boys

Evrard-Nicolas Sarot, 53, above right, employed by the Church to offer pastoral care at Schiphol airport in Holland, was arrested in Cambodia this week for photographing naked underage boys.

According to Dutch News, he was nabbed on suspicion of producing child pornography. He paid the boys, all younger than 15, to pose for him. Police found almost 1,300 nude photographs on his camera and iPad.

Local police chief Chhay Haklong said:

He gave them some money, a couple US dollars for each person to have a naked photo. All boys, no clothes.

Anti-paedophile NGO Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) received a report of the alleged abuse in late December from an informant and helped police investigate and identify victims.

Sarot has visited Cambodia regularly since 2011. He appeared in court in Cambodia on Thursday and faces a jail term of seven to 15 years.

Before starting work at Schiphol, where he helped counsel relatives of the MH17 disaster, Sarot spent eight years working in Culemborg.

Cambodia began clamping down on child abuse by foreign paedophiles in 2003 and dozens have been jailed since then.

The Cambodia Daily reported that  Nikon camera found in Sarot’s backpack when he was arrested held 1,292 images of naked children. Sarot admitted that he’d been visiting Wat Aranh Sakor village in Siem Reap commune, where the boys live, several times a year for the last few years, Haklong said.

The old people living there, they know he’s coming to do that activity.

Sarot drew pictures to show his alleged victims, all aged under 15, how he wanted them to pose and paid them $2 or $3 for “simple” poses and $4 or $5 if the boys agreed to be photographed upside down or laying down with their feet lifted in the air.

None of the boys reported being physically harmed by Sarot.

Haklong said:

They got very low education. They want the money. I don’t think that [the children] knew about the law.

6 responses to “Catholic official arrested for photographing underage boys”

  1. Oh Really! says:

    Catholic filth.

    And who the fuck needs pastoral care at Schipol? Unless of course there is a stream of unaccompanied refugee or otherwise vulnerable boys to prey upon. And of course he could be a criminal agent easing the flow of drugs and child porn through the airport under cover as a priest. And of course he could bribe or blackmail customs and security officials who have made confessions.

    Never trust a catholic priest. Never.Not even with he time of day.

    Catholic filth.

  2. CoastalMaineBird says:

    What’s the difference between “pastoral care” and kiddie-diddling ?
    yeah, I don’t know, either.

  3. Smokey says:

    Lies! A true Catholic pastor would never do such a thing!

    Keep his pants on in front of naked young boys? Inconceivable!

  4. Trevor Blake says:

    The Roman Catholic Church: always just one more sexually molested child away from doing something about it. Just one more, just one more, just one more…

  5. Robster says:

    Does the Vatican and that pope Frank have a special pedophile training program in their seminaries or wherever it is they ‘train’ these people? It does seem to be a primarily Catholic problem. If they were to be judged on the efficiency of their pedophilia, they’d get gold.

  6. Laura Roberts says:

    @Smokey: beat me to it!

    Some years ago a pope commented that paedophiles represented “only” about 1-5% of Catholic priests. So I did a little research. While it is admittedly not exhaustive, based on resources such as the U.S. sexual offender database, it appears that paedophiles could make up as much as 0.13% of the general population. This means your chances of encountering a paedophile in the Catholic priesthood is roughly 8 to 40 times greater than the population at large.

    I’m sure they’d blame it on their devil.