Terror attack was UK’s ‘worst example of Islamophobia’

Terror attack was UK’s ‘worst example of Islamophobia’

Following a terrorist attack in London that targeted Muslims near a mosque in the early hours of this morning, Harun Khan, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said on Twitter:

The Financial Times reports that this latest attack in the capital occurred near a Muslim community centre in north London. The Muslim Council of Britain said the attack came as worshippers were leaving the nearby Finsbury Park Mosque, which was ending late-night Ramadan prayers.

One man was declared dead at the scene, though police said it was unclear if he was killed by the van. Ten others were hurt, with police saying two had suffered life-threatening injuries. All the victims were Muslim, police said.

A 48-year-old white man was arrested, said police, who were called to the area at 21 minutes after midnight after receiving reports of a vehicle hitting pedestrians on Seven Sisters Road. Several witnesses to the attack said the man, who was detained by locals until police arrived, shouted:

I want to kill Muslims.

The incident comes just two weeks after three Islamists drove a van through pedestrians near London Bridge in south-east London; the knife-wielding attackers went on a rampage, killing eight and injuring 48.

After chairing an emergency meeting of security services, Prime Minister Theresa May said the authorities believe the attacker acted alone. She said in a statement that the incident:

It is a reminder that terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms; and our determination to tackle them must be the same whoever is responsible. 
As I said here two weeks ago, there has been far too much tolerance of extremism in our country over many years – and that means extremism of any kind, including Islamophobia.
That is why this Government will act to stamp out extremist and hateful ideology – both across society and on the internet, so it is denied a safe space to grow.
It is why we will be reviewing our Counter-Terrorism strategy and ensuring that police and security services have the powers they need.
And it is why we will establish a new Commission for Countering Extremism as a statutory body to help fight hatred and extremism in the same way as we have fought racism – because this extremism is every bit as insidious and destructive to our values and our way of life and we will stop at nothing to defeat it.

Police said the unidentified assailant, who they believe was the only attacker in the van despite witness accounts of others, was taken to hospital for a mental health assessment

10 responses to “Terror attack was UK’s ‘worst example of Islamophobia’”

  1. Trevor Blake says:

    All sympathy for the friends and family of those who have suffered.

  2. L.Long says:

    Why are you all so sad? LIke the delusional xtians the delusional muslins believe in heaven! All the dead ones are now with their imaginary gawd! So be happy! Of coarse there is a chance the BS is really BS, in which case, my sympathies to the needless victims of this crazed killer! NOW!!! muslins recognize that YOUR vicious killers are also horrible vicious killers are just that as well.

  3. Alan Crowe says:

    The made up ‘Muslim council of Britain’ (Here in the UK councillors are elected) Uses (3 times) That made up word ‘Islamophobia’

    Surely most folk knew that this was going to happen sooner or later?

  4. Angela_K says:

    Yawn, “Islamophobia” Islam = intolerant, fascist ideology, phobia = a fear of. Yes, we should all be fearful of Islam.

    The man who drove the van into a crowd killing one person is also, probably intolerant with fascist tendencies – just like some of the people he hates.

  5. StephenJP says:

    This was a reprehensible attack. We should condemn it and try to stop it happening again. Just like the Islamist attacks on the rest of society.

    What we should stop doing is treating organisations like the MCB as if they were the sole representatives of the Muslim community. They are self-selected, unelected, and peddle their own agenda. Our idle and complacent governments and councils need to start talking to real people and their local leaders instead.

  6. 1859 says:

    If extreme islamists had their way we would be living in an ISIS-controlled society, with all the hatred and intolerance that implies. If extreme christian, right-wing bigots – like the driver of this van – had their way, we would be living in a fascist society with extermination camps. And what could possibly be the common thread that connects these two groups? A fanatical, obsessive belief in organised religions – religions moreover that have shed oceans of blood and, as it seems likely, will continue to do so. The Protestant/Catholic clash cost countless lives and inflicted untold misery on millions. The islam/christianity clash also cost countless lives and misery. A future clash between these same two organised religions would probably mean Armageddon.

  7. Maggie says:

    Could Corbyn fake those tears any harder? Didn’t see him shed a one for the victims of Manchester.

  8. Gui says:


    “A future clash between these same two organised religions would probably mean Armageddon.”

    Or maybe this clash can even not happen, as long the relations with the petrol monarchies remain profitable.

  9. John the Drunkard says:

    Racist violence only compliments the worst products of Islam. Fear of being seen to ‘play into the hands of’ anti immigrant racists is effectively paralyzing progressives who should feel NO tolerance for Islam itself.