Crazy Russian cleric: ‘men with beards are less likely to be gay’

Crazy Russian cleric: ‘men with beards are less likely to be gay’

Metropolitan Kornily Titov, above, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church, said men should stop shaving to ‘protect themselves from homosexuality’.

According to PinkNews, Kornily believes that men who have beards are less likely to be “corrupted” and engage in same-sex relationships.

The religious leader declared:

God set down certain rules. The Lord created everyone with a beard. No man can resist his creator.

He described as “monstrous” the fact that men’s clothing and hairstyles were changing.

He also lamented the fact that the beard’s apparently special status had:

Completely disappeared from the Catholic West.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, above left, held a meeting with Kornily earlier this year to discuss the Church and “prospects for its development”, according to the president’s website.

Putin almost always appears in public with a clean-shaven face.

It is not clear what Kornily makes of this fact.

If Kornily believes that beards will fend off gay men, and send them shrieking into the night, he wrong. A recent survey published in Evolution and Human Behavior showed beards attract male homosexuals more than they do heterosexual women.

The survey also suggested that, for gay men, guys with thicker facial hair make better longer-term partners.

But there is some good news for Kornily. Some studies, according to Imanscape’s Wesley Oaks, showed that full beards:

Made men appear as better parenting partners, father figures, and appeared more masculine. The thicker the full beard was the more attractive and higher perceived masculinity was.


15 responses to “Crazy Russian cleric: ‘men with beards are less likely to be gay’”

  1. sailor1031 says:

    Well yesterday after shaving I felt quite homosexual but this morning,with a day’s growth of beard, I feel quite heterosexual. It’s rather frightening and my wife is quite confused. What should I do Doctor Freud?

    PS: I’ve often noticed that some of the finest specimens of gay manhood have rather attractive beards. Metropolitan Kornily is not one of those.

  2. remigius says:

    ‘Putin almost always appears in public with a clean-shaven face.’

    So the implication is that Putin is gay? And yet Russian paratroopers don’t have beards either, and they don’t look the least bit gay…

  3. gedediah says:

    Sounds hair-brained to me.

  4. L.Long says:

    Dimwit too lazy to have a neat clean appearance has to use lame excuse to be lazy & ugly!

  5. remigius says:

    ‘PS: I’ve often noticed that some of the finest specimens of gay manhood have rather attractive beards.’

    You’re not wrong there, sailor1031.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Remigius: Hahaha.

    I love the Neapolitan’s flowing white locks, but doesn’t he read his Bible?

    “Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?” (I Cor.11:14)

    Tut, tut,tut. Maybe he’s gay.

  7. Rob Andrews says:

    Well, I gay and I think beard do look good on SOME men, but not on others. But this guys beard is not trimmed, just skraggly

    So go figure.

  8. remigius says:

    ‘Tut, tut,tut. Maybe he’s gay.’

    barriejohn, I would think he’s into a lot of things. Neapolitan is pink, yellow, and brown. According to the Hanky-Code he likes…

    Pink – Dildoes
    Yellow – Watersports (most probably kayaking)
    Brown – Scat (an improvised vocal jazz pioneered by Louis Armstrong)

    I’m into a couple of those myself.

  9. Smokey says:

    Well, it is difficult to be fabulous with a beard.

    Though some do manage to pull it off. Look what Tom Selleck did for the moustache! I don’t swing that way but I’ll make an exception in his case.

  10. Paul says:

    Why is the beardy wierdy wearing a MineCraft beanie?

  11. tonye says:


    It must be a generational thing.

    I thought something slightly different – is this man a fan of the ‘saint’?

    See link:

  12. barriejohn says:

    Remigius: I think the dildos are now extinct.

    On reflection, is it possible that Spike Milligan (R. Sleeker) has come back to haunt us?

  13. John the Drunkard says:

    ‘ The Lord created everyone with a beard.’

    EVERY ONE? Even cartoonish babushkas usually don’t need to shave.

  14. 1859 says:

    Imagine waking up next to this guy……on second thoughts, don’t…..

  15. Walt says:

    KGB Hitman meets Senile Old Hippy.

    House Elf Dobbie meets Saruman.