More than 500 kids abused in Catholic schools over 60 years

More than 500 kids abused in Catholic schools over 60 years

Ulrich Weber, above, a German lawyer tasked with investigating abuse at two Catholic institutions – including the famous Regensburger Domspatzen boys’ choir – today revealed in a report that ‘at least’ 547 children had been the victims of sadists and sexual predators.

According to the BBC, the alleged physical cruelty, including sexual abuse, relates to children attending both the Regensburger Domspatzen’s pre-school and high school over a period of 60 years.

Representatives from the Regensburger Domspatzen Boys’ Choir have yet to officially respond to the report.

Presenting his findings today, Weber said the investigation had uncovered 500 cases of physical abuse and 67 instances of sexual abuse over six decades.

Of the 49 church members who carried out the abuse under what was described as a “culture of silence”, nine were found to have been involved in sexual abuse.

He said the victims described their experiences at the boarding schools in southern Germany as:

The worst time of their lives, characterised by fear, violence and hopelessness.

Weber said that, as head of the choir from 1964 to 1994, Georg Ratzinger, above, could be:

Blamed for looking the other way and failing to intervene.

Ratzinger, the 93-year-old elder brother of emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, has denied any knowledge of the alleged abuse and said that it was “never discussed” while he ran the choir.

The church has previously offered to pay the Regensburger victims compensation of between €5,000 (£4,436) and €20,000 (£17,500).

The 1,000-year-old choir was first rocked by allegations of widespread sexual abuse in 2010.

9 responses to “More than 500 kids abused in Catholic schools over 60 years”

  1. CoastalMaineBird says:

    it was “never discussed”

    I can believe that.

  2. Maggie says:

    This might seem bad, but remember… this has been going on for CENTURIES.

  3. 1859 says:

    Mr. Ratzinger’s gaze seems to say more than
    ‘it was never discussed’.
    Who would ever now entrust their children to have contact with these strange, strange, celibate men? Every one of whom I hope becomes another nail in the coffin of the RCC.

  4. Paul says:

    Yet another fact, truthful and real, that good, honest, decent, god believing, loving Catholics can deny, ignore, vilify, and say it never happened it’s false, ‘I don’t believe it’.

    This is why belief, as a system of living ones life, is actually quite dangerous, for belief turns to making them factual truths which rationally they are not.

  5. barriejohn says:

    Australian visitors might be interested in this programme about American child abuse at the hands of the RCC:

    The investigation began with a simple question: Why, in 50 years, had only one Catholic priest been officially investigated for child abuse? In a city with a strong Catholic presence, this seemed remarkable, at a time when revelations of clergy abuse were making headlines across America. Shocking cases in another US city, Boston, prompted DA Lynne Abraham to ask whether the same thing could have occurred in her town.

    “I got together a group of my investigators and I said… I think it is worth a look and an investigation.” Former District Attorney, Lynne Abraham

    What they uncovered – a hidden history of abuse and deception – shook the investigators and their community to the core…

    Equally shocking were the lengths the Catholic Church hierarchy went to, to keep their secrets hidden.

  6. Cali Ron says:

    “Equally shocking were the lengths the Catholic Church hierarchy went to, to keep their secrets hidden.” No, not really shocking any more, as such revelations continue on a regular basis. What would be shocking would be if the RCC actually fully cooperated with law enforcement and made an honest attempt to punish the perpetrators, get rid of the child abusers and reform the priesthood. Unfortunately, that shock is not likely to occur.

  7. barriejohn says:

    Cali Ron: But people can’t accept it. You were a Christian for years, as was I, and sometimes facing the truth, despite the overwhelming evidence, is just too painful to bear.

  8. Cali Ron says:

    barriejohn: Humans have a huge capacity to deny truth and believe the unbelievable and delude themselves. That’s why America has Trump and England has Brexit and the ME has Islam, people believing the unbelievable. I guess I have a lower tolerance for BS, the things the church was teaching me just didn’t add up, too irrational and too many contradictions. I couldn’t rectify that fact and rebelled against the church, leaving home at 17 and becoming deeply involved with drugs. It took me years, but eventually I found peace within myself that I never found from god or religion or drugs when I faced reality. The more I questioned the more obvious it became to me that it wasn’t created by god, but by flawed men, hence, flawed religion. Science trumps religion every time. Like Joe Friday supposedly said, “Just the facts ma’am”.