Religious right overjoyed by Trump’s transgender ban

Religious right overjoyed by Trump’s transgender ban

Religious Right leaders have been falling over one another over the past 24 hours in a bid to trumpet their approval of Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the US military.

Right Wing Watch reported that Trump’s reinstatement of a ban – lifted during the Obama administration – has figured large on the Religious Right’s wish list for Trump and they had been frantically been lobbying for the change.

The viciously anti-LGBT Liberty Counsel headed by Mat Staver, above, celebrated Trump’s decision. Staver said:

I applaud President Trump for making America safe again. The military is a lethal weapon designed to protect America and our allies. It is not a social club, a social experimentation petri dish, or ClubMed.

The focus should be military readiness and unit cohesion. The President has kept his promise to return to military priorities by not continuing the ‘transgender’ policy that undermines unit cohesion, preparedness, and morale. The duty of military officers is to appropriately lead and prepare their personnel to serve and protect, and they cannot do that when there is confusion, dysfunction, and safety issues within the barracks.

It is an article of faith among many Religious Right activists that there is no such thing as transgender identity.

The American Family Association applauded Trump’s:

Courageous decision to end the usage of our military for social engineering and political correctness.

Charisma’s Bob Eschliman gushed that Trump had:

Shattered his predecessor’s grand social experiment in the US military.

The Family Research Council’s Robert Maginnis praised the “common sense” decision and took a rhetorical shot at the Obama administration for forcing the military to go down a path of “political correctness.”

Former military chaplain and former Colorado officeholder Gordon Klingenschmitt said “thank God” for the ban on transgender people serving in the military but complained in an email about 24 Republican House members who joined all House Democrats last week to defeat an amendment that would have banned the use of taxpayer funds on medical treatments associated with gender transition.

Anti-gay extremist Theodore Shoebat, above, found in Trump’s announcement yet another opportunity to express his belief that gay people should be exterminated:

While this is great news, what really needs to be done is the death penalty for sodomites.

The next demand? Right-wing pundit Matt Barber is clear:

Prohibit all open sexual deviancy in the ranks of the armed forces. The military is no place for extremist San Francisco-style socio-political activism. Such social engineering destroys national security, troop morale and unit cohesion. It also violates natural law, settled science, and God’s moral law. President Trump did the right thing today by prohibiting those suffering from the gender dysphoria mental disorder.

But, as Mass Appeal points out, many Republicans, even “America’s hero” John McCain, have come out saying that this policy is absurd. McCain wrote on Facebook:

The statement was unclear. The Department of Defense has already decided to allow currently-serving transgender individuals to stay in the military, and many are serving honorably today. Any American who meets current medical and readiness standards should be allowed to continue serving. There is no reason to force service members who are able to fight, train, and deploy to leave the military – regardless of their gender identity.

We should all be guided by the principle that any American who wants to serve our country and is able to meet the standards should have the opportunity to do so – and should be treated as the patriots they are.

Mass Appeal’s Joshua Scott Albert concluded:

As always, fuck Donald Trump. He’s a bigot. Anyone who wants go and die for this ass-backwards country should be able to do that.

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33 responses to “Religious right overjoyed by Trump’s transgender ban”

  1. Broga says:

    I find just reading the views of the loathsome Trump and the vicious bigots who support him sickening. John McCain served in the military and spent years in an enemy prison and has made the balanced and civilised response.

    The yelps of delight from Trump’s supporters are the sounds of unreconstructed bigots . The USA, with Trump as its President, continues to heap self inflicted shame on itself.

  2. andym says:

    It’s the work of a man under pressure, turning for applause to the only people he knows he can trust . He can’t lose. The ban might be overturned in court. Then he can present it as more evidence of the legal system’s conspiracy against him.

  3. Angela_K says:

    And Trump the several times “draft dodger” is going to remove LGBT protections so that rabid religious bigots can discriminate with impunity.

  4. barriejohn says:


    That shows just how seriously fucked up his thought processes are. He is beyond hope.

  5. Gui says:

    Soooooooooo… a guy/girl is under heavy enemy fire, bombs exploding everywhere, and according to the suppracited persons the most relevant worry to the soldier is if it companion is a homossexual or even a transgender?

  6. Gui says:


    I don’t think persons like Trump are so retard like it is usually portraited. They know very well the crowd to which they adress and so say what gonna please it.

  7. Broga says:

    Trump is addicted to flattery. He will seek it wherever it comes from. His religious fans have chosen for their idol a man who was enthusiastic about “grabbing women’s pussies”, is a habitual liar , has the attention span of a gnat and whose religious belief is recently acquired for political gain.

    His supporters are not just people with whom others might disagree. They are repellent to a degree that defiles any opinion they express. Trump runs to his supporters for flattery in an attempt to escape the reality of his situation.

  8. Daz says:

    “The autocrat always requires enemies to protect his base from. If real enemies don’t exist, they will be created. Minorities preferred.”
    Garry Kasparov

  9. David Anderson says:

    Yeah, McCain rose from his sickbed to vote on ACA and said “fuck you” to all poor Americans who can’t afford the same privileged healthcare he gets.

    Fuck Trump, the GOP and all the people who voted for them.

  10. Anthony Baker says:

    Hitchens asked “Who protects you while you sleep?” Well let me adjust that slightly and ask “Who protects you whilst you go around stabbing them in the back and humbly running about being hateful, bigotted and shamelessly intolerant?”

  11. Gui says:

    “His religious fans have chosen for their idol a man who was enthusiastic about “grabbing women’s pussies”, is a habitual liar , has the attention span of a gnat and whose religious belief is recently acquired for political gain”

    In this times, you also can see the religious people’s double standard: if is a governant or autority with the same views than them, the speech used is the one tha says that the firsts ones are constituted by God. But if the situation is the opposed, the speech said is that the world is in the evil and everything is Devil’s fault.

  12. L.Long says:

    Which makes him a bold faced liar! Cuz in ‘merica we worship MONEY & POWER!!! And of course beautiful mostly nakid female movie stars!

  13. Broga says:

    Comparisons: “McCain ended up in a Hanoi POW camp after his Navy dive bomber was shot down in 1967. He broke both arms and a leg as he ejected. He endured enormous pain and torture and spent over five years in captivity.”

    Trump got numerous student exemptions to avoid Vietnam and also a medical exemption.

    I may not like McCain’s politics (in fact I detest them) but from what we can see he had courage. Trump, on the other hand, was a snivelling wretch fearful of fighting for the country he now calls “our great nation.” In passing, Vietnam and its peasant army won.

  14. John the Drunkard says:

    McCain will bend over and spread his cheeks whenever Trump, or McConnell click their heels.

    The Republican Party: ‘No shred of decency’ since 1954!

  15. StephenJP says:

    Broga, it’s also worth recalling that Trump insulted McCain by saying he only had respect for those in the military who hadn’t let themselves be captured. And this from a serial draft-dodger!

    And indeed from a man who has never shown any understanding of, or commitment to, religion, and who in practice is an atheist. But he knows how to stroke the fannies of his core support. He might do very well as a televangelist once he is hounded from office.

  16. Broga says:

    @StephenJP: At some point it would be useful to have as definitive a study as possible of how such phony, self serving, lying, low life got to be President. There are lessons here for any nation with aspirations, however, limited, towards democratic government.

    My own shallow impressions are that Trump ignored truth and facts and played on the emotions of the millions with the lowest level of education and who were the most deprived. Without scruple or restraint, he set about screwing them while he made sure the wealthiest in society would benefit. The poorest bought his empty and often bizarre promises and are still doing so.

    And, of course, religion played a major part in all this. The non religious, much married, Trump did not hide his contempt for women while attracting the votes of the family revering, gay hating, millions. The fools, now being deprived, accept the emotionally laden words while ignoring what he is doing. For many the prospect of the removal of the much reviled (by Trump) Obamacare has been a reality check.

    I think Trump is a fantasist with a grip on reality which continues to slip.

  17. barriejohn says:

    His tweet is being ignored for the time being, and rightly so:

    “There will be no modifications to the current policy until the President’s direction has been received by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary has issued implementation guidance,” General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in a message to military leaders.

    He added: “In the meantime, we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect.”

  18. barriejohn says:

    I see the idiot has now upset the Boy Scouts with a totally inappropriate and highly politicised speech, for which the Chief Scout has had to apologize:

    He really hasn’t got a clue.

  19. Barry Duke says:

    Bloody hell, BarrieJohn, I was just about to post a comment about the boy scouts using that link. So instead I’ll direct you to this one, which is absolutely devastating.

  20. barriejohn says:

    Barry: Did you mean a comment or a new thread? I would never object to you deleting a comment if I had stolen your thunder!

  21. Broga says:

    Trump has mental problems of some kind. This extreme lack of judgement and inability to deal with reality is bad news for the planet i.e. including us.

  22. Barry Duke says:

    No BarrieJohn, no thunder stolen. I guess we were typing simultaneously but you reached the finishing post first. Two links are better than one when highlighting the infantile behaviour of this egotistical clown.

  23. 1859 says:

    ‘For the tyrant he doeth like the ape – that the higher he climbs the more he doth shoe his arse’.

  24. 1859 says:

    Oh dear, Francis Bacon would have killed me! It is not ‘shoe his arse’ but ‘show his arse’. I was momentarily distracted whether to write ‘the Old English ‘shew’ or show’. Stupid me.

    I can only echo all the above comments that denounce Trump as the most paltry, sordid and pathetic moron to have ever, ever become the president of the US. Seriously, has there ever been a more stupid leader of the free world? Reagan was bad news. Nixon a creep. Bush also an abysmal fool. But Trump??? He must be off the scale. But I agree with what Stephen Fry said – the more we talk about this idiot the more he laps it up like a typical narcissist. Far better to ignore him and starve him of the publicity oxygen he craves. Enough said.

  25. Broga says:

    Trump may be the idol of those who follow the Prince of Peace but his appointments to the White House are fighting like cats in a sack. And even using nasty words to each other. One of them, his new Press Secretary, if I guess the depleted expletive correctly, has called another a ” fucking paranoid schizophrenic.

    Meanwhile, Trump’s attempts to scupper Obamacare and throw transgender people out of the military have hit the buffers. A commentator in the USA says Trump’s attack on the transgender military is an attempt to distract attention from his burgeoning problems. This is now his usual tactic. And the attempted deflections will continue.

  26. Paul says:

    Well John MCCain voted against him. 16 million saved their medical care.

  27. barriejohn says:

    Paul: I just saw that as well.

    The latest attempt to repeal the Obama-era healthcare act has failed after a dramatic night in the US Senate.

    At least three Republicans – John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski – voted against the bill, which needed a simple majority to pass.

    President Donald Trump said the three had “let the American people down”…

    The arc of history is long, but it bends towards revenge.

    Just over two years after candidate Donald Trump mocked John McCain’s Vietnam War record, noting that he prefers heroes “who weren’t captured”, the Arizona senator stuck a dagger in President Trump’s healthcare reform plans.

    There were gasps when Mr McCain, after being furiously lobbied by Vice-President Mike Pence, joined two other Republican senators in voting against the so-called “skinny” repeal plan, considered the bare minimum Senate Republicans could agree on.

    Instead of a big step toward becoming law – either in its skinny form or after further negotiations with the House of Representatives – the future of Obamacare repeal has been thrown into doubt.

  28. barriejohn says:

    Broga: President Trump has fulfilled NONE of the promises that he was making during his election campaign.Once in office he found that putting ideas into practice was much more difficult for a democratically elected leader than it is for the head of a large family business, so soon lost interest, and now concentrates on minor issues to give the impression that he’s beavering away (if you’ll forgive the expression) for the Great American People who elected him (or not, as the case may be*). The man is not fit to hold high office.

    PS I’ve read this morning that Tillerson has had enough too, which wouldn’t surprise me.


    “I voted for the pizza, so the pizza won”!

  29. David Anderson says:

    While I may have my problems with McCain and I am still far from calling him a hero he came through when it counted. Cynical me though says that he did it just to shaft Trump and not out of sympathy for the millions of Americans who would lose their healthcare.

  30. Mark Brewster says:

    Drumpf was elected based on one thing — his bully appeal. He said whatever he felt like saying (at least, he presented it like that) without regard to consequences, like a street punk…thereby giving gravitas to 50 million other street punks too cowardly to do the same (because they KNEW they’d get their candy asses handed to them).

    Everything he’s done since 1/20 has been a careless and capricious effort to BRING DOWN this country by the pillars. He actually DOES think his money, and the monied peers he imagines himself among, will rise from the ashes.

    A friend told me about his ‘ambition’ to be on Mt. Rushmore; my reply was, “Of course he can be on Mt. Rushmore — right after someone pushes him out of a passing plane without a chute!”

    If only…..

  31. Cali Ron says:

    Mark Brewster: I’ll hold the door open …

  32. barriejohn says:

    Sincere apologies; we’ve got it all wrong again. The “Head of the Boy Scouts” apparently phoned President Trump to let him know that his speech was “the greatest speech that was ever made to them”, so there!

    Sadly, no one else has any recollection of this phone call – especially the Chief Scout – and neither does the President of Mexico remember phoning the Donald to congratulate him on the amazing success of his first six months in office, as is being claimed! Fake News or Alzheimer’s?