Wales: Feed my Lambs Church accused of being anti-Muslim

Wales: Feed my Lambs Church accused of being anti-Muslim

Caernarfon councillor Kenny Khan, above, was asked by locals Muslims to find them a venue in which they could do Islamic stuff.

Khan found a hall – owned by the ludicrously-named Feed my Lambs Church in Caernarfon and partly-funded by Heritage Lottery money – but after using it twice the Muslims were told to bugger off because of a “misunderstanding”.

According to this Daily Post report, a row has now broken out, and the church stands accused of anti-Islamic bigotry.

Khan, who is not a Muslim, said the decision to tell the Mohammedans to sling their hook was “appalling”.

Three days after the Muslims’ first meeting, Khan received a phone call from Llanbeblig Rector, the Reverend Roger Donaldson, above, who, although not party to the arrangement, said there had been “a misunderstanding”.

A cheque for £320, which was sent to Llanbeblig Parochial Church Council for use of the hall – a former infant school – was returned.

Khan added:

Two men from the church came into the hall to collect the cheque and actually saw the congregation praying on their mats.

These people pay local taxes. The hall has been Lottery-funded and is for the use of the community. They’ve accepted the cheque and something has happened.

But Rev Donaldson said:

The understanding was they were going to hold bible readings. We are not against Islam; no way. Everybody has the right to worship as they please.

We are not against colour or race. It was just not possible. There has been a breakdown in our public relations.

In a further statement issued Donaldson said:

Feed My Lambs is used for Christian worship and is considered to be a place of worship.

Christian worship has taken place in Feed My Lambs since inception and this element of Christianity was acknowledged when we received the lottery funding.

Feed My Lambs is first and foremost a church hall that allows community use, in a secular context.

We apologise for any misunderstanding.

Shajanur Raja, owner of the licensed Sopna tandoori restaurant in Pontrug said:

We were very happy with the Feed My Lambs hall, it is very clean and presentable and we were grateful to our town councillor for finding us such an excellent place to pray.

We are a small community in Caernarfon but we feel very much a part of the town and would like to be able to hold our prayers here.

Plaid Cymru Arfon AM Sian Gwenllian said:

I would like to know how and why this decision was reached.

The Muslim population of Caernarfon may be small but its members are very much part of our community and should be able to use this building just like anybody else.

A comment below the Daily Post report that has the most likes says:

According to Islam, non Muslims are infidels and should all be killed as non believers, Churches are burnt and Christians are being murdered regularly throughout the world from the Philippines, Africa, the middle and far east, yet these people in Caernarfon have the cheek to make themselves out as ‘victims’. Hypocrites. 

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

16 responses to “Wales: Feed my Lambs Church accused of being anti-Muslim”

  1. Broga says:

    “Everybody has the right to worship as they please.” What they don’t have a right to be is a non worshipper and atheist.

  2. Robert says:

    More islamic shreiking and wailing and gnashing of teeth and howling claims of racist islamophobia. They need little excuse to go off on hysterical rants . A phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear. Ergo islamophobia is impossible.

  3. L.Long says:

    One group of delusional dimwits telling another group of delusional dimwits not to use their hall of delusional praying so that they don’t defile their place of delusion with their isLamic delusional wailings. Sounds right to me!

  4. barriejohn says:

    I agree with Mr Khan; if National Lottery money was used to restore the building, then they have a damned nerve throwing people out for worshipping the wrong god. While it was solely theirs they might have had that right, but it is now supposed to be available for community groups, and what they do in their own time is their business, unless it is illegal. The religious ALWAYS want it all their own way.

  5. Stephen Mynett says:

    The religious are very seldom welcoming of anyone who does not kowtow to their particular belief system. A while back a local religionist was spouting off in the pub, he was disgusted that the funeral that had just taken place in his church was a humanist one. I asked him if they had paid for use of the place and if the church authorities knew it was going to a humanist ceremony. His reply was “yes but that is not the point.” I gave up at that point.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Stephen Mynett: But it’s “sacred ground”, isn’t it!

  7. Stuart H. says:

    I also agree with Khan, but anyway, what are Christians doing grabbing ‘public’ money which derives from gambling? Though to be fair, at least the Sally Ann have refused to seek or receive lottery money (never stops them getting it from other grubby sources though).

    Barriejohn – ah, but think of the lost income from a Christian funeral with all the trimmings (priest, organist, choir…)!

    Again, to be fair, the local Anglicans now routinely point anyone who enquires about non-religious funerals to my local humanist group. But other denominations make a point of saying their clergy can conduct such funerals.

    It’s got so bad that the local undertakers are advising bereaved families against this rather than see a family have the last memory of a loved one wrecked forever by the bigoted antics of money-grabbing charlatans.

  8. John the Drunkard says:

    So Muslims are just fine tenants. So long as they’re studying the Bible? Or if they’re doing some magically ‘secular’ Muslim something or other.

    That, and the use of public funds for a religious establishment means that some train-wreck was inevitable.

  9. 1859 says:

    How can you have a church for ‘lambs’ FFS!? Infant sheep?
    And with all that wet grass in Wales they don’t need ‘feeding’ – just let them loose on the hills. And anyway Welsh sheep all have PhD s in astrophysics, they know what’s going on. It’s the other two-legged sheep that are causing all the problems – instead of just pooing and moving on to another fresh piece of grass, they turn round and eat their own shit – and they’ve been doing it for thousands, and thousands of years!

  10. Kenny Richards says:

    Hello everyone, I am the town councillor involved in this, just for the record my name is Kenny Richards but I am known locally as Kenny Khan. This old infant school fell into dereliction and was developed, with the help of lottery funding into a multi-purpose asset for the benefit of the whole community: It has been used by people of all faiths and those of non faith for various events including resident meetings, training for work clubs, dance classes, keep fit, kids birthday parties, music, and ironically, an annual ‘best curry’ competition, pensioners Christmas dinner, which it could be argued are directly linked to religious practices in one form or another, However, let’s not let allow this “religious row” poison the issue. For me this is clear case of a breach of contract by a morally bankrupt landlord.

  11. Kenny Richards says:

    Thanks for posting this Freethinker.

  12. Broga says:

    “and those of non faith ”

    Kenny. Thanks for the information. Something similar has happened to an old school near me. Those arranging events keep exploring the possibilities. For example meditation classes, led by a long term meditator, started a month ago. Religion or non religion has never been mentioned about what has become a valued social asset.

  13. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Thanks for the info Kenny. If this is supposed to be a community hall & it accepts funding as such, then all members of the community MUST be allowed to use it.

  14. Kenny Richards says:

    Grateful thanks to your extremely valuable contribution Broga & Graham Martin-Royle 🙂

  15. gedediah says:

    Some church PCC actually have rules that their halls can’t be used for worship by other faiths or even denominations. I’ve come up against it where I live when a bunch of Buddhists were turfed out of the local hall that the church got public money to renovate. I guess they don’t like competition.

    A few of us complained (including, to their credit, some of the congregation) and the rules were changed but the Buddhists had already moved elsewhere. The daftest thing was they weren’t even worshipping, it was just for a meeting.

    I reckon is it’s always motivated by bigotry and then they look for any excuse to justify it.

  16. Kenny Richards says:

    The aggravating feature in this case is the apparent u-turn by the church in question.