South African charlatan claims success in banishing gay spirits

South African charlatan claims success in banishing gay spirits

‘Bishop’ Hamilton Nala, whose  beliefs are as outlandish as his choice of clothes, is being held up to ridicule in South Africa over his claims that he has the power to eradicate spirits who make people gay.

On Tuesday night, according to this report,  Nala – a clown who claims he can cure HIV and Aids with his own brand of bottled “holy” water – has likened homosexuality to the Aids virus, a “demon” that the pastor says he has identified and can now exorcise.’s CheckPoint series exposed the Durban-based preacher’s cockamamie beliefs on Tuesday night. The charlatan told viewers:

I have come to realise homosexuality is a spirit, whether you are born with it, whether you got it after you were born – it’s like Aids.

One of Nala’s devotees –  “converted lesbian” Thembeka Mbambo  – said:

I grew up liking girls but I hid it because I grew up in a Christian home and considered it shameful.

But then, she said, Nala discovered she had a male spirit inside her, which he then exorcised.

I fell down and the spirit rose up and I saw the spirit in the image of a man. And I asked where it was going because it had been in me for years. The spirit said I am going because you are using Nala’s products. I am very happy today. And I am free.

The episode provoked widespread outrage on social media, with even the pastor’s Facebook fans ridiculing him and saying he has gone too far this time.

Back in August this year, according to this report, a group of LGBT activists vowed to report his antics to the Equality Court, and picketed outside his Nala Mandate International World of Plenty church in Durban.

They called for Nala, pictured above being waited upon by his two kneeling wives, to stop sending a false message that sexual orientation was a choice and could be “fixed”.

Hlengiwe Buthelezi, chairperson of KZN LGBT Recreation, which promotes inclusion in arts and culture, said homosexuality was not a sickness.

It’s nature. By saying he can heal us, he is proclaiming he is mightier than God because God created us the way we are.

But in his sermon broadcast live on Facebook, Nala said if it was true they were created by God, then that was not the God he believed in.

Whoever wants to take me to court for this can go ahead, as far as I know in South Africa there is a constitution that says I have a right to my opinion.
Everyone who comes to this place comes because they believe in my opinion and my beliefs.

Nala said homosexuality had no place in his Mandate, but the picketers were welcome, on condition that they accepted that God had anointed him to deliver them from “doing that”.

At the picket, Mthokozisi Mtetwa from Folweni outside uMlazi said while his father had finally accepted him and understood that being gay was not a choice, he could be persuaded to change his thinking.

This will take us back to when people believed we are gay because we are possessed by demons or that we chose to be gay.

When he came out 11 years ago, his mother had accepted him, but his brother assaulted him and stopped talking to him.

He (my brother) said I was an embarrassment to the family and he refused to acknowledge me as his brother. Now tell me what a person like that will think when they hear there is a cure?

During his sermon, “King” Nala, as he likes to be called, called on those “suffering” from homosexuality, or parents troubled by their children who are gay or lesbian, to come forward. He told a roaring congregation:

They can bring them to Nala Mandate. I’ve got good news: faith water has delivered people from homosexuality.

11 responses to “South African charlatan claims success in banishing gay spirits”

  1. L.Long says:

    Just looking at his picture I felt I would never trust him alone with a male kid (of any type).

  2. Angela_K says:

    This guy seems to have scammed money out of a lot of gullible fools to fund his ludicrous clothes and tacky lifestyle.

  3. Stephen Mynett says:

    I am usually totally against capital punishment but having witnessed far too many people die of HIV/AIDS I could easily make an exception with people like this, who are criminals the authorities ignore or are too frightened to take on. Pentacostalists are similar, they profess to be able to cure HIV/AIDS and often tell the poor fools they have duped to stop the prescribed medications that are keeping them alive.

    In such cases I would gladly inject the charlatan with some blood supplied by one of my gay or haemophiliac friends who has been infected. This would give the preacher a chance to prove his “cure” works.

  4. Broga says:

    Another religious con man making truck loads of money from the desperate, the innocent and the ignorant.

  5. Cali Ron says:

    Two wives? Did you see how they are looking at each other? Me thinks that while he is supposedly curing gays in public he’ s enjoying some girl on girl fun and games with his wife’s in private. Typical hypocrite snake oil salesman.

    I’m with you Stephen, let him prove his product.

    King of Deception and Bad Taste.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Nala Mandate International World of Plenty Church. Well, he and his wives certainly aren’t going without, are they? There were letters of complaint about the Private Eye cover to which I linked a few days ago, with some saying that it was not legitimate to joke about the Dear Leader’s weight problem, and someone retorted: “When the leader appears to be the only one overweight in a nation of undernourished, stunted people, the shame is all his.” Well put.

    PS Why is the church only “international”? Surely they mean “universal”!

  7. StephenJP says:

    This dingbat is utterly ridiculous and laughable. And I welcome the huge amount of publicity that this article will, hopefully, have generated. The more shit that loonies like this fling out, the more that might stick to the more orthodox manifestations of faith.

  8. John the Drunkard says:

    Islam and Christianity, the religions of conquerors and slave-traders. Clearly the worst holdover in post-colonial Africa.

  9. DOM says:

    Looking at the picture, the two wives hate each other with a passion.

  10. Robster says:

    Move over Frank at the Vatican, there’s a new king of bling and extremely poor taste.

  11. 1859 says:

    The snake-skin pyjamas speak volumes. A prize charlatan and no mistake.