Kim Davis travels to Romania to spread her Christian poison

Kim Davis travels to Romania to spread her Christian poison

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk jailed for five days in 2015 after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licences, snuggled up to a man in a frock when she arrived in Romania to stoke up hatred.

According to this report, America’s right-wing Liberty Counsel, which represented Davis when she got herself into hot water over her homophobia, says Davis and the group’s Vice President of Legal Affairs, Harry Mihet, are touring the Eastern European country to discuss the dire effects of same-sex marriage in the US, and to support Romania’s  campaign to block legal recognition of such unions there.

The pair, according to a Liberty Council press release:

Are holding conferences in Romania’s largest cities, including Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Timisoara and Iasi. Their message is simple and based upon the recent lessons learned in the United States: same-sex ‘marriage’ and freedom of conscience are mutually exclusive, because those who promote the former have zero tolerance for the latter.

Davis, who remains Rowan County’s clerk, was jailed for contempt after refusing to issue marriage licenses in compliance with the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which made it legal for gays and lesbians to marry in every state. Her office now issues licenses without her signature.

Davis and Mihet will be in Romania for nine days, according to a Liberty Counsel press release.

Romania does not currently recognise same-sex marriage, nor does any neighboring country. Liberty Counsel says Davis and Mihet, however, are supporting a petition requesting a referendum to add a same-sex marriage ban to the nation’s constitution.

Kim Davis, one of America’s most “persecuted” Christians

Davis and Mihet, who is originally from Romania, have met with Orthodox church leaders, members of the country’s parliament and are giving “numerous television and radio interviews,” according to the release.

After Davis refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, citing “God’s law” as her reason, it emerged that she personally has been married four times to three different men.

Holly Meade, a spokeswoman for Liberty Counsel, said that rather than hypocrisy, Davis’ personal history shows “the amazing grace of God to use someone like that” and that “her past is forgiven.”

The zealots’ visit to Romania coincides with a directive on religious freedom issued last week by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Commenting on that memo, Adalia Woodbury, writing for PoliticusUSA, said:

The Sessions memo provides bigots with religious cover to deny services, employment, housing or healthcare to people they don’t like, under the pretence that such barbarity is sanctioned by God. It can also result in denial of treatment by doctors and denial of prescribed medication by pharmacists, under the pretense that this has anything to do with morality or religion.

It’s a nightmare scenario that bears strong resemblance to the conditions women are subjected to under ISIS.

None of this is surprising to anyone who knew who Donald Trump is. It doesn’t surprise anyone with even a passing understanding of the belief systems that Trump’s coalition of racists, theocrats and fascists represent.

The combination of drama, Orwellian policy, Trump’s latest comments and gestures are designed to shock, traumatise, overwhelm and envelope us in the darkness of authoritarianism.

Knowing and understanding it matters. Resisting it matters more.

30 responses to “Kim Davis travels to Romania to spread her Christian poison”

  1. barriejohn says:

    Everyone wants to know what Kim Il Bonkers is doing in that pic. Captions…PLEASE!!!

  2. Brummie says:

    “Now, that’s the strap-on strapped on. Who’s first fellas?”

  3. AgentCormac says:

    Apart from being inhuman and uncompromising, Davis has a physical resemblance to this guy too.

  4. Broga says:

    It doesn’t matter a toss, so to speak, what she and her bigots do because they will lose. Whatever is said overtly to demonstrate keeping to the faith people will still think and behave according to their nature, So, the preaching priests sexually abuse children, the sanctimonious bible belt types beat their wives and children, those so against gay relationships are secretly having such relationships and our religious MPs are watching pornography and shagging their secretaries.

    And so it goes on, including clergy who preach the “truth” of God’s word while joining other clergy non believers in secret. We have evolved to be what we are and we are going to be it. There are two games being played: that on the surface and a far more driven one underneath.

  5. Angela_K says:

    The moronic Davis has become an international poster girl for the Christian bigots: “Look at me I’m persecuted because I can’t persecute others I don’t like”.

  6. Broga says:

    Kim ll Bonkers photographed with her nuclear scientists who have produced the weapon which will shortly destroy the USA.

  7. L.Long says:

    A hate-filled bigoted xtian woman, whose beliefs state she should shut up and obey her “1ST HUSBAND” as divorce is a sin, is going to talk to bearded men in dresses about being evil!! Well she is an expert!

  8. barriejohn says:

    Broga: “our religious MPs are watching pornography and shagging their secretaries.”

    John Major, anyone?

  9. Daz says:

    “same-sex ‘marriage’ and freedom of conscience are mutually exclusive, because those who promote the former have zero tolerance for the latter.”

    Says someone who obviously has no idea what freedom of conscience actually is.

  10. barriejohn says:

    Daz: Don’t you realize that in America you can only marry someone of the same gender as yourself now? It’s outrageous!

  11. Alan Crowe says:

    If Kim Davis has tried marriage to men four times and failed, well you know where I’m going with this………..
    The lady doth protest too much.

  12. Angela_K says:

    @barriejohn. According to some loopy Christians it is all part of the homosexual agenda [didn’t know we had one] to make homosexuality compulsory – don’t know how that is supposed to work.
    John Major and “curried eggs”

  13. AgentCormac says:

    “Look at me I’m persecuted because I can’t persecute others I don’t like”.

    In a nutshell, Angela_K.

  14. Peter Sykes says:

    “If only closed minds came with closed mouths.” –

  15. Angela_K says:

    @Daz. Thanks, that is excellent.

  16. Broga says:

    barriejohn: “Major brought all these exposés on himself, with that ludicrous ‘Back to Basics’ speech at the last Tory conference … It strikes me that probably every Tory MP is up to some sexual shenanigans, but we can hardly get them all fired or there will be nobody left to run the country.”

    Much the same today, I suppose. They are a bunch of shysters and spivs who have found a way to inveigle themselves by using bullshit into jobs with loads of perks and zero accountability.

  17. Stephen Mynett says:

    ” . . . but we can hardly get them all fired or there will be nobody left to run the country.”

    Not sure I agree Broga, are you forgetting a permanent resident at no !0, the cat, a considerably more astute being than the recent humans who have moved in and got booted out of there.

  18. Broga says:

    Stephen Mynett : I forget who was implicated in the expulsion of the cat. We have a cat – half Siamese, half Burmese – that had to be rehomed and we have now had it for eight years. It is a smart animal. Dog like in many ways. I hate the way they kill birds – natural born killers.

  19. StephenJP says:

    Alan Crowe: and the article says she was married four times to THREE different men! I wonder who the sucker was who tried it on twice!

    Joking aside, Sessions’ comment is chilling. As the article suggests, how long before religiously-minded doctors are allowed to refuse to treat people whose lifestyle or orientation they disapprove of? I would like to think that this attitude is unlikely to cross the Atlantic, but I do wonder sometimes.

  20. Stephen Mynett says:

    Stephen JP, from personal experience I think nurses are a bigger worry for imposing religious bigotry. Doctors who are willing to up morphine levels to end the suffering of terminal patients have to be very wary of some nurses, who will report them despite the fact the patient had made it clear they wanted an end.

    I have known a few haematologists from Islamic countries who were fine, I think the extra education and type of mind needed to study their subject helped them to escape the stupidity of dogma.

    Broga, I am glad the two cats who live with me have become too old to catch birds, unless it is a particularly suicidal one. The regular pile of “trophies” I used to find on the doormat was quite unpleasant.

  21. Broga says:

    Stephen Mynett : Our cat has also retired from killing. He used to bring home half grown rabbits and sometimes a squirrel. Now he seems to need to get his 22 hours a day sleeping.

  22. barriejohn says:

    Broga et al: I have friends who had two Burmese cats – one of which was definitely the dominant one, and quite unfriendly, though I always liked him because he had character. They then acquired a dog, and said cat’s nose was so put out of joint that he decamped to a house a few doors away. He still visits every once in a while, has a good look round (to see if the dog’s still there, obviously), and then stalks off again as much as to say, “Keep it”!

  23. StephenJP says:

    Stephen Mynett, thank you for that observation. You may well be right. I have to say that when my father was dying (basically, from most of his systems packing in, at the age of 94); and a year later, when my dear sister died (from complications following oesophageal cancer, at 56), their deaths were eased through judicious application of morphine to relieve their terminal pain.

    The hospitals we dealt with were great. I am sure others aren’t. Trouble is, there is too much pot luck. The last thing we need is religion mucking things up.

  24. barriejohn says:

    Talking of “racists, theocrats and fascists”, I see that Netanyahu has now joined President Trump in announcing his country’s withdrawal from UNESCO:


  25. Barry Duke says:

    America’s Alliance Defending Freedom is also poking its snout into Romania’s affairs.

  26. barriejohn says:

    And Trump will be addressing a Family Research Council event:

    “Liberty”, “freedom” , “research” – it makes you laugh, doesn’t it?

  27. Broga says:

    “Land of the free, home of the brave.” If only.

  28. Stephen Mynett says:

    How about: “Land of the free for all, home of bravado.”

  29. gedediah says:

    Only 3 of her 4 marriages were to men? What can it mean?