Dangerous Danish cult recruits ‘world famous’ singer Lou Bega

Dangerous Danish cult recruits ‘world famous’ singer Lou Bega

The photo above shows Lou Bega, right, praying with Torben Sondergaard, leader of ‘a really dangerous’ cult called The Last Reformation, based in Denmark.

The picture was taken from a recent The Last Reformation promotional video on YouTube in which Bega speaks of finding Jesus and dragging his family into the cult, which says:

Lou Bega, a world-wide famous singer, best known for the song ‘Mambo No. 5’, appears in our next movie! After he had repented from his sins he saw that he needed to be baptized in Jesus Christ and he contacted us.

Sondergaard is a charlatan and a shameless conman. Another of his videos shows the word “real” appearing in the sky and says:

A woman prayed for a sign in the heavens and God answered her prayer. Yes, it was a plane (we think – we didn’t actually see it), but for us and everyone there, it didn’t make it any less of a miracle, because it happened right there in that moment …

Yes “real” really did appear in the sky, but not in the way presented in the video. In 2014, an Australian marketing company The Works ran a campaign for Sunbeam, a company selling electric home appliances. It targeted men with the slogan “Real men don’t watch football, real men cook”.  A plane was hired write “Real men cook” across the sky but the words “men cook” were removed to hoodwink cult followers.

Sondergaard, who was in Australia at the time, apparently filmed the skywriting and doctored it to deceive gullible viewers of his video, which has been seen more than a million times on YouTube and broadcasted on the world wide Christian TV channel God TV with 250 millions viewers.

Some may say that this was just a harmless trick, but The Last Reformation itself is far from harmless.

In May 2016 we reported that Sondergaard had come to Spain where held healing sessions that targeted autistic children. This prompted Ireland’s Fiona O’Leary, of the group Autistic Rights Together (ART) who herself has two autistic children, to issue a warning about the cult. She said it is:

Really dangerous. They are terrifying vulnerable people and autistic children by telling them they are possessed with demons. They believe they can free the demons from your body by administering baptism. They refer to it as being ‘delivered’ or ‘set free’.

They seem to target vulnerable people; many people with serious conditions are being targeted by The Last Reformation.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that cannot be cured but sometimes parents are not receiving the proper support they need and they can be taken in by groups like The Last Reformation.”

They also claim they can ‘cure’ gay people, it is truly horrendous what this group are doing.

You won’t be surprised to learn that The Last Reformation is a money-making scam. It is currently running a three-week  “Pioneer Training Schoolat the Jesus Hotel in Aalborg, above. To enroll you’ll need to cough up a minimum of £700.00 (£1,400.00 for married couples and £350.00 each for children).

So what do you get for your dosh?

A course of teaching, discipleship, working on spreading the Gospel, walking to the streets healing the sick, casting out demons, baptizing in water and Holy Spirit, travel and much more.

You will be taught the word of God and we provide instruction and practical training in healing the sick, preaching the gospel, leading people to salvation and so on. We will also have guest speakers and teachers from around the world, who already are seeing the fruits of a lifestyle of discipleship.

The person who emailed me about Bega’s involvement with The Last Reformation said:

So, in short, Lou Bega has joined a cult that claims autistic children have demons and the followers (unknowingly) believe an advertisement for electric home appliance was a sign that God blessed them.

32 responses to “Dangerous Danish cult recruits ‘world famous’ singer Lou Bega”

  1. Henri says:

    A money making scam? Well I never. What will they think of next? As far as I can see every religious order, sect and cult is essentially a money making scam. From the Catholic Church right down to the smallest local cult they all scam money out of stupefied coerced masses.

    Its time such institutions are prosecuted for selling a faulty products that do not work.

  2. Broga says:

    No shortage of gullible victims as is demonstrated yet again.

    ” practical training in healing the sick.” Great use of the word practical. The suckers think they will learn something they could actually use. Why waste six years becoming a doctor when you can start “healing the sick” in return for £700.

  3. AgentCormac says:

    Deluded though he may be, at least our resident village idiot, Bob Hutton, isn’t, as far as we know, clinically retarded. He just chooses of his own free will to be a complete fucking idiot. But I guess it takes a special kind of moral low for religiots to target autistic children who, in many cases, don’t really have the faculties to decide anything for themselves. I hope they feel utterly ashamed.

  4. CoastalMaineBird says:

    I’ve noticed that faith healers never work at hospitals, which seems like the place where they’re needed most.

    I wonder why that is?

  5. Peterat says:

    What’s next,”miracle water”?

  6. Marcus says:

    For 700 quid I wanna be taught how to walk on water, and change water into wine.

  7. This is really far out.
    I did not held a meeting in Spain targeted autistic children. Try prove that? I like to see that?
    And the 700 pounds are for 3 weeks with food and lodging. Not like you write here.
    It is sad to see a journalist write such things without checking if it is correct what he writes.

    Torben Søndergaard

  8. StephenJP says:

    And so, at no extra expense, you get to know how to walk on wine!

    More seriously, this cult is clearly a money-making scam. When such scams take advantage of gullible idiots, I would be inclined to leave them to it. But when they take advantage of vulnerable people, and tell blatant lies into the bargain, they need to be exposed and squashed. I hope that their presence in the UK is minimal.

  9. Sue says:


    Their presence is not minimal. It seems they have an interative map with their core followers at

    Try to look at it.

  10. Barry Duke says:

    Torben, are you denying, as reported here and in many other news outlets, that your outfit regards autistic children as “demon possessed”?

    And what have you to say about your doctored use of a piece of commercial skywriting to fool people into believing it was a sign from God?

  11. Tim says:

    People are at liberty to believe or not believe an idea. Each of them are responsible for their belief. As long as they are not stealing, (you know like government agencies), extorting you( like the government bombing your nation for domination) then back off. You are free to disagree or agree it is called freedom. Take that away and you can go back to Russian or North Korea and live there. They would just love for you to speak out. Looking at most of your comments you are against anything that about Christians anyway.

  12. barriejohn says:

    God can’t cure baldness then?

  13. Laura says:

    Here is to you Torben …
    The 700GBD is in addition of the books and videos that the brainwashed “students” have to buy and study before they join. Your so called doctrine given by God. 😉
    And it’s not only the autistic children that you target for money, it’s all the people who are weak and lost asking them to stop therapy and medication as a proof of faith. What happens to them after you and your Esterhuyze lieutenants-devils have taken their money and completed the brainwash ? Do you care ? You lie every single day of your life and everybody knows this. Shame on you Torben Sondergaard.

  14. Gaurav Tyagi says:

    Torben, I really admire your guts in coming to this magazines site and leave your comment. Majority of the Readers of The Freethinker comprise of atheists like me so, you won’t find any potential business here.

    Barry Duke gave you a befitting reply. By the way, I checked Torben’s website, must say that his marketing strategy is excellent;

    Barry why don’t you start something similar with The Freethinker, starting with a live chat feature on the site, where like minded individuals with an aversion towards all religions can converse with each other.

    Who knows very shortly there would be The Freethinker hotels worldwide like what Torben is planning with his global chain of Jesus Hotels 🙂

  15. barriejohn says:

    Does the Jesus Hotel have a stable out the back, just in case any pregnant woman turns up looking for a room?

  16. Gaurav Tyagi says:

    @barriejohn, hahaha good one, then we will have Jesus Junior being born in The Jesus Hotel

  17. andym says:

    Stayed there once. Loads of food, but not much variety-just bread and some seafood.

  18. Gaurav Tyagi says:

    @Tim, as you say that people are at liberty to believe or not believe an idea. How are ideas and opinions formed? Through reading, traveling, introspection as well as personal experiences. If someone is expressing their idea about faith in religion then another individual, who is an atheist should be able to counter the religious person without facing persecution or violence. It is then for the listeners to decide, whom to follow. Bertrand Russell famously said; “Most people would rather die than think:many do” Your statement that you are against anything that is Christian is not correct. A majority of the readers of The Freethinker are probably Westerners and as such they are regularly exposed to Christanity since, it’s the dominant religion in those parts of the world but believe me Eastern religions like Hinduism, Islam etc. are equally bad. If you look carefully at The Freethinker’s website, you will find articles criticizing all religions.

  19. barriejohn says:

    Tim: Many people’s freedom is stolen by those who would indoctrinate or brainwash them, as happened in my own case, in which, as the previous commenter points out, the culprit was fundamentalist Christianity. No one can give me back the precious years which I lost, or undo the psychological damage inflicted upon me as a mere youth. It is shameful and unforgivable. I think he (Gaurav Tyagi) adequately answers your question. The aims of the Freethinker are made clear elsewhere on this site:

    “Cutting”, “abrasive”, “sarcastic”, “offensive” … These are just some of the words used to describe the Freethinker magazine, which was launched in Britain in 1881 and has continued publishing without a break until May 2014, when it became an Internet only publication…

    In issue 1 of the Freethinker (May, 1881) Foote* wrote:

    “The Freethinker is an anti-Christian organ, and must therefore be chiefly aggressive. It will wage relentless war against Superstition in general, and against Christian Superstition in particular. It will do its best to employ the resources of Science, Scholarship, Philosophy and Ethics against the claims of the Bible as a Divine Revelation; and it will not scruple to employ for the same purpose any weapons of ridicule or sarcasm that may be borrowed from the armoury of Common Sense.”

    * As a result mainly of irreligious cartoons published in the Christmas, 1882, edition, the founder and first editor of the Freethinker, G W Foote was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with hard labour.

    Suck it up!

  20. Truth Be Told says:

    Sondergaard claims to be reforming the church system, all while re-forming the same institution he claims he is against. Sounds like he is robbing an institution by forming his own institution and stealing their funding.

    What a pill!

  21. Gaurav Tyagi says:

    @barriejohn “No one can give me back the precious years which I lost, or undo the psychological damage inflicted upon me as a mere youth. It is shameful and unforgivable”.

    I fully understand your pain and anguish however, you are a strong, thinking individual now. Imagine, the plight of Billions of people on this planet still shackled in the chains of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism etc. All of them are cults, which abuse their followers.

    “The Freethinker is an anti-Christian organ, and must therefore be chiefly aggressive. It will wage relentless war against Superstition in general, and against Christian Superstition in particular. It will do its best to employ the resources of Science, Scholarship, Philosophy and Ethics against the claims of the Bible as a Divine Revelation; and it will not scruple to employ for the same purpose any weapons of ridicule or sarcasm that may be borrowed from the armoury of Common Sense.”

    This paragraph attracted me to The Freethinker in the first place.

    I wrote an article about religious stupidity, which no publication was ready to carry since, it involved religion. I came across The Freethinker while doing a random search on the internet about anti-religious news sites.

    Barry Duke was kind enough to provide me space in his prestigious magazine by carrying this (my first) composition on The Freethinker;

    As for G W Foote, the founder and the first editor of The Freethinker, hats off to that great man. He was far ahead of his times.

    Religious people do not use their minds that’s why we atheists should light up a fire to set their brains thinking, which due to its non-usage slips down to two feet below their head, where the sun doesn’t shine.

  22. Rene says:

    Why do atheists even care, what’s the foundation of your higher moral regarding the destruction of Christianity, and well, basically anything? Why should you care if Christianity or anything was false or not and that it ‘indoctrinates’ people?

  23. Barry Duke says:

    Why should we care, Rene? The answer is simple. We have only one life, and we want a better world in which to live it and raise our children.

    Religion, which strives to discourage critical thinking, produces people who contribute very little to the betterment of society. Wishful thinking for a place in a non-existent heaven turns believers into cattle – easy prey for charlatans like Sondergaard, and hundreds like him.

    Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the death of Giordano Bruno, tortured and murdered on February 17, 1600, by the Catholic Church for being a “heretic”. The churches may have lost the power to execute non-believers, but they still have the ability to kill “heretical” thinking by terrorising people with threats of hellfire.

    We want this to stop, and the only way we can stop it is by using every resource available to us to expose the sheer stupidity and the terrible dangers of religious belief.

  24. andym says:

    Methinks Rene sees atheism as turning everyone into nihilistic zombies. That’s more a reflection of your values, not ours.

  25. Tim says:

    Atheism the practise of the absence of God. Christ Jesus will build his kingdom regardless of your efforts to stop it. All the mocking and jesting of how you think you can remove the spiritual life of others through your persistent resistance. My fellow brothers in Christ have errors but this is not your fight. Your fight is with God and you have already lost. The Spirit of God will use you in your hardened heart to be an example to all the hosts of heaven of those who think they can resist God. No Atheism is NOT higher moral ground at all. Atheist lie to themselves and in their darkened mind think them selves wise. In you heart you just hate God. Now that is THE PROBLEM nothing more nothing less. It is written that they hated Jesus with a cause. Atheism is but the outward evidence of hating God in the similar way.

  26. andym says:

    Not just a troll, but an semi-literate one. I think you mean “practice” (noun), Dear Boy.

  27. Gaurav Tyagi says:

    Hahaha, Tim you are a funny guy. You can only hate a living being. God is a figment of human imagination. Look , when kids are 7 or 8 years old they often fight with each other. One child says Superman is the best. The other one says no Batman is the bravest but the adults know that all these superheroes are ‘created characters’ for the entertainment of kids. Religious people are those, who refuse to grow up. No matter, what is their physical age. Their mental age remains stuck as that of a 7 or 8 year old kid. Muslim says Allah is the real and only God. Christian says Jesus is the real one. Hindus have millions (no dictators; full democracy) of Gods but in reality there are no Gods. Religion and Gods were invented to keep society in check so, the masses don’t revolt against the corrupt practices of kings/politicians and their brothers-in-arms, priests.

  28. barriejohn says:

    Guarav Tiagi: Exactly. It would be like wasting energy “hating” Micky Mouse!

    I received the following post yesterday:

  29. Barry Duke says:

    You absolutely nailed it, Gaurav. People like Tim, who haven’t the foggiest idea of what atheism really is, are suffering from stunted cerebral development. They are intellectual dwarfs.

  30. Tim says:

    Every one of you blind men are trying to so hard to justify your selves as though anyone other than Atheist are stupid as you look down their noses. You proud peacocks! You deny what is in front of you, creation. How can any self inflicted blindness see any thing? You deny God and hate everyone who tries to remove the said veil. You are all with out excuse from the creation of the world HIS eternal Godhead is CLEARLY SEEN.

  31. Gaurav Tyagi says:

    Tim man, we are what we are. We do not believe in God. In my personal opinion an atheist should definitely try to reason with the believers of religion about the absurditity of their faith. You are calling us atheists blind whereas religious people like you are stupid blind morons to believe in a non existent God. You fucking proud religious retards, where the fuck is your God, when small helpless kids are raped by horny, greedy bastard priests and pastors in churches, mosques and temples? Where the fuck is your God, when people lose their lives in wars and road accidents? Why doesn’t your God save them? Shove your God up your dirty smelly rear. Go and waste your life singing ‘songs for your imaginary lord’ in a church. You bloody asshole, why do you visit this magazines website, no body over here would join your church.

  32. Gaurav Tyagi says:

    @barriejohn nice link. Kindly go through this one by Bhagat Singh, an India revolutionary hanged to death by the British rulers. Bhagat Singh turned to atheism in his brief but highly eventful life. He was only 23 years of age when given the death sentence. Amazing wisdom and clarity of thought at such a young age;

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