Dangerous Danish cult recruits ‘world famous’ singer Lou Bega

Dangerous Danish cult recruits ‘world famous’ singer Lou Bega

The photo above shows Lou Bega, right, praying with Torben Sondergaard, leader of ‘a really dangerous’ cult called The Last Reformation, based in Denmark.

The picture was taken from a recent The Last Reformation promotional video on YouTube in which Bega speaks of finding Jesus and dragging his family into the cult, which says:

Lou Bega, a world-wide famous singer, best known for the song ‘Mambo No. 5’, appears in our next movie! After he had repented from his sins he saw that he needed to be baptized in Jesus Christ and he contacted us.

Sondergaard is a charlatan and a shameless conman. Another of his videos shows the word “real” appearing in the sky and says:

A woman prayed for a sign in the heavens and God answered her prayer. Yes, it was a plane (we think – we didn’t actually see it), but for us and everyone there, it didn’t make it any less of a miracle, because it happened right there in that moment …

Yes “real” really did appear in the sky, but not in the way presented in the video. In 2014, an Australian marketing company The Works ran a campaign for Sunbeam, a company selling electric home appliances. It targeted men with the slogan “Real men don’t watch football, real men cook”.  A plane was hired write “Real men cook” across the sky but the words “men cook” were removed to hoodwink cult followers.

Sondergaard, who was in Australia at the time, apparently filmed the skywriting and doctored it to deceive gullible viewers of his video, which has been seen more than a million times on YouTube and broadcasted on the world wide Christian TV channel God TV with 250 millions viewers.

Some may say that this was just a harmless trick, but The Last Reformation itself is far from harmless.

In May 2016 we reported that Sondergaard had come to Spain where held healing sessions that targeted autistic children. This prompted Ireland’s Fiona O’Leary, of the group Autistic Rights Together (ART) who herself has two autistic children, to issue a warning about the cult. She said it is:

Really dangerous. They are terrifying vulnerable people and autistic children by telling them they are possessed with demons. They believe they can free the demons from your body by administering baptism. They refer to it as being ‘delivered’ or ‘set free’.

They seem to target vulnerable people; many people with serious conditions are being targeted by The Last Reformation.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that cannot be cured but sometimes parents are not receiving the proper support they need and they can be taken in by groups like The Last Reformation.”

They also claim they can ‘cure’ gay people, it is truly horrendous what this group are doing.

You won’t be surprised to learn that The Last Reformation is a money-making scam. It is currently running a three-week  “Pioneer Training Schoolat the Jesus Hotel in Aalborg, above. To enroll you’ll need to cough up a minimum of £700.00 (£1,400.00 for married couples and £350.00 each for children).

So what do you get for your dosh?

A course of teaching, discipleship, working on spreading the Gospel, walking to the streets healing the sick, casting out demons, baptizing in water and Holy Spirit, travel and much more.

You will be taught the word of God and we provide instruction and practical training in healing the sick, preaching the gospel, leading people to salvation and so on. We will also have guest speakers and teachers from around the world, who already are seeing the fruits of a lifestyle of discipleship.

The person who emailed me about Bega’s involvement with The Last Reformation said:

So, in short, Lou Bega has joined a cult that claims autistic children have demons and the followers (unknowingly) believe an advertisement for electric home appliance was a sign that God blessed them.

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  1. Tim says:

    Tell me what moral hight ground do you have to trump Jesus Christ? What miracle have you performed? What life have you changed? Risen from the dead? Full fill all 16 prophecies of in man? What time date do you have that bears your name? What curse word do you use to express your disgust? Why do men curse God every day? No atheist are no more intelligent than any other just because they deny reality. I will stay with the real God that you deny and walk in the reality of the miraculous. The only revolution that has any lasting merit is the kingdom of God through the gospel of HIS SON.

  2. Gaurav Tyagi says:

    What moral ground do you have to justify Jesus Christ? I write to make people aware about various issues. If they experience a paradigm shift and change, good for them. “I can only show you the path, you have to walk on it yourself”. The miracle, which I have performed is scaring the ‘pants off’ Indian establishment and it’s not even 2 full years since, I started writing. Hiding behind the myth of Jesus Christ, Christian priests sexually abuse kids and fatten themselves on church donations. As I said, you are free to follow, whatever you wish. I have outgrown all religious nonsense and won’t join you in singing praises of Jesus Christ. The reality is there isn’t any God. You can continue living in your fantasyland and jump with joy like a monkey in your so called Kingdom of God.

    Stop wasting your time coming to this forum and praise God because we folks over here won’t be swayed by your propaganda.

    Barry Duke(the editor of this magazine) is kind enough not to block you, if I were to go to any Christian or any other religious site and post like the way you are doing here, it would make the trousers of priests wet from the front and yellow from the back and they would block me.

    The fact that Barry hasn’t done so shows the large, kind heartedness and broad minded mentality of us atheists. You religious folks on the other hand are just like Zombies wasting your lives following books written by fraud characters to befool masses during ancient times.

  3. barriejohn says:

    Gaurav: You’re wasting your time. We’re dealing with a closed mind here. “Walking in the reality of the miraculous”; what bullshit! They can’t produce a shred of evidence to support their ridiculous assertions apart from anecdote and coincidence. The last time that I was admitted to A&E with chest pains I waited on a trolley in a draughty corridor with dozens of others until five o’clock the following morning to see a doctor, but there was no sign of the local charismatics laying on hands or anointing the sick to empty the hospital. What a boost that sort of thing would provide to their membership, and the tax savings alone would pay for many new church buildings! Instead, all we hear is tales of someone who knew someone whose aunt met a woman who worked with someone who lived next door to a man who prayed to a saint and was “cured of cancer”. I’ve heard it all a million times; and Christians would go into raptures because “God” answered their prayers and helped them find their keys, or sent someone along in their car just when they needed a lift home with their heavy shopping. Please – don’t insult our intelligence. This all-knowing, all-powerful “Maker of the Universe” is spectacularly invisible when real tragedies occur, like famines, earthquakes, hurricanes, and so on, as everyone knows, and they have no answer to that fact whatsoever. My breath is not bated, as I know that this troll doesn’t have the answers either!

  4. Tim says:

    Well we can agree on one thing this is waist of time. I don’t need to curse you to communicate but you do have some great skills of belittling others to get your point across. The bible clearly says the fool has said in his heart there is no God. Men are with out excuse from the creation of the world as well as their own conscience. All the ill’s of religion is not representative of Jesus Christ including the pedifile priest of RC. So my last post “God is not mocked for what so ever a man will sow that he shall reap. He that sows to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption. Galatians 6:7