Religion is *&$$&#!* and Jesus and Mo are *$£#%%s!!, so there!

Religion stinks! There! Said it! Tee-hee! Glad we’ve got that out of the way before we can’t say it any more. Well, that may be very far off – or maybe not. It depends on how big an ear the United Nations gives to Kuwait’s call for all criticism of religion to be banned – internationally. “Kuwait’s […]

Catholics first in the queue

When it comes to possible advancements in science, it’s usually religionists who are first in line to complain. In this case, it’s the Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly and the new Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy – Catholics both – who are leading calls for a free vote on the UK Parliament’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. […]

A threat to our way of life?

PERHAPS we shouldn’t be surprised that Islam is seen as a threat to our way of life in Europe – at least according to a survey carried out across 21 European countries. One account of the poll is in this Sunday Express story. It shows that an “overwhelming majority” of Europeans believe the threat comes from […]

Let’s have religious laws, says Imam

Already, sharia law operates in Britain, but, thank goodness, it’s not enshrined in British law – yet. If some Muslims living here get their way, it soon will be. The latest to call for religiously inspired laws to become part of British law – i.e. part of the law that has, for the most part, come […]

Might the Lords Spiritual be spirited away?

Could the end be in sight for bishops in Britain’s second legislative chamber, the House of Lords? Certainly, their as-of-right presence there will come under new scrutiny within the next few weeks, when the government’s latest proposals on reforming the Lords are published. “The Department of the Constitution has announced that the electorate could find […]

New words for old

Another one from the You-Couldn’t-Make-It-Up-If-You-Had-the-Combined-Imaginations-of-Philip-Pullman-and-J K-Rowling department: the UK’s esteemed Home Secretary has just redefined Islam. Actually, Jacqui Smith (pictured below) has redefined Islamic-inspired terrorism, calling it – in a move straight out of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth – “anti-Islamic activity”. But in order to do that she’s got to know what Islamic activity is. Or else […]

Religion versus marriage: a “landmark” case

A registrar in London is taking her employers to a tribunal because her religion gets in the way of her carrying out her duties. Lillian Ladele won’t officiate at civil-partnership ceremonies in Islington, and now she’s in conflict with the council, for which she’s worked for more than ten years. She’s taking her case to […]

Islamic “justice” in Iran

Islamic law has already accounted for 23 executions, five hands and five feet in Iran, and that’s before the first two full weeks of 2008 are out. According to a sorry tale in the Daily Mail, Islamic “justice” has meant that five convicted robbers have each had one hand and one foot amputated. And the 23 public […]

Soap and censorship

Another shining example of how enlightening and forward-thinking religion can be comes from Afghanistan, where the Taliban want to ban Indian soap operas. Bad for morals, they say. Could encourage odd worship practices. Instead of watching television, people should go to mosques. It’s all here in a Times story, which says TV executives are being […]

Ditch blasphemy law, says PEN chief

The president of English PEN (the UK arm of the worldwide writers’ organisation)  says the law of blasphemous libel is not only obsolete but contravenes our rights to freedom of expression under the European Convention on Human Rights. Lisa Appignanesi (pictured below), writing in the Guardian, quotes the Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie, who said, […]