‘Nazi dog’ man Mark Meechan vows to appeal £800.00 fine

The fine was imposed on Meechan, above right, at Airdrie Sheriff Court a month after he was found guilty of a hate crime: posting a video on YouTube of a pug giving ‘Nazi’ salutes. According to this BBC report, Meechan said he would appeal the sentence imposed on him yesterday by Sheriff Derek O’Carroll, who […]

Global protests against sex education take place today

Driven by mainly by the Christian conviction that sex-education is bad, and that schoolkids should be kept ignorant, a bunch of ‘concerned’ parents are today staging ‘Sex Ed Sit Out’ protests in multiple US cities as well as Australia and the UK. According to this Life Site report, the protest, originally launched by a few […]

Christian University makes millions selling dodgy courses

A newly-published  investigation into degree courses being sold online by Liberty University, the Trump-supporting evangelical Christian college founded by the now-late Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell, reveals that its courses ‘falls significantly short of American academic standards’. But, according to this report, there’s not a lot the authorities can do because, unlike other online universities such […]

In this new church, the Holy Spirit comes in bottles & cans

Around eight months ago ‘Pope’ Tsietsi Makiti, above, launched a church intended to be a haven for boozers. Yesterday an AP report said that Gabola Church is gaining in popularity, and it quoted Makiti as saying: We are a church for those who have been rejected by other churches because they drink alcohol. Gabola Church […]

NSS campaign launched to end state-funded faith schools

Historian and broadcaster Dan Snow, left, and politician and former actor Lord Cashman are among those who are supporting a new national campaign launched this week by the National Secular Society to end state-funded faith schools. The NSS says on its website that the No More Faith Schools campaign will highlight the widespread concerns and […]

Christian Legal Centre & Pope involved in Alfie Evans case

Tom Evans and Kate James, above, the parents of a boy on a life support system, today lost the latest round of their legal fight to have Alfie Evans moved to a hospital in Rome.  Evans and James, according to the BBC, failed to persuade the Supreme Court that Alfie was being unlawfully detained at […]

Anglican priest used Internet to share his paedophile fantasies

Melbourne priest Philip Murphy, 54, above, found himself in the dock of an Australian court after he said in online chats that he fantasised about raping infant boys. According to this report, Judge Phillip Coish, presiding at Murphy’s child pornography trial this week, described the priest’s discussions as “grossly offensive and deeply disturbing” but said […]

Irreligious Britain is entering a ‘frightening new Dark Age’

Bishop Philip Egan of the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth – pictured above with a glum young novitiate – warned at the weekend that a ‘frightening new Dark Age’ brought on by the end of faith in society is imminent for Britain. According to this report, he said in an April 15 pastoral letter: The demise […]

Indian cartoonist who ‘hurt Hindu feelings’ faces charges

The Hyderabad police have registered a case against Swathi Vadlamudi, a journalist working for an English daily, for a cartoon she created in response to high profile rape cases in India. According to this report, after Vadlamudi posted the cartoon on her Facebook page, an official complaint was lodged against her on Monday by Hindu […]

Court: NJ taxpayers won’t have to foot huge church repair bills

The New Jersey Supreme Court, in a 7-0 decision today, upheld the state Constitution’s prohibition of the use of taxpayers’ funds for ‘building or repairing any church or churches’. The decision was a major victory for the Freedom From Religion Foundation and FFRF member David Steketee, above, who filed a lawsuit in late 2015 against […]