New website names Catholic clergy who covered up abuse

A newly-launched website – – identifies ten American bishops who ‘should have known’ about the predatory behaviour of disgraced former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who recently resigned from the College of Cardinals after the Archdiocese of New York admitted that there were ‘credible allegations’ that he had sexually abused a minor. The website, created by […]

Christian baker Jack Phillips sues over alleged harassment

Phillips, above, owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver, this week filed a lawsuit against Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission, alleging that it was on a ‘crusade to crush’ him. The lawsuit, according to this report, centres on an incident in which Phillips refused to make a cake for Autumn Scardina, a Denver attorney, who […]

Awful week for the Vatican as more abuse allegations surface

The iter sabbati began with news that in Chile authorities raided the headquarters of the Catholic church’s Episcopal Conference as part of a widespread investigation into sex abuse committed by members of the Catholic Marist Brothers. This coincided with reports that a grand jury yesterday revealed that more than 300 Catholic ‘predator priests’ in Pennsylvania […]

Argentina: Catholics urged to quit church after abortion vote

Last week, despite massive demonstrations in support abortion in Argentina, the country’s Senate voted against a Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE) Bill. It’s now being reported that those in favour of legal, safe and free abortion are being urged to quit the Catholic Church, which vigorously campaigned against the Bill, and that thousands have already […]

Survey shows that Scotland is no longer a faith-based country

Commenting the findings of a poll commissioned by Humanist Society Scotland, Gordon MacRae, above, Chief Executive of HSS, said today that ‘by all measurements Scotland is no longer a faith-based country – and has not been for some time.’ The poll, carried out by Survation, reveals that a substantial majority (59 percent) of Scottish people do not […]

Preacher says he met an angel in ‘really tight’ ballet pants

Canadian evangelist  and faith healer Todd Bentley, 42, has homo-erotic fantasies – and he’s happy to share them with his followers. The founder of Fresh Fire Ministries USA said during a summer  “Supernatural Debt Forgiveness Jubilee Service” that in Albany, Oregon – in around 2004 or 2005 when he was aged about 28 –  he […]

Orthodox Jews seek court protection against Skunk spray

The Israeli High Court of Justice has been asked to stop police using a foul-smelling spray called Skunk to break up ultra-Orthodox Jewish demonstrations against military service. According to this report, four Haredi residents in Jerusalem asked the court to impose a ban on the spray, which they regard as “a collective punishment”  and “a […]

Anti-LGBT Baptist pastor busted for soliciting gay sex

Timothy Lee Reddin, 67, of Springdale, Arkansas, is in police custody as a result of attempting to meet up with a 14-year-old boy for sex. According to this report, Reddin, of the Turner Street Baptist Church, thought he was speaking online to a teenager, but later learned to his cost that the “boy” was an […]

Church of England priest jailed for 12 years for abusing boys

Canon Terrence Grigg, 84, retired rector of St Mary’s Church, Cottingham near Hull, began a 12-year jail sentence this week after he was convicted of 12 indecent assaults and two other serious sex offences. The offences, according to this report, related to four young male victims, one of whom was just ten when Grigg began […]

Jet-setting Thai monk makes a bumpy landing … in prison

Back in 2013, Buddhist monk Wirapol Sukphol caused outrage when he appeared in a YouTube video that showed him enjoying the high life. He was pictured in his monk’s robes aboard a private jet wearing aviator sunglasses with a Louis Vuitton bag. Today Sukphol is behind bars, having been sentenced to more than 100 years […]