Islamic thugs jailed thanks to actions of courageous Muslim

When Edris Nosrati, above, saw a gang of drunken thugs attack strangers in Liverpool for being ‘white non-Muslims’ he sprang into action, calling the police and wrestling one of the attackers to the ground. According to this report, the 35-year-old, originally from Iran, was one of several people targeted in March of last year by […]

Religious right overjoyed by Trump’s transgender ban

Religious Right leaders have been falling over one another over the past 24 hours in a bid to trumpet their approval of Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the US military. Right Wing Watch reported that Trump’s reinstatement of a ban – lifted during the Obama administration – has figured large on the Religious […]

Beer and no hijab: hypocrisy of modesty advocate exposed

Iranian state television presenter and actress Azadeh Namdari is facing accusations of hypocrisy on social media after a video emerged showing her drinking beer and not wearing her hijab while on holiday in Switzerland. According to the Independent, Namdari is known for her fierce insistence that Muslim women should wear the hijab. Hard-line conservative Iranian […]

Kentucky: Ark Encounter’s dodgy land deal reversed

The story so far … Ken Ham’s ludicrous Ark Encounter, unhappy with having to pay a proposed safety tax, decides to get itself tax exempted by selling the land it sits on to a non-profit associate for $10.00. State tourism authorities in Kentucky smartly retaliate by withdrawing the biblical theme park’s $18-million tax incentive. Ark […]

Scientific study rejected in Turkey over evolution content

A cardiothoracic specialist at Turkey’s Marmara University Medical School has resigned from his position at the institution after he was told that a study he wrote contained too many references to evolution and would cause ‘problems’ it it were to be published. According to this report, the faculty management rejected Dr Mert Mercan’s paper which […]

North Carolina megachurch was used as a hub of slavery

She loves Jesus. And dogs. And infants. She’s got big hair and a well-practised smile. So why is Jane Whaley, of North Carolina’s Word of Faith Fellowship, getting mercilessly savaged by the press, AP in particular? Well, back in February this year, we reported that Whaley, 77, was running her megachurch like a sadistic dictator. […]

Christians angry over Boots’ ‘morning after’ pill climb-down

In a shockingly badly-worded response to criticism over its overpriced ‘morning-after’ pills, Boots UK’s chief pharmacist Marc Donovan said the company did not want to be ‘accused of incentivising inappropriate use, and provoking complaints, by significantly reducing the price of this product ‘.  This led to an immediate backlash. People threatened to boycott Boots for […]

Pastor’s wife was treated as a ‘sex slave’ and frequently raped

In a harrowing TV interview, Australian Joy Harris, 63, above, spoke for the first time this week about the horrific treatment she suffered for years at the hands of her abusive husband, an fanatical Baptist pastor who is currently serving a five year jail term for raping her. Speaking in a 60 Minutes exclusive, the […]

Sweden mocked for bringing fun and laughter to refugees

Now and again I get sent links to reports published by far-right hate sites and I routinely bin them. However, today I was compelled to dig deeper into a Front Page report which mocked the Swedish authorities for wasting valuable resources by employing clowns to help integrate ‘mostly Muslim’ refugees. This, proclaimed writer Bruce Bawer, […]

Fire Brigades Union called out over heated Pride blog post

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) is awaiting a response from the Fire Brigades Union to a letter it wrote after a member of the union said in a blog post that there should be no place at London Pride for the CEMB. After Lucy Masoud, above, treasurer of the Fire Brigades Union in […]