Vatican diplomat Carlo Capella jailed for child porn offences

At the conclusion the first such trial of its kind in the Vatican Monsignor Carlo Capella, above, was jailed yesterday for five years and fined €5,000 (£4,400) for possessing and distributing child pornography. According to this report, Capella admitted to viewing the images during what he called a period of “fragility” and personal crisis sparked […]

Ultra-Orthodox nutters disrupt an El Al flight from New York

By refusing to sit next to women or engage in any way with female flight attendants, four devout Jewish men succeeded in delaying an El Al flight from New York to Israel this week for well over an hour. According to this report, one of the men was was “particularly devout and ascetic”. He got […]

Leaps of faith cut no ice with young people, says UK cleric

Earlier this month a shot of six Anglican readers, jumping in the air together with the bishop of Hertford, the Rt Rev Michael Beasley, caused some to wonder  whether the Church of England had ditched decorum in a bid to get cool with the kids. If that was the case, then they failed miserably, according […]

I stand accused of ‘spouting hatred’ against evangelicals

Back in May, I penned a column for the weekly Spanish newspaper, Round Town News about the the increasing involvement of evangelicals in Trump’s administration (click here to read it). This deeply upset Alan Roberton, resident minister at the English Church in Benidorm (click on image below): My reply, due to appear in RTN next […]

University professor in Hartford ran his office like a mosque

Biology professor Felix Coe, a Muslim professor at the University of Connecticut (UConn) in Hartford, insisted that students had to say ‘Bismillah’ – meaning ‘in the name of Allah’ – and remove their shoes before entering his office. According to this report, Coe even had signs on his door and window saying “Knock first, then […]

Police issue arrest warrant for crazy ‘green zombie’ preacher

Back in 2016 William ‘Bill’ Whatcott, inset, a Canadian evangelist notorious for his anti-LGBTQ activism, infiltrated a Toronto Gay Pride event together with a bunch of cohorts dressed as green zombies. They handed out information packs about the ‘physical and spiritual dangers’ of homosexuality. What happened next, according to this report, rather surprised the imbecile: […]

‘British values’ proving ‘hostile’ to Orthodox Jews in the UK

Orthodox Jews in north London gathered en masse on Tuesday of this week to protest over what they see as a concerted attack by “secularist forces” on Talmud-based education. According to this report, a huge show of force by around 7,000 was prompted by education authorities insisting that Jewish faith schools must provide an education […]

Trouble ahead for Pope’s World Families gathering in Ireland

The World Meeting of Families congress, scheduled to take place in Dublin in August with Pope Francis at the helm, faces competition from an alternative gathering organised by conservative Catholics. Outraged by the fact that an LGBT-friendly priest, Fr James Martin, above, has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the WMOF 2018, the […]

Oklahoma Christians weigh in over cannabis legalisation vote

Canada has just voted to legalise the use of cannabis. In the UK, Theresa May’s useless team of ditherers is currently tying itself in knots over the issue. And in godly Oklahoma some church leaders are urging their flock not to vote to legalise cannabis when a ballot takes place on June 26. Said the […]

SPLC admits it was wrong to call Maajid Nawaz an extremist

The Southern Poverty Law Center yesterday apologised for wrongly naming the Quilliam Foundation and its UK founder, Maajid Nawaz, above, as anti-Muslim extremists and has paid them a $3.375 million settlement. According to this report, the SPLC said in a statement: Today, we entered into a settlement with and offered our sincerest apology to Mr. Maajid Nawaz […]