Ramadan provocation: woman punished for wearing shorts

Ercan Kizilates, pictured in police custody in Turkey, played the provocation card after he allegedly assaulted a young woman on a minibus in Istanbul. Kizilates, according to news channel BirGün, claims that he was “turned on” by the sight of Melisa Saglam in shorts, and warned her about wearing “revealing” clothing during Ramadan. He said […]

Ex-pastor lived high on the hog in Australia on stolen cash

David Owen Parkinson’s lavish lifestyle, funded by $3-million (£1.7-million) stolen in property investment scams, came to an abrupt end today when he was jailed for seven years and eight months.  According to this report, Parkinson, 63 is a former Adelaide real estate agent who used his position as a trusted pastor to steal the money […]

Pious politicians told to ‘get off you knees and get to work’

America’s Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding a written assurance from Minnesota state representative Abigail Whelan, above, that she will refrain in future from proselytising during official state business. Whelan, a Republican, received a letter of warning from the FFRF following her “outrageous misuse of her official position in preaching from the House floor.” During […]

Crazy Russian cleric: ‘men with beards are less likely to be gay’

Metropolitan Kornily Titov, above, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church, said men should stop shaving to ‘protect themselves from homosexuality’. According to PinkNews, Kornily believes that men who have beards are less likely to be “corrupted” and engage in same-sex relationships. The religious leader declared: God set down certain rules. The Lord created everyone […]

Rabbi in hot water over views on feminism & homosexuality

Rabbi Joseph Dweck, above, senior rabbi of the Sephardi community in the UK, has stepped aside from the day-to-day activities of the Beth Din, or religious court, in an attempt to defuse the row that erupted after he gave a lecture in which he said: The entire revolution of feminism and even homosexuality in our […]

Terror attack was UK’s ‘worst example of Islamophobia’

Following a terrorist attack in London that targeted Muslims near a mosque in the early hours of this morning, Harun Khan, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said on Twitter: The Financial Times reports that this latest attack in the capital occurred near a Muslim community centre in north London. The Muslim Council of Britain […]

Christians angered by Muslims praying at Virgin Mary statue

A row has broken out in the Spanish city of Grenada, where Muslims gathered last Saturday to pray at the site of a Virgin Mary statue. According to this report, the event, which took part in the Jardines del Triunfo and was promoted by the city with signs that read “come and know Ramadan”, sparked […]

Saudi exile Manal al-Sharif lashes out at Ivanka Trump

Al-Sharif, best known for challenging laws and traditions that keep women pinned down in Saudi Arabia, says she had been ‘insulted’ when Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, recently praised the country’s progress on women’s rights. During Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, Ivanka said progress in the Islamic kingdom was “very encouraging”,  even as she acknowledged that “there’s […]

Woman arrested over beach exorcism of her daughter, 11

Police in Ferndale, California, have commended the actions of a man who intervened when Kimberly Felder, 45, attacked her daughter on a beach. According to this report, Felder stripped her child naked on Centreville Beach yesterday and shoved handfuls of sand in the child’s eyes and mouth. Officials said Felder stated she was trying to free […]

No burqas, no hate preaching at Germany’s newest mosque

Seyran Ates, above, a well-known Turkish women’s rights activist and lawyer, today unveiled a  ‘liberal’ mosque in the Moabit area of Berlin. According to this report, the Ibn-Rushd-Goethe-Mosque will allow all Muslims to pray together – women and men, Sunni and Shi’ite, straight and gay –  but burqas and niqabs will not be welcome. Ates said […]