Greek priests express horror over new transgender law

Thanks to a law approved by the Greek parliament, people can now legally change their gender on all official documents – and Metropolitan Nicholas of Phthiotis, above, centre, is furious. According to this report, he thundered: Do you see how far these Greek Orthodox deputies have sunk? … They have brought blasphemy upon the human […]

NSS welcomes court ruling on school’s gender apartheid

The National Secular Society has welcomed a landmark ruling in the Court of Appeal that an Islamic school’s policy of segregating boys from girls amounted to unlawful sex discrimination. Al-Hijrah School, a state-funded Islamic school in Birmingham, admits pupils of both sexes. But from year five boys and girls are completely segregated for religious reasons […]

Judge accused of a ‘shameful diatribe’ against a US pastor

Scott Lively, above – a man who probably did more to stoke up hatred against gays in Uganda than any other foreign evangelist – is demanding that remarks made about him by a Federal judge be expunged from official records. According to this report, Lively wants the Boston-based First Circuit Court of Appeals to remove […]

Lidl removes more crosses, allegedly not to offend Muslims

Last month the supermarket chain Lidl upset Christians by removing crosses from an image of a blue-domed church on the Greek island of Santorini used to promote a range of Greek food. Now it’s in trouble again, according to The Telegraph, this time for using an image of the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, without its crosses, in the […]

Kim Davis travels to Romania to spread her Christian poison

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk jailed for five days in 2015 after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licences, snuggled up to a man in a frock when she arrived in Romania to stoke up hatred. According to this report, America’s right-wing Liberty Counsel, which represented Davis when she got herself into hot water over […]

Christian cheats on wife, bangs on about ‘traditional marriage’

Tory MP and evangelical Christian Steve Double, 50, has had the gall to criticise the government’s plans for LGBT sex and relationship education in schools after admitting having cheated on his wife. The hypocrite, according to PinkNews, said the plans would undermine “the traditional family”. The Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay is a co-signatory to an […]

Ealing Council votes to act against anti-abortion protests

Back in 2015 it was reported here that a group called Helpers of God’s Precious Infants had begun ramping up their anti-abortion vigils outside a Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing, West London. Religious zealots targeted the clinic with a large picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe. They clutched rosary beads as they prayed, sang hymns, […]

Food for the poor scam lands Chicago church couple in jail

Pastor Robbie Wilkerson and his wife Tasha have been jailed for defrauding a food scheme for under-privileged children. According to this report, Wilkerson, the founding pastor of New Birth Christian Center church in Chicago, received a 37 month prison sentence, and his wife was jailed for a year and a day. Wilkerson has also been […]

Answers in Genesis plans to boost creationism in Canada

Meet Calvin Smith, a man with a mission to stupidify Canada. Smith, according to creationist Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis outfit, has been chosen to correct a fault among Canadians: their resistance to creationist bullshit. The ridiculous Ham, above, right, says here: According to a recent study, a mere 15% of Canadians have any kind […]