My quest for truth began with Bible Stories for Children

This piece first appeared under the title ‘Why I am an Atheist’ in American Atheist Magazine, and is reproduced with permission. It’s one of the few childhood memories I have that isn’t about Star Wars or Spider-Man.  I’m seven, and my mother is bringing me a large hardback book called Bible Stories for Children.  It […]

Making Jesus ‘cool’

Christianity’s Suicidal Embracing Of Pop Culture Churches change. The Catholics threw over neo-Platonism when Aristotelianism turned trendy. The Southern Baptists gave up – evennnnn….tuallllllllly – the overt racism that defined them for a century and more. Anybody who thinks of religion as a bastion of stability as against the temporal flux of modernity is willfully […]

A new age of Catholic enlightenment?

• Evolution is probably right.  • Atheists aren’t necessarily hell-bound. • Gays might be people after all. • Maybe we should focus on helping the needy more, and on doctrinal rigor less. Recently, the Catholic Church, and in particular the prime-time friendly Pope at its stern, has made something of a habit of issuing alarmingly […]

The new religion of madness

How the Christian concept of mental illness still infests psychiatric treatment. Emerging from the subway in San Francisco, before the sight of the city strains into view, you are hit with the smell of it – a bit of marijuana, a bit of smog, and an unavoidable nasal punch of urine and feces.  There are […]

A slick repackaging of Christianity

‘Not Religious? Neither are We.’ It’s the tag-line of C3SV, the latest in a series of slick churches aiming to convert the reigning heathens of California’s Silicon Valley. As attention-getters go, it’s the best so far, and the key to the entire mentality of the modern religious system as it adapts to Digital Age expectations. […]

Rape: It’s the Christian tradition

One of the most surreal aspects of our 2012 political season here in the US was the sight of not one, but two, highly placed Republican officials waxing philosophical about rape. Shortly after Representative Todd Akin offered us his distinction between legitimate and illegitimate rape, Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock opined that rape is all […]

Atheism: A new approach is needed

TWENTY-five years ago, there were basically two jobs open to the public atheist: you either became a professional arguer, or a person who facilitated professional arguing. It was our punk era; a brash, underground stirring that had a rushing sense of its own vitality and zero tolerance for flabby ideas or expression. We strutted around […]

The evil genius of modern Baptists

DALE DEBAKCY examines the descent into  ‘shambling self-parody’ of a religious movement founded on concern for equality and intellectual freedom In the roll call of modern religious grotesqueries, few groups figure so prominently as the Baptists. Homosexuality correction centers. Hunting camps. Abortion clinic violence. Creationist textbooks. All of these, and so many more humanity-crushing […]

A Murder for all Seasons

DALE DEBAKCY examines a crass ‘killing animals for Christ’ trend which has established a foothold in the US and elsewhere – Freethinker, February 2014   JUST when you think that American Christianity can’t be any less self-aware, along comes a movement of such brilliant and crass vapidity as to make all the vile evangelic excesses […]

The collection plate versus the bottle

DALE DEBAKCSY recounts the sorry tale of the persecution of the Washingtonian Temperance Society   ONE night in 1840, six men sat in a pub and decided to create an institution based on the radical idea that the best way to save somebody from alcoholism was to offer them regular support and guidance without denigrating […]