Be fruitful and multiply

Genesis 1.28 goes on to command that the Earth be subdued and to give dominion over living things. Where has that led us? To an astonishing destruction of nature and a frighteningly rapid change of our global climate. So much for the Bible-waving Trump (‘This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop.’) and […]

O God our help in hospital beds …

So there you are in hospital, sick and with many reasons to feel anxious and distressed. All your usual comforts and supports are gone, you have too much time to ruminate and feel miserable. How to deal with your troubled mental state and pressing concerns? How to retain your positive sense of identity and find […]

The harms of belief in God

THE assertion “God exists and is good”  is crucial to faith and to the maintenance of its institutions as beneficial. The issue I want to discuss here is the value of belief, true or false, in such a benevolent being; and the argument (an overview of the familiar with some additional points) will be that […]