Was Einstein a freethinker?

Albert Einstein has been one of my Humanist heroes since my adolescence. However an American biography by Walter Isaacson – Genius: Einstein – His Life and Universe –  gives us an opportunity  to re-examine this icon. This recently re-released book was the basis of a recent TV series. Einstein certainly didn’t believe in a personal god […]

Brief Candle in the Dark reveals a ‘softer’ Dawkins

Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science is the second volume of Richard Dawkins’ autobiography. The title is a combination of Macbeth’s famous speech and Carl Sagan referring to science as a candle in the dark. I am pleased to report that there is much more of interest to freethinkers than in his […]

A Trojan Horse?

Peter Sutherland reviews Atheists: The Origin of the Species, a new history of atheism by the director of the religion and society think tank, Theos. When I bought this book I was (naïvely) expecting a history written from our perspective. However it turned out to be from the perspective of  an “intelligent” Christian. Nick Spencer […]

A Classic Introduction to Humanism

BARBARA Smoker first wrote this 80-page booklet 40 years ago as a primer for secondary schools so that adolescents could be introduced to Humanism during religious education lessons. The first edition was published by a mainstream publisher, Ward Lock Educational, and circulated to schools. It has since been re-published by freethinker publishers up to this […]