The Jesus Delusion

Science writer Steuart Campbell reviews The Jesus Delusion: How the Christians created their God  (‘The demystification of a world religion through scientific research’) by Heinz-Werner Kubitza. Not all freethinkers want to know in what way Christians are deluded about their religion (it’s taken for granted). But those that do will find the answers here. A […]

Superstitions Ancient and Modern

I was surprised to read in a recent issue of the Freethinker that its founder pledged to ‘wage war against Superstition in general’. I had assumed that it was only concerned with the “Christian Superstition” and its contents had not led me to think otherwise. Recently I gave a talk with the above title and […]

Mythologizing Jesus

  Science writer Steuart Campbell reviews Mythologizing Jesus: From Jewish Teacher to Epic Hero by Dennis R MacDonald. Did the first Gospel writers raid the Homeric epics of Greek literature to turn Jesus into a super-heroic figure to compel their readers into life-changing decision to follow Jesus? Dennis R MacDonald thinks they did and that […]

An empty tomb & the origin of Christianity

Body Missing – Reports of Resurrection! So might a popular Jerusalem tabloid for 17 Nisan 3793 (CE 33) have described the disappearance of Jesus. It might have continued: Jesus bar Joseph, leader of the Nazarenes, was arrested early on Friday morning in the Garden of Gethsemane by a squad of Temple police accompanied by Roman […]

God and the Multiverse

Science writer Steuart Campbell reviews God and the Multiverse: Humanity’s Expanding View of the Cosmos by Victor J Stenger. Dr Stenger, who died at the end of August this year, was a retired elementary particle physicist, emeritus professor of physics at the University of Hawaii and adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado. […]

Christian riddles remain unsolved

Steuart Campbell reviews The Unriddling of Christian Origins – A secular account by Joel Carmichael. This book demonstrates the fact that, where an author is convinced that he has the solution to a mystery, he will see evidence everywhere for that solution and will be blind to obstacles. I know – l too hold such […]

‘A dialogue with the deaf’ in Glasgow

On November 6, 2000, in Islam Awareness Week, I spoke to the Edinburgh Humanist Group about my memorable encounter with Glasgow Muslims. The Glasgow University Muslim Students’ Association (GUMSA) had approached the Humanist organisations through the internet looking for someone to speak on ‘Is Jesus relevant to the modern world?’ I volunteered, thinking that no […]

Science & the Koran

ASKED to participate in a dialogue with a Muslim cleric about the existence of God (see A Dialogue With the Deaf in Glasgow), I found myself exploring his website.  This is the website of the Islamic Information & Da’wah Center International based in Toronto. The cleric in question was Shabir Ally, originally from Guyana but […]

Which God?

Need a god? There are plenty to choose from. IN the film Contact, near the end, there is scene in which astronomer Dr Eleanor Arroway (played by Jodie Foster) is being interviewed by a US Senate committee; it is assessing her suitability as the first human to be sent to contact an alien civilisation. Ultimately, […]

You only live once

On Sunday, October 4, 2009, two young girls leaped to their deaths from the Erskine Bridge over the River Clyde. They were Neve Lafferty (15), right, and Georgia Rowe (14), both in care at the Catholic  Good Shepherd Centre in Bishopton. A local priest, Father Peter Lennon, revealed that some four years ago Neve and […]