Muslims in India riot over ‘blasphemous’ underpants

AT least nine people, including five policemen, were injured after violent protests erupted in different areas of Srinagar, India, when news spread through the city that the “sacred” Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem had been printed on underwear. The structure on the garment turned out to be an historic cathedral in Italy. Police said they […]

Christian author: masturbation opens portals to sex demons

Christian author Mack Major wants women to bin their sex toys – or risk opening a portal to sex demons. According to this report, the Florida-based writer Mack Major, who authored Seduced By The Serpent and Saved Sexy and Still Single, says “there is nothing normal” about masturbation. Major, mastermind behind the Eden Decoded blog, […]

Taking a rain check on Jesus

Inspired by the online ravings of Kent evangelist, Bob Hutton, Barry Duke used a lazy Sunday afternoon to pen this piece, which first appeared on the Freethinker website on October 14, 2012. (Warning: has adult gay content!)   “GOOD afternoon sir, nice weather for this time of the year”, says the squinty-eyed old geezer clutching […]

When evangelical Internet troll Bob Hutton comes calling

THIS being a quiet Saturday evening, I thought I’d address the problem of the Internet Troll,  best described by the creator of thus: I believe that most trolls are sad people, living their lonely lives vicariously through those they see as strong and successful. Disrupting a stable newsgroup gives the illusion of power, just […]

Superstitions Ancient and Modern

I was surprised to read in a recent issue of the Freethinker that its founder pledged to ‘wage war against Superstition in general’. I had assumed that it was only concerned with the “Christian Superstition” and its contents had not led me to think otherwise. Recently I gave a talk with the above title and […]

All our Easter Days

JAMES M ALEXANDER’s reflections on a ‘tarted up’ Christian Easter was  first published in the March, 1975, edition of the Freethinker.  … to misquote Shakespeare, for all humanity celebrates this annual rebirth of nature. Down the avenues of time, from the childhood of the race, has come similar rites of fertility and fecundity, worship of […]

From silly kid to cool sceptic dude

ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) is an American brainwashing programme designed to turn children into biblical literalists, mindless little morons who are taught that if science contradicts the Bible in any way, science is in the wrong. It has infiltrated a great many countries, including the UK. Jonny Scaramanga was a victim of ACE, and – […]

Atheist, Gnostic, Theist, Agnostic

Too many times I have informed someone that I am an atheist, only to have them reply, ‘Oh, but how could you know that God doesn’t exist? You’re taking a faith position!’ Many headaches later, we finally come to an agreement over the definitions of these words. This arrangement is an attempt to clarify and […]

Is God Real?

In 2010, the US-based website Circle of Moms published an anguished question from a woman who begged advice on how to put her 15-year-old – who ‘gave his heart to the Lord when he was four’, but later reclaimed it – back in the arms of Jesus. Over 90 moms responded, suggesting fervent prayer might […]

Dialling God

A couple recently complained that they had been inundated by phone callers trying to contact God after a spoof article had given out a very similar number as that of the Deity. For a laugh I dialled the offending number. “Thank you for calling God,” said an automated voice. “Calls are monitored and may be […]