Lying for Islam

THE Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has a passion for newts. Which probably goes a long way to explain his fondness for another slippery little creature called Dr Yusuf al Qaradawi. The slimy Qaradawi has enjoyed Livingstone’s hospitality, and has even been publicly embraced by the Mayor, who regards him as a “moderate” Muslim. It […]

Pastor dies torching a ‘gay’ cereal box

A jackass Christian got into his thick skull that Cheerios are gay fodder. Then he died horribly. Because of the manufacturer’s support of same-sex marriage, Michael Leisner decided to set fire to a cereal box outside General Mills’ Minnesota headquarters in protest. According to this report, it quickly went horribly wrong. After clumsily lighting the […]

Two cautionary tales

Dan O’Hara castigates Freethinker editor Barry Duke for ridiculing the dead American pastor, Kyle Lake, above. Diesel Balaam leaps to Duke’s defence. HERE are two cautionary tales, both true. In late December 1995, a woman of 72 was refilling a burning paraffin stove at her home in Lewisham, England, when the paraffin spilled and ignited. […]

Rape: It’s the Christian tradition

One of the most surreal aspects of our 2012 political season here in the US was the sight of not one, but two, highly placed Republican officials waxing philosophical about rape. Shortly after Representative Todd Akin offered us his distinction between legitimate and illegitimate rape, Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock opined that rape is all […]

Secularism, Politics and Race

Dan Bye responds to ‘Some Uncomfortable Truths‘ by Diesel Balaam. In the December 2007 Freethinker, Diesel Balaam argued for a sort of “middle path” of “non-racism” between what he saw as the twin irrational ideologies of racism (on the Right) and “anti-racism” (on the Left). “Anti-racism” is poorly defined by Balaam, but it would appear […]

Meet Björn Ulvaeus, Swedish humanist

ONE of Sweden’s best-known cultural figures is a member of the Swedish Humanist Association (an IHEU member organisation). Björn Ulvaeus is instantly recognisable to most Swedes and many others as one of the four members of the pop super-group Abba.Together with his fellow Abba member Benny Andersson, he wrote the musicals Chess and Kristina. Now […]

Some inconvenient truths

Why freethinkers must proceed from race fact, not race fiction. Britain, it seems, is in the grip of an anti-racist hysteria that threatens to undermine the very freedom of speech we have long held so dear. For the anti-racist lobby, even discussing matters of race, immigration and non-Christian religions is now considered taboo. In October […]

Christian riddles remain unsolved

Steuart Campbell reviews The Unriddling of Christian Origins – A secular account by Joel Carmichael. This book demonstrates the fact that, where an author is convinced that he has the solution to a mystery, he will see evidence everywhere for that solution and will be blind to obstacles. I know – l too hold such […]

‘A dialogue with the deaf’ in Glasgow

On November 6, 2000, in Islam Awareness Week, I spoke to the Edinburgh Humanist Group about my memorable encounter with Glasgow Muslims. The Glasgow University Muslim Students’ Association (GUMSA) had approached the Humanist organisations through the internet looking for someone to speak on ‘Is Jesus relevant to the modern world?’ I volunteered, thinking that no […]

Science & the Koran

ASKED to participate in a dialogue with a Muslim cleric about the existence of God (see A Dialogue With the Deaf in Glasgow), I found myself exploring his website.  This is the website of the Islamic Information & Da’wah Center International based in Toronto. The cleric in question was Shabir Ally, originally from Guyana but […]