My Atheism

God Is dead, but faith never will be

I have never made peace with the atheist label. Perhaps the word has become too vilified and tainted in misconception. Perhaps its reputation for zealous rudeness doesn’t fit my style of patient, rational persuasion. Perhaps I’m not okay with completely casting off my appreciation for the numinous. I struggle to wholeheartedly take on “atheist” without […]

A long, painful break from the church

IN SPIRIT I left the Irish chapter of the Roman Catholic Church sometime in my early teens. Too many times afterwards I found myself physically at church in reluctant body – a victim of an oppressive orthodoxy that permeated the fabric of family and community life. To reject the apparent absurdities spoken every Sunday in […]

Religion made me try to end my life

Gentle, loving Jesus – not fundamentalism – drove this queer teen to suicide attempts What I believed almost once killed me. More precisely, I almost killed myself because of it and didn’t fail for want of trying. It didn’t happen the way people think. When I say religion made me try to end my life, […]

Evolving to Humanism

A journey of discovery by Roger Barnett The first nail in the coffin of my religious belief was hammered in when I was 14 years old. It was then that I read the then recently published book by Desmond Morris (above) called The Naked Ape. This book outraged the religious right-wingers who were particularly up […]

Opposing religious influence in Korea

ONE is tempted to believe that Korea is the only true Kingdom of God on earth, running on steroids. In all Korean towns, a familiar sight is that of densely packed neon church crosses towering over one another to reach an inch closer to heaven. After the United States, Korea sends the most number of […]

A very American clash at a US Catholic university

NICK SHADOWEN recounts a losing battle to establish a secular society at a Duquesne, a Catholic University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His piece appeared in the December, 2012, issue of the Freethinker.   “IT has to be a realistic organization that fits within the Mission,” said a Duquesne University official. That was her explanation to a […]

From minister to atheist in 5 simple steps

THEIST: n. Belief in the existence of a god or gods, especially belief in a personal God as creator and ruler of the world ( MY  story inevitably provokes this question and it’s almost always phrased the same way: How in the world does a Pentecostal preacher become an atheist? It’s a simple question, but […]

Rejecting religion, embracing realism

Young freelance writer and martial arts practitioner HARJIT SINGH sought many paths to ‘enlightenment’ but after discovering the Freethinker, enthusiastically embraced rationality. (His article originally appeared the in the March, 2013, edition of the magazine.)   AFTER coming across the Freethinker, the world’s oldest freethought journal, I promptly began penning thoughts drawn from my personal […]

William’s atheism: no pang of regret

WILLIAM PANG, a Berkshire, UK, school pupil, describes his shift from devotion to disbelief. His article appeared in the March 2014 issue of the Freethinker   THE airplane accelerated on the tarmac, on the verge of lift-off. Recalling the prayer Zeny taught me, I quickly murmured the words: God, please guide this plane safely in […]