UK TV programme debates gender of a hypothetical deity

Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe described as ‘nonsense’ a suggestion that the Church of England should embrace more female language when referencing their Creator. In an mind-numbingly idiotic segment of ITV’s Good Morning Britain last Wednesday, the dotty Widdecombe, a Catholic convert, tackled a statement made by the Bishop of Gloucester, the Right Reverend Rachel […]

UK’s Chief Rabbi accused of blasphemy over LGBT+ guide

Jerusalem-based Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, above, has reportedly gone ballistic over an LGBT+ guide issued earlier this month by Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.  The Wellbeing of LGBT+ Pupils: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Schools aims to combat homophobia, but Sternbuch, according to PinkNews, sees it as “blasphemeous”. Sternbuch, 90, Vice-President of the city’s Rabbinical Court, said […]

More shocking facts emerge from Pennsylvania abuse probe

More shocking revelations are emerging from the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation into Catholic Church abuse. In a report published yesterday, the York Daily Record revealed that a bishop felt compelled to write a letter of sympathy after he discovered that a priest had raped a girl, then arranged an abortion for her. Bishop James C […]

UK gives Franklin Graham a rainbow-coloured ‘welcome’

American evangelist Franklin Graham is in Blackpool this weekend to win souls for Jesus – and to learn that his brand of bigotry does not sit well with a great many people. One of the first sign of discontent over his three-day “Festival of Hope” in Lancashire came in July when Blackpool Transport refused to […]

Ireland to vote next month on abolishing blasphemy law

Following a call last month by the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) for the abolition of blasphemy law in Ireland, it was announced this week that the Irish will have a chance to kick the archaic law into the long grass via a referendum in October. IHEU Chief Executive, Gary McLelland, above, speaking at […]

Catholic bigots indulge in a petty act of banner burning

An artefact that connected a Chicago Catholic priest with the church in which he served has been cut to ribbons and reduced to ashes. The “sacrilegious” rainbow banner, incorporating a cross, that once hung in the Resurrection Church was burned in a “private” ceremony. It was to be publicly destroyed on September 29 by Fr […]

Pastors made to look fools during Banned Book Week

To mark America’s national Banned Book Week – an anti-censorship initiative launched in the 1980s – Rumford Public Library in Maine put up a public display of titles deemed unacceptable to censors. Turns out that a trio of Rumsford clergyman found the display offensive – and tried to get it banned. According to this Mombian […]

Commies planted paedophiles in the Roman Catholic Church

Iben Thranholm,  a right-wing religious extremist from Denmark, is convinced that sexual abuse scandals engulfing the Catholic Church are the result of a communist plot to destroy the church from within. In a Life Site News op-ed she writes: Sexual abuse of minors and the practice of homosexuality is the perfect way to demoralize the […]

More faith-heads in the House of Lords? Secularists say NO!

The National Secular Society and Humanism UK have rubbished a suggestion put forward by Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth – the Conservative Minister for Faith –  that religious representation in the House of Lords should be extended to non-Christian leaders. After the asinine Bourne, above, said last week that seats reserved for Church of England bishops […]

Sadistic cult leader under investigation in South Korea

A doomsday cult – the Grace Road Church headed by Shin Ok-ju, above – set alarm bells ringing back in 2012 when it was alleged that a mentally ill man was so badly brutalised at a branch of the church in New York that he lost a leg as a result. Over the course of […]