Jesus and the Antichrist are black & God wants apartheid

As the solar eclipse of 2017 draws closer, those of a religious bent appear to be getting a tad loonier than usual. Pictured above is Ben Gabar Israel, right, of the Israel United in Christ Church which has recently established an branch in Las Vegas, and pastor Gene Kim of San Jose Bible Baptist Church […]

Racial hatred: This message got a Newcastle man arrested

Jimmy Lamb, 24, was arrested earlier this month for appearing in public with the slogans, ‘White children matter’ and ‘Stop Muslim grooming gangs’ written on his skin. After standing on the street in Newcastle and Gateshead he was arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred. He is quoted in this report as saying: I […]

‘Godless’ UN will be preached at by mad Michelle Bachmann

A megachurch operated out of California by pastor Jim Garlow has unveiled a new ministry – one that will target the United Nations. The Skyline Church‘s “minister” to the UN was named as Michelle Bachmann, above, a former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives. Bachmann, a dominionist Christian, is as crazy as […]

Oz senator’s burqa stunt branded ‘racist’ and ‘stupid’

Right wing One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who fears that Australia is becoming too Islamic, entered the Senate yesterday wearing a burqa. Hanson explained that the point of the stunt, which stunned fellow senators: Was to say that I do not believe that at any point in time ever in the future that any full face […]

Exposed: Belfast brain surgeon who offers quack gay cures

Josh Parry, above, a reporter for the Liverpool Echo. went undercover to investigate a church that claims to cure homosexuality – and discovered that its pastor, Dr Desmond Dele Sanusi, inset, works as an NHS brain surgeon in Belfast. In this report, Parry revealed that  the Liverpool branch of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles […]

Pastor’s hand ‘accidentally’ slipped into a woman’s panties

Police in Michigan are reportedly investigating Mitch Olson, above, senior pastor at Grace Ministry Center in Kimball, who has been accused of sexually assaulting a former parishioner during an anointing session to cleanse her of ‘sexual sins’. According to this report, his alleged victim is Justine Morden, 20, inset, who trusted Olson to help her […]

To young for a hijab: transport safety book for kids sparks row

What’s wrong with the picture above, used in a safety campaign run by Transport for London? No idea? Well, it shows Razmi, a Muslim girl aged about three or four wearing a headscarf – and this, according to some, serves to “sexualise” her because Muslim females only don the hijab when they reach puberty. It […]

Misogyny and homophobia on the rise among French Jews

Last month we reported on the launch of a liberal mosque in Germany that drew fire from Islamists because it allowed men and women to interact and was welcoming to gays. Well, today we learn some Jews in Marseille have taken to aping Muslim zealots by targeting the Edmond Fleg Centre, run by Martine Yana, […]

An ‘ask an imam’ booth set up for commuters in a Cairo metro

A fatwa kiosk set up in Cairo’s al-Shohada metro station is reportedly proving a huge success, with people queuing up to get advice from a group of religious scholars inside a green patterned booth. According to the Guardian, it’s the brainchild of sheikhs from Egypt’s highest Islamic authority, al-Azhar al-Sharif. Said one sheikh staffing the […]

Former Muslims are told to shut up about their apostasy

Mohammed Shafiq, above, Chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, has described the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain as a ‘rampant Islamophobic organisation’ that has made its mission ‘to demonise Islam and the religious beliefs of Muslims.’ According to this report, in a televised debate on Russia Today, Shafiq commented on the presence CEMB members of […]