Indian lawmaker wants ghostly government building exorcised

BJP MLA Habibur Rehman, above, told Indian media this week that he has asked to Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje to conduct religious ceremonies to rid the state’s secretariat building of ‘negative energies and evil souls’. Rehman, according to this report, is one of a number of lawmakers who believe that the building is haunted, […]

Northern Ireland violating women’s rights, says UN report

A UN committee report published today makes for unhappy reading for one of Northern Ireland’s most outspoken anti-abortionists, Nola Leach, above, Chief Executive of a Christian outfit called Care. Last year, Leach wrote: As the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act looms it is time to consider the effect that is has had on […]

Vatican judge guilty of sex abuse & child porn possession

Monsignor Pietro Amenta, centre,  a former  judge of the Roman Rota, the Vatican’s highest appellate court, has received a suspended sentence of one year and two months after he was found guilty by the Tribunal of Rome of sexual molestation and possessing of child pornography. According to this report, Amenta was detained by police after an […]

UK Muslims demand removal of ‘hateful’ messiah billboards

UK Muslims have reportedly launched a ‘coordinated campaign’ to have ‘offensive’ Ahmadiyya billboards removed from sites in London, Manchester and Glasgow. An email template opposing the billboards – seen by Christian Today  – claims that: The billboard incites hatred, it is deeply offensive and hurtful to millions of British citizens. The email urges other Muslims […]

Catholic charity in turmoil over a huge grant to dodgy hospital

The US-based Papal Foundation exists to ‘to build the Church, educate and prepare leaders, and care for the most vulnerable people, young and old, around the world’ – but a grant it made, ‘without due diligence’ to a corrupt Church-owned hospital in Rome has left the organisation reeling. According to this LifeSite report, Pope Francis […]

Billy Graham isn’t dead, he has simply ‘changed addresses’

On February 12, Anne Graham Lotz, 69, daughter of world famous evangelist Billy Graham, provided a health update for his devotees ahead of his 100 birthday on November 7, 2018: He can’t see; he has a hard time seeing because of macular degeneration. He’s fairly deaf, I have to use a microphone and he wears […]

Pope’s ‘special envoy’ blunder infuriates Scranton Catholics

There was uproar among Catholics in Scranton, Pennsylvania, when it was announced last week that Pope Francis had chosen disgraced Cardinal Roger Mahony, above, to be his special envoy at an event to celebrate the local diocese’s 150th anniversary Mass on March 4. Their anger was understandable. For, according to this report, Mahony – Archbishop Emeritus […]

Christian school in London taught creationism as science

The Kings Kids Christian School in southeast London fell foul of Ofsted, the education watchdog, when it was found to be filling pupils heads with creationist baloney … in science classes! According to this report, the primary school did not meet independent school standards because students weren’t taught about scientific theories of earth’s origin. Ofsted […]

Drugs, porn & hookers … a few of this vicar’s favourite things

A Church of England vicar in London – Stennett Kirby, 64 – is reportedly on ‘sick leave’ after he was exposed this weekend as a drug-taking enthusiast of porn and prostitutes. According to this report, he was allegedly caught on camera appearing to smoke crack, snort cocaine and watch porn in the £1.5 million vicarage […]

Secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as terrorism

Former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich – a Catholic Republican – claimed last night that Western secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as that posed by terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida. However he believes that in the current culture war raging between faith-heads and secularists, religion will eventually win. Addressing about 300 […]