Scout leader who criticised ‘Muslim costumes’ wins payout

Brian Walker, 62, a Bristol scout leader who was expelled from the movement after insisting that Islamic full-face coverings had no place in scouting, has won an out-of-court settlement. He was ousted in 2017 after writing to the Scouting Association’s official magazine to object to its promotion of a London Gay Pride event, and for […]

Poor ticket sales leads to collapse of Christian festival

Hop across to the Big Church Day Out’s Facebook page and you’ll be told that the BCDO is ‘the UK’s largest annual gathering of the wider church that creates a space for all denominations and ages to gather each year for two exciting days of worship and celebration.’ Oh, and that one can buy tickets […]

Yet another probe into Catholic cruelty is to be launched in US

Vermont Attorney General T J Donovan, above, announced yesterday (Friday) that officials in Burlington plan to open an investigation into a now-disused Catholic orphanage that was allegedly the site of extensive abuse that lasted for decades. One instance involved a boy who was allegedly pushed to his death from a window by a nun. According […]

NY probe into Catholic sex abuse blasted by Bill Donohue

News that the New York Attorney General’s office, headed by Barbara Underwood, has issued subpoenas to every Catholic diocese in the state with regard to Catholic sex abuse, has drawn a stinging rebuke from Bill Donohue, President the Catholic league. In a letter dated September 6, Donohue wrote: Your decision to launch a grand jury […]

Rabbi tells Jewish schools to disregard biblical homophobia

The toxic book of Leviticus, the Old Testament’s principal source of homophobia, appears to have been kicked into the long grass by Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, who has just published a guidebook for Orthodox Jewish schools to help them provide support for LGBT+ students. In The Wellbeing of LGBT+ Pupils: a Guide for Orthodox […]

Major fail for bigot who tried to wreck photographer’s business

When a prospective client – a devout Christian – discovered that Houston-based photographer Alicia Verdier, above, was gay, she launched a vicious on-line campaign to aimed at destroying Verdier’s business. But the bigot’s campaign spectacularly backfired when hundred took to social media in support of Verdier, who wrote on her business Facebook page: Thank you […]

Flanders politician re-ignites religious broadcasting debate

Last year Sven Gatz, above, Minister for Media in Flanders, tried unsuccessfully to abolish religious services on publicly funded media channels. Well, he’s trying again to get them banned, this time citing a service aired on radio and the television station VRT that called on women to be submissive to their husbands. According to the Guardian, […]

Gay ‘kidnapped-for-Allah’ student wins a $10,000 award

A Youth Courage prize has been handed to Mahad Olad, a Somali-born student who managed to escape gay conversion therapy in Kenya. According to this report, Olad – the Ithaca College student activist and columnist for New York university’s website The Ithacan – was taken by his family to Kenya just over a year ago under the […]

Blasphemy: NSS blasts Imran Khan for siding with fanatics

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan wasn’t happy that a prophet Mohammed cartoon competition – now scrapped – was due to be held in the Netherlands in November. In fact, he was so angry that he called on countries with large Muslim populations kick up a coordinated fuss at the United Nations. According to the UK’s […]