Op-ed: stop teaching Christian crap to kids in Florida schools

Ever since he took office, Donald Trump has been feverishly working alongside evangelical Christians to remake America in their own image: an idiocracy. Fortunately, America still has writers who have the courage to stand up to this trend: writers like Lauren Ritchie whose op-ed in yesterday’s Orlando Sentinel excoriated Florida schools that teach “fake science […]

Christian couple lose custody case. Jesus was their lawyer.

In one of the weirdest performances ever seen in a court of law, the deranged parents of a toddler spoke in tongues and used a stuffed lion as an interlocutor to argue that anti-Christian bias led to their toddler being placed in foster care. According to this report, the couple – known as AJ and […]

Austrian action against radical Islam branded ‘Islamophobic’

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, above, has angrily reacted to reports that Austria’s right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 40 imams. Kalin said the move was the result of an “Islamophobic, racist and discriminatory wave” in Austria and was an attempt to target Muslim communities for political gains. He […]

Court ruling could soon reform Northern Ireland’s abortion ban

Two lawyers involved in a High Court challenge to Northern Ireland’s abortion law predict that the law could change soon because the court today found that the law is in breach of human rights: it is ‘untenable’, ‘disproportionate’, and needs ‘radical reconsideration’. Mary-Rachel McCabe of Doughty Street Chambers and Janet Farrell of Bhatt Murphy Solicitors, […]

Judge hears sadistic Catholic nun confess to child cruelty

High Court judge Lady Smith, above, who is heading the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, this week heard a 77-year-old nun admitting to a series of cruel acts she inflicted on orphans. According to this report, the nun, who unfortunately cannot be identified, apologised to those she “mistreated” at Nazareth House homes in Aberdeen and Lasswade, […]

Muslims force removal of Saudi flag from World Cup bunting

When UK brewery giant Greene King decided to decorate its pubs with World Cup bunting, it had no inkling that such an act would annoy Muslims. Why? Because the flags of the 32 competing nations included one from Saudi Arabia, which proclaims: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet. And you can’t […]

Prayers for man who damaged a ‘magic schlepping circle’

Following an appearance in court yesterday of Yerachmiel E Taube, inset, on charges related to the repeated vandalism of an eruv in Sharon, Massachusetts, Rabbi Noah Cheses said after the arraignment that he hopes that Taube – who once attended temple at Young Israel of Sharon – gets the help he needs.  According to this […]

US Supreme Court sides with Colorado Christian cake artist

When the Colorado Civil Rights Commission found that Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, had discriminated against a gay couple by refusing them a wedding cake, it had shown ‘clear hostility’ towards Christian business owners. That’s the verdict of the US Supreme Court which has just overturned a ruling by the Colorado state court which […]

Vandal destroys ‘critical piece of Jewish infrastructure’

Yerachmiel E Taube, 28, of Sharon, Massachusetts, is due in court today (Monday) following his arrest at the weekend for destroying what local police have called ‘a critical piece of Jewish infrastructure’  – an eruv. An eruv is an artificial boundary usually made up of poles and string that, according to Jewish law, allows Jews […]